Where is the evolution of smart cars?

Batman Returns 'Batmobile' (Source: Figure Note Blog by Serginho)
007 SKYPOL series 'Bond Car' (Source: Wikipedia)

It has a unique appearance, self-defense system to neutralize the physical impact on the vehicle, autonomous driving, near-perfect voice navigation system, vehicle automatic recovery system, automatic driver recognition …

Batman's Batcars, 007 Series Bond Cars, and other cars appearing in movies are loaded with exciting new technologies that you could imagine in the real world. However, it is no longer imagining, but it is emerging through the development of smart cars.

Tesla 'MODEL 3' (Source: Tesla Official Site)

The leading player in the smart car industry is 'Tesla'. Tesla has released MODEL S, MODEL X, MODEL 3 and MODEL Y series to date. In addition, the company unveiled the technology that integrates all functions such as opening the vehicle with a smartphone app or NFC card, adjusting the vehicle environment, and infotainment in the touch screen of the vehicle without a key. These futuristic technologies have unleashed a wave of unprecedented evolution of smart cars.

Tesla MODEL series (Source: Peat Design)

For reference, Tesla's series was the most SEXY series by releasing MODEL Y. MODEL 3 says MODEL E has already picked the 3 most similar to Ford.

Faraday Futura FF91 (Source: JoongAng Ilbo)

There are companies that have challenged the 'Tesla' solo system of the smart car industry. It is 'Faraday Futura'. 'Faraday Futura' has been developing Tesla Killer for the production of smart cars that are superior in design and technology than Tesla. Earlier this year, Faraday Futura's biggest investor, Ricoh, seemed to be struggling with financial difficulties. However, it showed off its first commercial vehicle 'FF91' and showed its design and technology far superior to Tesla, with a maximum output of 1065 hp and a mileage of 608 km .

In addition, 'FF91' announcement and parking outside the parking lot by connecting the camera with the autonomous self-driving mode of the ballet parking has also brought a lot of people's resilience. Although the interior has not yet been released, NASA-inspired weightless seats and large spaces are well-received to raise expectations.

Experts say that if web browsers and smartphones were the focus of the platform for content in the past, Smart Home and Smart Car, the longest place for people to stay in the Internet era of the future, will replace the place. In the future, when V2X communication and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) are fully built, smart cars will provide us with many more functions in the most convenient way, and it will be time to control and act on everything in the vehicle.

* V2X (Vehicle to Everything communication): The technology that all elements of traffic (vehicles, roads, terminals) are connected through wired / wireless network

* ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems): Intelligent transportation system is a system that realizes safe and smooth traffic activities through real-time interconnection of all elements of transportation system by applying V2X technology.

So how far will smart cars evolve? I can not say for sure, but one thing is certain, there will be a demand for analog functions, and vehicles with analogue functions will be released.

There are two reasons for this demand. First, generations that do not respond to the pace of technological development too fast must be created. Rather, high technology is a factor that hinders convenience. Second, they are the groups that have a virtue in the field. Emptiness in the heart that can not be filled with modernization. Those who can not forget emotions and tastes (?) Will find analogue.

Samsung Galaxy Folder 2 (Source: Korea Economic Daily)

Cameras and smartphones are the best examples of analogue products created by this demand. By 2016, global smartphone penetration has exceeded 50% and is projected to rise to 75% by 2020. However, there is still a steady demand for 'Hyodo Phone', which has a large keypad and a large font size among middle-aged and elderly people.

Gudak app

Recently, "Gudak" (Gudak) after the launch of the domestic app store, the Euro category is the first category of the response is hot enough to occupy. 'Shodak' is a film camera with a motif app that starts shooting and creates one film, which can take 24 shots per chapter. It is not possible to confirm until the film is used up, and it can be confirmed only after 3 days after the film is used up.

This app, which has uncomfortable functions from one to ten, can constantly wake up to the general public, but it is enthusiastic for the analog sensibility that is obtained even if it takes such inconvenience to the metamorphosis that misses the hand taste.

In the automobile industry, the technology will continue to evolve along with the development of smart cars, but the essential function of the car is ultimately driving. Future technological marginal utility will arise and demand for vehicles with analogue functionality in niche markets will arise. In the future, you have to open the door with your own car key, imagine the possibility that there will be a possibility of a 'Hyodo Tea' for a car or a middle-aged or elderly people who can only drive with a stick and feel the taste of a hand.


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