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I write to brunch a long time. There was a sense of debt to continue to write, but nowadays I spent a lot of time studying English and parenting, so I could not get my hands to write. Today, however, I have a lot of research on my in-house planning study.

Currently, we have five ONDA planners. Yong and Summer have been working in Timon for more than two years and have been working as an MD project coordinator. Hans has been involved in development PM work and operations, as a planner, and Sebs was not a major planner, I was in charge of the planning work by chance.

ONDA Planning / Design / Marketing Members with my hands and feet with me

Are the people all warming up? Anyway, our plan members were not all IT and planning major, but we succeeded in switching positions as service planners and they are following quite well. In my opinion, our members' IT planning work capacity is better than the same year. I think that one year later I will be able to make a difference. Everybody has a good attitude ^^ ;;

Anyway, I want to talk about the study today. Last year, I had an in-house study with personal interest. We gathered 8 ~ 9 members who are interested in planning and did lunch break study once a week. I usually lead and talk (?) It was a form. As each other's job interests were slightly different, I looked at the planning in general, but there was a difficulty in adding depth.

So this year's study limited members to planners and I decided to stick to supporters rather than lead. The study curriculum is about one year and aims to create a plan portfolio that anyone can covet . I plan to do 24 times a month twice a month. I want to publish all the contents of each study in my portfolio and utilize the results in my portfolio. In about a year I can make this kind of resume.


[ Career ]

[Work knowledge]

– Know-how to establish service policy (link to yourself)

– What is UX I think? (Your link)

– Information Architecture

[Service Analysis]

– Women's clothing shopping Theme Park 'Zig Zag' (Link to yourself)

– Service review and analysis of fresh code heavy user

I strongly recommend that those who plan to develop their planning skills write their interests. This is because planning and writing are similar. As proof of this, all those who are good at planning around me write well.

It is trembling, frightening, and difficult to publish at first, but if you overcome the process and publish it, you will have a sense of accomplishment, and if you like, share, or comment on your writing, you will have fun and rewarding. And through this experience, a virtuous circle structure that keeps writing works. Planning is a bonus! Hehe

The introduction is long. The story I wanted to do today is that we have a second study today and I want to share it with you. The theme is "Zig Zag" service analysis of women's clothing shopping mall. I was curious when I moved into a building like ours, and I decided to select it because it seemed to be interesting.

I participated in the study without background knowledge about zigzag, but the members analyzed the service from various perspectives and learned a lot in a short time. Let me briefly summarize what I learned today, and share our members' links.


1. The core target is 1020 women (2030 women also say a lot)

2. A service that collects and curates product information of all SoHo shopping malls. At first, we collected product information by crawling method and now it is possible to link with cafe 24 solution.

3. Revenue model is a sponsor advertisement on the product search screen and operates in the form of CPC (Pay Per Click). Reference

Initially, we tried to operate as a brokerage commission model, but more than half of the shopping malls were repelled and gave up.

4. In terms of usability, menu structure is simple, page movement is less and search function is superior to other shopping malls. Convenient functions such as automatic entry of shopping mall membership information, notice of new update of shopping mall, and so on.

5. The disadvantage is that the same product is exposed to a lot of duplicates, which may make it difficult to search for products and compare prices. Competitive services that are well-known for this are "brandy" and free shipping is the core competitiveness. However, in order to adhere to the free shipping policy, it is said that the contract is concluded in the form that the shipping company will bear the full cost from the shopper.

6. Cumulative investment amount of 10 billion won (Series B) Note

If you want to see more depth, please read the members' postings!

Sebs refers to Zig Zag's core customers as Z Generation Women and introduces Zig Zag as a Zig Zag PR representative based on the thesis on clothing shopping tendency of Z generation consumers, how zig-zag can lock-in and entertain them.

Women's Clothing Shopping Theme Park 'Zig Zag'

Summer is a heavy user with 118 zigzag favorite stores. It is difficult to find any disadvantages because it is a heavy user. It is a post which has a lot of experience using zigzag. Summer is a friend who is good at speaking (speaking). It is a little unfortunate that I can not express the part of the writing. Next time I'll have a video! haha

Service review and analysis of zigzag heavy user

Hans is a serious, serious writer, and this time I was impressed with the attempt to change the writing style to 180 degrees. The style of the article needs to be adjusted a little more, but it is impressive that the route map that we introduced at Viewjob is benchmarked and is interpreted by each route (zigzag vs cacao style) confrontation composition.

Fashion Service Customer Travel Map

Yong was unfortunately not able to participate because of the appendectomy.

If you make a few comments about our study method, the members complete their drafts in their own way on study subjects and receive my feedback. After a few days, I will share the article with all the study members and conduct anonymous survey feedback when it is the day of the study. (First impression, readability, logic, etc.)

After the end of the day, I talk about the good points, difficulties and thoughts I have experienced while writing and I present my own writings on topics. (Review ability is also important for planners)

Even though I wrote an article on the same subject, it is said that the viewpoints are different from each other, so that they can stimulate and motivate each other's writing. Afterwards, the feedback will be combined to make each article editable and leave as output. This article will be much more organized after a few days of writing before final feedback is reflected!

I finished my study yesterday evening. I wanted to boast about our members, and I think there will be some people who will study the way of study. We will also share the contents of the ongoing study periodically.

I would really appreciate it if you would like to take a look at our post and buy a cup of coffee. Hehe

I saw this article in Zig Zag and gave me delicious donuts so that all the staff could eat it.

# Zig Zag I support you to pass all the time. Thank you:) ONDA Dream.


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