Everyone knows what to say

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I was hospitalized at 9:00 am on Saturday due to a terrible cold. It was perfect for opening the door, but I was waiting for about an hour because there were a lot of diligent people. I do not have a place to sit, I sit at the edge of a long chair and look at the sick people. Next to her, there was a mother who had a daughter of four or five.

" I wipe my hands with water in my tissue, go home and wash with soap ."

"Mom, I'm on this side.

"Oh where else do you just sit here, why is it real."

Laden with a bunch of framed certificate will not yell at the child saying to his mother. It was a child's grandfather who came to the hospital together and spoke to his father . Father of impressive impression which seems to be in the mid-60s . "No, I 'm just going to see where my mother is," she replies with a gentle answer and continues to notice her daughter.

"Mom, will you calculate ours?" Until a little while ago, unlike the appearance that I was annoyed, it was a smile and expression. "I do not have 10,000 won in hospital expenses," my father passed out of the hospital without anyone responding. My father hastened to follow his family like a man.

It was a short moment, but I was sick and upset. It's because your dad is raising his daughter and he's feeling emotional. The appalling, annoying attitude, and the moments that emerge from the moment, are not necessarily made at once. I do not know the last part of the family that I have been with for decades, but I would have been the father and the father who once were responsible for the family. In front of the daughter who did not like all of her father, her appearance was small and shabby. I was treated with a heavy heart and I saw the back of the family from the hospital on my way home. Still, my father was walking alone from the back.

It is a figure of a child walking with a car in the form of a car with my mom and dad, a representative of a happy family. I feel the warmth of a carefree family in the expression of a child playing with grandma grandfather. However, because the family that is the strongest hedge is so close, I forget this preciousness. It sucks out your Mom, Dad ignored, and brothers and sisters, while I just growling face off with each other.

I am sorry that mom and dad are annoyed and angry when I marry and raise a child. I regret not having any use, and I feel sorry that only one day grows.   One day at the age of twenty-eight, I pretended to lock in by walking away from my dad who nodded for smoking in the room . My father, who was about to open a cramp visit, went to work as it was, and that was his last life. A family that seems to be always around is also going to leave this way. It was my parents who seemed to be responsible for me forever . But why do not we realize why we say, 'Please live your parents alive'.


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