A small horseshoe that adds elegance

"There are a lot of words in the movie that I'm a fool," he said, "but what do you mean when you play football?" Parent's and   It is a conversation between a son and a son who saw the movie "Extreme Job".

My son asked, "Dad, what the hell do you mean?" I wanted to say, 'Do not write because it's a shame!' But I could not do it for true education. My wife replies instead.

   "I'm talking badly about people who are uncomfortable with their bodies.

   My wife is a young psychologist and she is very kind to explain the little words of the children. I'm learning from the side by side .

   Parents are embarrassed when a child swears. I'm only getting angry at what I learned bad words from. Parents usually say that their children are making bad friends and learning profanity, swallow, and bathing. But the basic language foundation is built in the longest house. Of course, the family and the surrounding environment,   We learn various expressions through media such as TV, movies, and YouTube. But experts say that parents have the greatest impact.   I say . Writing a good horse that is often the child's're more likely to extend their learning at the end of the run home.

   Especially the mother's language with the child for a long time is important. When you put a child next to talk with other moms, and even children must absorb the end of the call when it does or not a child deutgeon skip to the end.

   I have seen a sister called 'Bad X' or 'I do not like to see'.

   When her mother got angry, she spoke the same thing to her child. If you write good words, children will learn the same way. You need to adjust your language habits before your child gets used to bad words and gets stuck in his brain and sticks to his mouth. When a child is born, it is the fate of the parents to be grown up once more. If you care a little, you can reduce your speech and use more words. A full day to do the parents want to pass on the good word to the children and put negative one.

   Of course, the language of your child friends is also important. Joe pray there is a limit to parental control, such as kindergartens and schools. While we may not be avoided kids the opportunity to learn a bath, you can reduce the opportunity for a bath. When using a horse that is good and when it's less important that the right key'd say at least once.

   I was a deputy in my sixth grade. I was worried about opening the pampering at the time of the class meeting. I wrote the phrase "The deputy is too good at shouting" in the letter. I was not disgusted after being disgraced at the meeting. He received training from an early age to shame and lie in the worst act like a giant hooked Center and pretending to hit as bubanjang. I did not know it at the time, but it was a very sorry thing to my parents . I was called to your teacher, too, and you probably remembered "home schooling."

   Language can be fixed by anyone who cares a little bit. If you do not lead a bath will feel the awkwardness when the bath is rested on the tongue. As a child when my mother standing honnael "the asshole" instead of saying, "succeeds him!" Did you write the word "bastard be CEO". It was in the belief that the horse became a seed.

   Language is a vessel for the personality and dignity of a person. I often attach negative thoughts such as 'irritable', 'I am hot', 'I am tired', 'I am depressed', 'I want to die' or 'I am sick'. On the contrary, if you use the right words often, the words also stick to your mouth. If I knew that my language habits were not good with someone 's affectionate intellectuals' yes, you did well. You can not let one leave the bath 'Do not have said just vindictive, petty word not already had the opportunity in advance to prevent the loss of a thing and what about here. So that the right words will be stuck in your brain and attached to your mouth.


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