How to self-back when you fall in promotion

Every year the promotion season comes back without fail. The subtle atmosphere of the moment when the sweetheart crosses is unbearable. I have only been promoted twice after entering the company, but each year bittersweet memories and happy memories cross. Except for the small number of winners, many workers will feel similar feelings. CC who goes to a company, husband succeeds in promotion, and wife slips. When I see Hibari, I heard a rumor saying that I did not like it because of my wife, who said, "Is that good?"


   The feelings about promotion are different from each other, and the attitude to accept is different. However, this is like a flu that can cause irritation. If you are too self-defeating, your recovery will be slow. I looked at my friends, colleagues and myself from the perspective of a third party. I recalled my bitter experience and embraced my feelings. When I slipped on the promotion, I thought about some ways to comfort myself.



1. It's not a skill.


" I did not really work day and night, and I worked hard …" So I feel more embarrassed and upset. It is definitely different from doing hard work, but promotion is not determined solely by skill. The team leader called when he got out of the agency. "I know I'm old and I'm doing very well." But the conclusion was "dropped." 'What? I do not think it's right.


A corporate human resource manager said the lack of job skills was the reason for missing promotion (49.6%). But this is only the team's official script. If not, we have seen a lot. Rather than lack of ability to shift saying, "Every company, every team has seen the pitch does not matter depending on the person," it would be more convincing.


Except for officers and vice presidents, it is highly likely that promotions at the lower level are mixed with complex variables rather than skills. 'No, how did that guy get up to that position?' From the very existence it is strange because you just yidil Ghana. Promotion means that you can not be accomplished by the desire with skill and effort . It is difficult to get rid of the mental tactics by yourself, It may be difficult to find a place. Resilience is important to workers. I am watching all of them on top of how well I am holding up. Let 's pledge next year. If you have enough possibilities.



2. Do not kneel on timing and haunting


Timing is a very important variable in promotion. In a word, promotion   It can be called luck.


Large companies that work with friends say that the deputy promotion rate is set at 30 percent. The number of people to be promoted by each team and sector changes every year. The less competitors, the more favorable it is. In one division, one team competes with each other in synchronicity. Thanks to this, my motivations are far from sticky . It is also inevitable that repeat students who are once or twice obstructed the front . I face a situation where I must inevitably send my car ahead . I do not want to concede, but I want to run, but the organization is also a place where I push my unwanted concessions.

   In other words, if there are a lot of competitors, it will be unfortunate, but the skill will be the next. It is very likely that a member of a team that is important to the company is promoted among competitors . It's no use if I'm not that team. Do not give too much meaning to timing is not right, just luck. If you are, you can wake up quickly .



3. Let's get out of the anger in time.


There are times when I am sensitive to promotions. If it is missed, it is unjust, disagreeable and disgraceful. It is a common in-house drama that it is common to fall into a sense of disgust with saying 'I am doing that, I am?' But over time, the attitude changes slightly. I guess it's getting dull. Nowadays workers, early retirement, and hopeful retirement, the period of staying in the company is getting shorter and shorter. Because of this, many people carry the strategy of 'slender and long' in their minds. If you climb too fast, there is nowhere to climb. The figure of 0.87% for executives in large companies and 0.06% for female executives is heavy and bitter at the same time . Most workers are young when they are young, and the older they are, the more reason to be able to afford the promotion. As will be light as well as rank the company not too long meomureumyeon to the ranks because of the large degree that, at best one party, say georiji reeling two years. If you remember the number of 0.87%, you can easily put down your greed.



4. Aesthetics and facial expressions of laying down


It is also ability to hide emotions when you are not promoted. "I do not understand why I did not get A, and I did not promote," he said. I think the boss would be generous enough to understand that he would not work hard this year because he slipped on promotion .

I happened to hear stories from juniors in the company. One junior who was missing in promotion, said, "This is the first time I've ever been born from an X foot." Although the team leader or the executive did not listen to it directly, it would not have swallowed the bitter feeling in the neighborhood of the person who listened to it.


If you think about it a little and can afford it, you will not be easily overwhelmed by emotions. The company's radar network is running full-blown here and there. The Human Resources Spy may be listening right next to me . If you openly express your feelings, this can lead to an unreasonable evaluation that 'personality is bad' in the future. One or two years later, if you have ever recollected, you will refrain from unforeseen actions to regret.


Is there anything else happening to the employees as much as salary increase, incentive payment, promotion? You may be able to find a sense of accomplishment and reward in your work, but if the reward is not backed up, you will end up with a vanity. Promoted as much as the money and pride are important factors seam directly to the workers. But do not be overly angry that you have not received a promotional ticket already issued. Rather, to prepare for the race, and then grab a ticket in hand, it is the spirit of wise workers.

God did not just bad timing, not the lack of skills, just not have been so lucky party. Put your heavy heart down a little and let me run into the future time again. It will end up winning.


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