Reason to drag a 20 year old car

With the development of convergence technology, automobiles are getting smarter. The autonomous driving leaves the driving to the car, and the driver is able to control his / her car by voice only, and the future that can enjoy his own time such as watching movies and playing games is getting clearer. However, it is difficult to change the car even with such safety and convenience.

The reason is simple.

It is expensive.

Then why do I keep dragging my old car?

1. Move once.

There is no problem moving. It moves once. My goal is to move from A to B only.

2. You do not have to worry.

Even if the car door is scratched, it can be enough to peel off the car paint. Just passing.

3. Be careful.

The parts are out of date and can not be run in the rough. It is possible to drive safely. I have to ride with a rake.

4. It is slow.

I can not go even if I want to go quickly. The chance of getting a speeding camera is significantly reduced.

5. Sensitive to temperature.

It is true that the outside is cold and hot when it is uncomfortable. This makes it possible to drive as much as possible and get on public transport.

6. The premium is cheap.

The world is nothing more than money

7. The tax is cheap.

Anyone who says money is the best

8. There is less risk of theft.

Nobody wants to steal my car. I am out of the office.

9. Where to eat comfortably

The new car is nervous and can not be eaten freely in the car. The sound of eating sweets is the sound of fear.

Old-fashioned cars do not care whether they are sick or not, and they can eat at will. Let's eat our own and our own cookie without a meal.

10. Car greed is endless anyway.

New designs, new features keep coming up anyway. Buying a new car is like pouring water on an underdog. I can not fill a corner of the mind in any way.

11. Makes me humble.

The volume is increased as much as possible, one arm rests on the window frame, and the unnecessary bluffs that show the watch and the handle are lightened. Do not show off. The person becomes clear.

12. Peripheral reputation gets better.

You can hear the surrounding reputation of having an old-fashioned car and living just fine. If you get married, you can even hear the saying that you are a household person who does not need money.

13. Sexy.

I can not imitate that feeling of retro, anyone. You can show off your personality different from others.

Someday I will have to change to a new car. But the longer I have been together, the more I can not substitute my car. Jung is so scary. Now let's go down to the parking lot and give my car love and love. And washed up.


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