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Following the last zigzag service analysis , the third study session took time to analyze the hot " triple " with mobile travel content. I think Triple has already experienced it if you like to travel. When you search on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store for the keyword 'travel,' you're getting top-notch popularity. In addition, we have been growing remarkably in recent March to attract 300 billion won worth of Series B investment.

If you define the triple service as one sentence, it seems to be able to compress it to < beautiful and excellent travel guidebook optimized for mobile >. A little more explanation ❶ Mobile user experience is very good. While most travel information services are optimized for the desktop, mobile is less readable, while Triple is fully mobile-friendly. I am also taking advantage of the built-in GPS function of mobile. ❷ The content is very beautifully arranged. In the writing and photographs, the traces made by the professional editors carefully created by one sweat and sweat are felt very much. ❸ We provide excellent information. When searching for travel information on the portal, it is difficult to get the desired information because of the vast amount of content. It removes duplicate information and provides various contents such as customized travel information, sightseeing spot, and restaurant with unique information unit. ❹ We also offer a schedule service that allows you to plan your itinerary on mobile.

Triple app screen

Triple charming service. Right? ^^

However, there are some points that are difficult to solve for this useful triple. One of the features that our members said was good in this study is the itinerary service. It's really useful because you can plan your circulation with a few touches. On the other hand, we could not accommodate users who wanted to schedule a multi-country city or record transportation details. We will continue to improve the function in the future, but as schedule functions become more sophisticated, the service complexity will increase. It's a personal opinion, but I do not think it's necessary to raise the complexity any more. Heavy users like me, I think it would be nice to drop it.

Some of the Bangkok travel plans I had planned six years ago

The other part is, can you solve all the trip information you want through triple ?. Triple's strengths in content are the well-organized information, close real-time updates, and a continuing collection of traveler reviews.

On the other hand, it was difficult to find information that deviated from the guidebook standard. It is enough to cover simple sightseeing places and restaurants, but as the planning complexity increases, I finally find blogs and cafes. Other members say that they use a lot more Instagrams than Portals. T ^ T Anyway, there was a lack of search result and it seems that it is positioned in the area to solve the itch of the guidebook rather than the way of finding the information that the traveler wants.

I thought of planning a concept service similar to Triple. I found 120p of data made five years ago. At that time, the memories of having fun with the TFT members came to mind! haha

I am writing down at one time drinking the air in the morning. Let's run a little more!

Anyway, Triple has been growing storm from the launch of the service until now, and I am sure that it will grow ~ all the time. The gap between language barriers and information has been largely eliminated from the past, and the gap between domestic travel expenses and overseas travel expenses has been greatly reduced, and the outbound market is growing 20% every year.

To date, Triple's accomplishments are summarized as follows: 'We are the number one app in the travel sector, we have secured the money after traffic, and we are ready to go on a rocket ride.' Hotel sales seem to be coming out moderately, and we also sell utility products such as travel insurance, USIM, and ticket activity products. I did not look into it in detail, but some seem to be booked directly, and some are linked to my real trip.

The story from the study suggests that we plan to sell all travel products in the future, including flights, accommodation, tickets, activities and utilities. I think the future of Triple is just as good as it seems. If I am an executive, I think there is a lot of thinking about the future direction at this point.

Will it be a travel commerce? Will it be a Korean Trip Advisor?

I fell asleep and painted my hand as it went. At this point in time, management is likely to be concerned about future service direction and profit model.

First, let's calculate the operating cost of Triple very simply. (There is no detail ground)

Because IT company, the main cost is labor cost?

I will pay 75% for labor costs and 25% for other expenses.

According to Credit Jobs , Triple's current workforce is 65 people. The expected average salary is 52.64 million won. Assuming that the company covers the 4 major insurance costs for the company and the workers at a cost of 50% for the 4 insurance costs of 52.64 million won, the labor cost of about 57.9 million won per person is incurred.

Then, the labor cost of 57.9 million won x 65 persons = about 3.37 billion is generated. However, it is difficult to trust 100% of the information on the credit job. Therefore, if the labor cost is about 3 billion won, the labor cost is 3 billion won, and the other expenses are 750 million won. A total budget of 3.75 billion is required per year. This time, the investment amount is 30 billion won, and sales are continuing, so even if you fill in the manpower in the middle, you can keep it for at least 5 years! + (Sorry if my calculation is wrong)

What is the best way to choose a triple in this situation where you have secured a bullet?

(1) If you are in the form of travel commerce : You need to build up a system to sell and operate airline, hotel, ticket & activity, utilities, and a large number of sales personnel and CS personnel. However, if the distribution channels for goods are not significantly different from those of other companies, we must constantly maintain marketing and promotions to promote sales. Domestic commerce companies, vertical companies, travel agencies, global OTA will be a structure to compete with?

(2) Korean Trip Advisor type : The advertising-based business is the main model rather than the product sales. The key point is to mix content and ads well! The limitations of this model are that triple is focused on the domestic outbound market, so growth will slow down when the outbound market stagnates. In addition, since guidebook content is the mainstream, it may be difficult to acquire various advertisers. The following image shows various BM samples that are linked to the profit when viewing the detailed information of the accommodation in Trip Advisor. link

Trip Advisor's Hostel detail page

(3) Triple-A New Way: As Airbnb and Ubber pioneered a market that was not previously available, the above-mentioned form can not be the right answer. As we have done so far, we may be able to create new markets connecting trips before, during, and after trips with DNA of Triple Man. Personally, I would like Triple to pioneer this way well.

In addition,

Professor Choi, In-Chul of the Department of Psychology at Seoul National University defined his book as " Good Life ," which means fun is fun, and meaningful activity is travel. Therefore, even if I only mention the word travel, there seems to be something exciting. Looking around, foreign companies are gradually gaining control of the domestic market. We support Korean IT travel companies such as Triple and My Real Trip, including ONDA, to continue to grow.

I was writing about ONDA in-house study, but my writing was long.

My colleagues wrote good articles from a different point of view and I recommend you to look at them together.

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