Uber worked.

On March 19, 2018, a woman who was riding a bicycle in Arizona, USA, was reported to have been reported to have been killed in a Uber autonomous vehicle. The industry that only portrayed the rosy future in an autonomous car was shocked. Uber has completely shut down the test run of North American autonomous vehicles, which has been around for a year. In addition to the IT industry such as Apple and Google, the automobile industry such as GM, Volvo, and Mercedes is also in an emergency to develop autonomous vehicle technology. This is not the first time that an autonomous vehicle has been fatal. In May 2016, an accident occurred in Florida, where Tesla S collided with a truck during autonomous driving.

Arrogance of an autonomous car

Through these events, there is a need to think about the following areas in the next era of autonomous driving.

The machine must abandon the arrogance of controlling all variables . Machines can not be 100% perfect either. Bad or unforeseen circumstances will arise. However, most autonomous car companies do not recognize it. If autonomous driving is commercialized, traffic accidents will hardly occur. Of course, machine-dependent driving is not a mistake because it will be more sophisticated and complete than human driving. But not all variables can be completely controlled.

What if the car suddenly fails?

What if someone hacked a car?

Even if my car did not break down, what if the car was broken and there was an accident?

What happens if a driver accidentally presses the button accidentally during autonomous driving?

What if there is an accident due to bad weather?

In this way, all variables of accidents that occur during driving are not controllable. Therefore, in order to commercialize the autonomous driving vehicle, it is necessary to recognize the possibility of an autonomous driving accident and discuss actively after the accident.

Who is responsible for the accident? Will be the key issue. Responsibility for the accident will be determined by:

Autonomous vehicle company: Machine failure

Driver: Driving involvement and vehicle management

Pedestrian: Traffic law compliance

It may be different from situation to situation, but because there are difficulties to make clear judgment on these matters, it is inconceivable that any judgment will be made. In the end, it would have the effect of hindering the growth of new industry, autonomous driving car. Even if it is important to make the technology 100% perfect in order to prevent such a situation in advance, it is absolutely necessary to prepare the countermeasures such as clarification of responsibility, construction of compensation system and future measures in preparation for unexpected accidents.

In the Matrix called Annie, there is a scene in which a human being judges a mistake of an artificial intelligence machine. I feel desperately in recent years that this story is not only a story of the future.


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