A friend's life to live a false life

There is a way to rejuvenate a decade at a time. A camera app that many people love. We are doing the role of digital bullhocho of modern version unexpectedly with the effect of excessive Poshashy. Reporting only the SNS and KakaoTalk profile pictures go out on a blind date that can be misunderstood that juseonja is switched person. With the advancement of modern medicine, the technology of the app is evolving. That's why you can not get out of the picture once you're in the swamp of photo correction.

From the fifth grade of elementary school, the best friend is the best one. Jangshan boasts of more than 30 years of friendship, which has changed three times, but we will meet once a year because of our busy daily life. But the communication is continuing steadily. I mainly use KakaoTalk or SNS. SNS is a gateway to self-go. I was older but I forgot the flow of time with the app. Sometimes photographs taken with honest cameras of others show the traces of hidden years. I do not take pictures very well because the sudden stretches of wrinkles and face shadows are unfamiliar. Sometimes I get a picture that I think came out well. Of course, it's a picture taken with a magical camera app.

One day when the cold wind was cold, I met with my friend who was 30 years old in almost two years. I have been going for decades, but I have not been able to see them for a long time. I also feel welcome. Like the weather, the chills of friends who were chilly were poured out.

" Wow ~ I'm buying."

" Somehow , why did not you just get old?"

" Is not it a totally false life ? "

It was not the face I saw in Instagram. Turn it on for a while. I laughed for a long time. The world of correction was unfamiliar to a friend who insisted only on honest camera.

I found a picture of a selfie to organize my mother's smartphone for the holidays . A face filled with over 70 years of time. I want to give my mother a 10 year younger present, so I have installed a Poshash camera app.

"In the future, I'll take pictures with this, and then I'll be 10 years younger than this picture."

"Then it's someone else?"

I found out that my mother had a story. "I do the old" a good friend to neuleotda high as depressing phone calls It was a photo of a solitary that I sent out with all the makeup removed. "You are old, too," says a friendly answer from a friend.

"If you are old, you are old, you are old.

I thought I was still far away as I watched my mom take a dumb and spirited time. We are reluctant to show ourselves as we are. I want to look a little better than me at any time, any place. And like a well-wrapped gift box, it looks like a real good look. It is the shape that the chin is made slender , the eye is enlarged , and the wrinkle is erected carefully.

A life that can not accept itself as it is, deceiving education, deceiving a career, deceiving grades, deceiving its appearance. What does that mean? I'm reluctant to even look at myself as it is, who can acknowledge me. Mother 's words and the false life that a friend threw in jokes contained a profound philosophy of life.


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