I can see if I'm good at work

When I work, I often write emails. At this time, there is an e-mail which is read by a bargain and an e-mail which can not be read even if it is read twice or three times. Of course, once read, emails that are easy to understand are likely to get a much quicker reply. On the other hand, emails that are difficult to grasp are sometimes worried about how to reply, but they are overpowered to forget and overdo it.

This way, you can identify the person's work experience and expertise based on how the email is written. Here are ways to make sure you do not mess up your business by missing the trivial details of writing an email:

Yongman only briefly

What is the most important thing to write an e-mail is how can you deliver the content in the most concise but faithful way? It is effective to simply say conclusions when delivering the message to others. Even if you look at long articles, you will have a sense of rejection. The information that does not correspond to the main point in the mail should be boldly deleted and it should be written clearly and clearly.

The title stands out

The first thing a recipient sees when he checks email is the title. Therefore, it is a good way to write emails with differentiation in the title. The title should be written so that you can understand the importance and contents of the work. For example,

[Emergency] Contents Contents Contents Contents Contents Contents

[Important] Contents Contents Contents Contents Contents Contents

In this way, it is a good idea to indicate to the recipient that this task is a task that needs to be handled immediately or should be handled with ease. It also makes it easy for future recipients to

[Company name] Contents Contents Contents Contents Contents

[Project Name] Contents Contents Contents Contents Contents

If you write your title in this way, it can be a very sensible title.

E-mail addresses are simple yet powerful

The mistake most often made by new employees is making their email address difficult. When you work, it is very common to have your e-mail addressed to a conversation. If your e-mail address is difficult, you may have to call out your e-mail address twice or three times to create a case where you are missing each other.

Best example of a simple yet impressive email address

When you create an email address, it is easiest to write your name in English. If you are more greedy, you may want to use the words that make use of the characteristics of your name to make sure your e-mail address is stamped to the other person, or you should use English words at the middle school level you know. Here are some of the e-mail addresses I have seen that I can remember.





This easy way to write emails is easy to explain and easy to imprint on the other person's mind. For your reference, do not include your date of birth in your email address. You do not have to reveal your age while you work.

Put attachments first

We will resubmit the attachment for missing.

As you write your email, you may have missed an attachment and sent it twice with the same content. It is a person who can make such a mistake. However, in order to minimize this mistake, it is desirable to upload attachments in advance and write the text.

The deadline is clearly

Because e-mail is communication through text rather than face to face, misunderstandings occur and delays occur during processing. So when you write your email, it's a good idea to clearly state what you want, when, and how. The most important thing here is the deadline. It is important to clearly specify the date by year, month, and day (the day of the week), so that no disruption to business occurs.

Making Use of Referrals (cc) Properly

When instructing the job, the recipient can be referred to the same tiger (cc) as a senior person.

A reference sign refers to a person or an individual who should be aware of the contents other than the recipient. Usually the referrer does not reply, but may reply if there are additional comments or corrections. When you write an e-mail to a recipient, you are sharing this situation with the referrer. For example, when there is a lack of charisma to direct the work to the other person because there are few annuals, it can be usefully used when the reference person is given an upper hand to give compulsion.

Signing required

Signature means the image or text containing the sender's basic information at the end of the email body. Usually, the signature includes the contact information of the sender. Signing helps make it easier for recipients to contact you if you have a question. Adding an expression of gratitude to the signature can give a much better impression to the other.

It takes quite a lot of time for e-mail to work during the day. In order to save time and reduce this time, it is necessary to build a habit of building e-mailing skills and getting the details so that the recipient and sender can communicate with each other. I do not waste my time as much as ping pong by email.


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