When you are stubborn, somebody will

I met two female workers in front of the elevator at the time of work. It was a face that came face to face several times. I got on the elevator together. If I met my way to work on the same floor, I would have no hesitation in having a rough conversation.

"I have to beat this labor company!"

The heavy words made me feel embarrassed. I stared at him. Please do not make me smile anymore. The following remarks followed.

"Ah why the real thing.

I was dissatisfied with your senior team. For a short moment, I could feel the displeasure of the company, the team leader, and the team leader. I was angry beyond embarrassment, but I could not do anything other than send an unaffected eye. The black conversation was constantly connected. I found earphones and blocked my ears. The elevator is full of deep displeasure in the spooky voice.

<Image source: movie 'office worker' still cut>

I have a good time in the restaurant or coffee shop near the company, and after a while I look around. It's because of the scraps left in the chest for the complaints. "I do not care who hears or not," he said to his colleague. The coolness is only a momentary feeling. It's when I'm so passionate about my own feelings.

There are no jobless complaints. Everyone has a corporate rant, and they are relieved of stress by looking at their bosses or chief malice. Of course, outside the company private space. But how can I see my junior, who is angry even when he expresses his intuition in public places in the company? It 's too stiff to be dignified. Even if I express my grudge and dissatisfaction, it is only a little 'uk!'

The team leader said that he experienced difficulties because of the staff who talk in profanity at the elevator. The more eyes you see, the more you have to be careful. 'I am cool', 'I do not care about others' should be below the basic manners. If you have a scar from the company, you have to hurt yourself before you can express it with anger. It's a tempo-resting step. This will reduce the amount of regrets you have made.

If you take a moment, you can avoid regret. If you endure one hour, you will get calm in your mind. I am glad that you will endure the day. There is also a room to look back at the situation with one extra step.

It does not mean to take stress by unconditionally. It is a matter of a moment, but it is a mistake that is pushed by momentary feeling. I did not wonder when there were two company seniors in the elevator when the juniors got angry.

The wound heals and becomes more and more frizzy. It's a process that naturally overcomes the crisis. Overcoming is a step further. However, if you do not touch the wound and continue to scratch it, it will be a scar and regret that you do not want to see.

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