Consideration for the son of a companion dog

<My youngest youngest child>

I wake up in the morning and clean out the dog first. During the day   Chop   There is a bathroom, but he sees cobblestone museounji the front of the toilet at night. Lay the stool pad. Most of them are good at aiming, but sometimes they become halfway around the Han river. I clean up and habitually grumble to a tiny (peer) dog in a scary voice.

   One weekend morning, I took a sick place while clearing the minefield living room. I can not help but notice that I am backward . The ten-year-old son, who had just happened, watched it and made a sudden speech.

" I've been pissed so badly before, I do not think it's too fast." Wait meomchudeo you, "Oh, the stomach hurts so bad clothes standing alight when freshman's also cheaper enemies X."

   A laugh broke out. Saying "the proud" also was impressed with the pure heart of a child being damaged themselves. I have been raising a dog for six years. For me, she is the youngest daughter to be the hottest when she gets home. My wife is the youngest child with a lot of hands, but she is a friend and a strong protector to children. I have heard a few times saying, "When I have nobody in my house, I have a child and I'm not afraid." We are learning from experience that companion animals are helpful for children's emotional stability and development.


When I saw my body that showed a bold combing after I finished bathing my dog, my son said, "When I did that, I was hurting my hair and it hurt my hair.

   Nepalese living nursing children   I am learning to understand someone's situation. I felt warmth in my son's words. The warmth was caring for my opponent, which my father missed . I wanted to clean it up, and I wanted to finish it quickly, so I did not care. I can not think of any warmth like a son.

   Competition, lived a poor life became too accustomed to Ridge Gea does the plight of others. Always First I ', I've seen floating silnun the idea of "Why I look at the damage, keep an opponent. Apparently, there was a time when I thought and treated my opponent first . Now I have been living such luxury as luxury.

   I do not understand my wife's situation, I do not care, I argue, I ignore the situation of my juniors and hurt me. When there are no doubt the plight of the children, if one looks back story anatneun Check if the objectionable behavior of his son. I looked back at myself when it was time for someone to feel free.

   A little mind fingers, a moderately smiley face, and a word of warm words will not be enough consideration for your opponent. I learned from my innocent son that if I do not care for a penny of money , my mind and my opponent's heart can become warm .

   I have changed my poodle pad to a big dog because it is small. The urine did not overflow anymore. I also think I was lacking in consideration.

"Said Matthew Wars son. Dad still look junginga becoming an adult."


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