Human relationship Pioneering blue ocean, consideration of oddity

In the workplace it is called Continue if the well-known A and B together with C encounter. Of course, with three equal business relationships. But there is a time when the conversation goes into a story that only A and B meet for a long time. At first, C smiles and listens. But as time goes by, the facial expression gradually sets. Even when the smile is on the floor , A and B do not feel the emotions that they do not feel alone, and somehow they take off to join the conversation . Only very briefly soak the feet in the conversation will quickly pushed again, like the tide.

Similar cases often occur. When we meet three strangers, we find commonality such as schooling and delay, and the conversation falls into Samcheonpo differently from the purpose of the meeting . One who has nothing in common with them is naturally marginalized. It led to an atmosphere of common interest with strangers Conversation skills. But it can be said that it is effective when there is no alienated person.

A close junior will not attend more than four people in attendance. It is difficult to concentrate on the conversation, and because there are many people, there is a person who is ignorantly ignorant. There are people who hold the initiative in a place where many people gather, but others do not talk. I like to hear it, I can not find the chance to say it, I can only know if it is alienated .

There was a person in the company workshop who was quiet and quiet at the meeting, dinner, dinner party. After a few months, I had lunch again at work. He was a very talented person and a very pleasant person. I said I thought he was quiet, and gave me a somewhat surprising answer.

   "I do not know anyone because they have different divisions, I just talk about them, I can not get into conversations,

There is a saying that if an odd number of friends in a company is gathered, a person is left out and an odd number is traveling together. So I do not know if the odd number is a lonely number. There are many similar troubles on the Internet . For you do not know the company business, not looking for drama, for strangers, no matter Gakken, for the delay, only two of infatuation thing that   It may be the one making the rest alone.  

Even if it is not an odd number, it is a part that we miss when we treat people in everyday life. I think this is another problem with interpersonal skills such as atmosphere and ability to be good. It is something that anyone can experience depending on people and circumstances. It 's a different feeling from bullshit. An even number, except me, is not trying to alienate someone deliberately, but it is because the code is right among oneself and enjoys.

I think it is the beginning of "human relationship blue ocean pioneering" to look around once if it does not feel the feeling of alienation when we share a story and talk.


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