Even if Trump disappears, Trump does not die.

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Race discrimination, protectionism, US-led liberalism, various scandals, and unprecedented North American summit. US President Donald Trump has pushed the world into chaos in unpredictable ways. How should we understand Trump's time to challenge the principles of freedom, diversity, and rule of law? I asked Professor Ahn Byung-jin, who is the author of "New Trump, Completion of the Collapse", a new journalism journalist who asks questions to look forward to the Trump era and beyond. Where is this world going? What can we do?

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① The world has entered the age of emancipation from the time of empire. ② The destruction of climate change calls for a new political order. ③ Let's shift the paradigm to the ecological system beyond the limits of democracy and capitalism.

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• Key words to understand Trump's US and Chaos world
• US presidential election outlook for 2020
• Potential for environmental issues to turn into a political agenda
• Things that Korean citizens can do

Two years have passed since President Trump was elected. How do you rate the past two years?

I would like to replace Henry Kissinger's definition of the Trump era. Kissinger has pointed out the Trump era as "the coincidental appearance of a person who tells the end of an era and drives away the old precepts of that age." The last two years were a chaotic process that Trump did not intend but disintegrate the existing liberal order.

Even after becoming president, it seems to be similar to the time of the candidate. Nothing has changed.

When Trump was elected, his radicality was nothing more than a strategy to win the election, and there were many predictions that he would soon find the top after his inauguration. However, unlike the predictions, the Trump has not changed much since the 2018 midterm electoral defeat. There are many qualities in American society, but there are also many negative qualities such as monopoly, narcissism, insensitivity to the other, and snobbish desires. Trump is the end of the worst trend in American society. Trump is someone who lives for his own fanatic fan base, ultimately for self-satisfaction. As long as fans have the spirit of anger, cynicism, aversion, fear, and despair, there is no reason to be different for Trump.

Is not Trump good? There will be reasons for many people to support it.

In Kissinger's words, "the person who reveals the old falsehood" is the answer. Trump is an outstanding populist. Trump has an excellent understanding of the atmosphere of the times, one of the politicians' most important virtues, and the emotions of human anger. For those who no longer believe in the American Dream, Trump is a revolutionary revolution that blows away the sweet future promises of the liberal order and falsehood.

In the case of Korea, there were also some promising changes in the two North American summits.

Of course, on the Korean peninsula, Trump's long-term power can be expected. If there is a stalemate now, but if Kim Jong Eun takes a more proactive stance on the baseline demanded by the United States, there may be October Surprise ahead of the 2020 presidential election. But we have to anticipate the tedium of the spectacular spectacle event of Trump 's future, as well as the trump –

There is also fatigue among white voters who are deeply sympathetic to Trump's agenda. Muller, a special hearing by the hearing, and a prosecution investigation, Trump may be in a state of turmoil before the presidential election.

It was a big shock that Trump was the successor to the ideal leader of President Obama.

It is difficult to find a perfectly heterogeneous being as Obama and Trump. From their backgrounds to politics, fashion, and musical tastes, they have nothing in common. On the political front, Obama was the "Dark Knight" of the empire that links Clinton's lineage, and Trump is close to a joke that shakes and mocks, defining it as a vested interest. But they have something in common. The two presidents, in a completely different style, have a common theme in preparing for a soft landing in a descending US and restraining China from ascending. And Obama and Trump have a common order to innovate. It is Washington's vested interest.

Even so, Trump is an overstatement of the established order. It seems that there has never been such a leader in American democracy.

There is nothing new under the sky. There are numerous pioneers of the Trump phenomenon. At least from the mid-modern age, there is George W. Wallis, 'Trump of the 1960s', which shook democratic and republican bills with reactionary populism based on the exclusiveness of white races. Ronald Reagan, who transformed reactionary populism into a B-class Hollywood actor, is Trump in the '80s. Newt Gingrich, chairman of the House of Representatives, who combines reactionary populism with storytelling of movies and huge new political forces is Trump in the '90s. However, Trump is an icon of the phenomenon of the century that collapses the existing order, unlike the past. Trump's "gentle fascism" leaves a deep scar on American democracy.

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