How to make money as a business

It is the contents that you ask the most about those who leave the company and start business. As a founder who has done all four, I will share my insights.

1. Beneficiary
– The advantage is that you can receive steady salary steadily, but if you are not a public institution, you should be in your early 50s, and it is no longer possible to see it as an advantage. So now, when I go to college for career education, 19 out of 20 people go public corporation. At least retirement is guaranteed and there is a pension.
– The biggest disadvantage is Pak Bong. It only costs money to maintain a minimum standard of living. If you look at Robert Kiyosaki's <Rich Dad>, you can say that collecting salary and saving is the biggest risk.
– First of all, even if you collect 10 million years for 3 million won a month, you can not buy a medium sized apartment in Seoul city. If you collect 200 a month, you will not be able to save my house until you are retired. Since then, the life of the next 50 years has to eat again and worry.

2. Freelance
– The biggest advantage of freelancers is the flexibility of time. In fact, this is a tremendous advantage. Once the rich earn money, the best thing they want to do is make the system make money, and do what they want to do and live affordably. In other words, you earn money to buy time.
Of course, I would like to become a workaholic if I work or have a lot of greed. However, if you do not have a big greed, you can earn more than your salary income level even if you work without interference in the time you want.
– A disadvantage is that there is a limit to profit. Unless the system makes a structure that makes money, almost all freelancers sell their labor in time. You can work 8 or 10 hours a day, but you can not spend 25 hours a day. If you normally work more than 60 hours per week, you will get a burnout within 3 months.
For that reason, there is a limit to the amount of time that you can work, and there is a limit to your sales because most of the pay is fair.
– If you talk about what you see and experience around you, you'll see that it's in the top 5% of freelancers when it's around 100 million won. If I remove the tax, it will be 6.6 million won a month. "Wolchun", which is also a symbol of successful freelance, is about 170 million in annual salary. If you have a very high reputation in your field as a freelancer when you see it personally, the upper limit you can earn is about 3-4 billion.

3. Individual operators
– There is a limit to profit in freelance. So, in order to make more money over time, you have to make the system work, not the time. The system may be an IT-based automation technology, but it usually means an organization that is not an individual. The difference between 'freelancer' and 'one-person company' will eventually work alone, but it can also be said that there is a difference in whether the system exists or not.
– It is extremely difficult in the beginning because the sales should grow proportionally if you put in staff. So I usually advise that if you aim for 1 ~ 200 million salary, you would rather be a freelancer or a popular one. This is because it is harder to sell one or two people as an individual business than to do freelance work. (Except for the cost of 2 staffs + operating expenses, the monthly sales should be 3 ~ 4,000 per month to take the month)
But once the system is in place, the ultimate magic of money comes into being without changing all of your time. In addition, the biggest advantage of individual business operators is that they have no difficulty in freely transferring retained earnings. In fact, except for all other reasons, this is why you are a private business.
– The biggest drawback is that the procurement or bidding market is a corporation with basic terms. Businesses that are bidding on public or large corporations are almost impossible to become individual businesses. It is suitable for B2C such as commerce.

4. Corporations
– There is a case where the person who starts the business for the first time starts as a corporation. First of all, it should be laid out that it will be fixed at around 50 a month only with 4 insurance and capital charges. And it takes a lot of time to process various bills and accounts. There should be one dedicated worker to see the general affairs / accounting work. If you are a corporation that targets a nationwide marketplace or a bidding business, you should have only two or three persons based on suggestions, contracts, and settlement personnel.
– The biggest limitation of a corporation is that at the moment when it is established as a corporation, all the assets of the company are the company's, not the representative. I am a company that I made, but I also become a salaried employee receiving a salary from a corporation. I looked at the people who were incompatible with being a salaried employee after I started a business because I hated company life.
– Of course there is a way. You will raise your salary or receive a bonus. But this is also a good line. If the company has sales of 1 billion, and the representative has 3 to 400 million won, it is a boil. To be successful, like a freelancer, it takes at least 50 to 10 billion to get around 3-4 billion.
And there are a lot of people who think that if they own 30% of their shares, they will take 30% of their monthly profits. The stake is profitable only when the company sells the shares of its own company. Unless it sells the company or sells the shares as much as the stake through the listing, there is no profit more than the dividend in proportion to the number of shares. Until it is stamped on the bankbook, it is cyber money.

To summarize, if you think your business is not fit, it is a good idea to go to work while doing business. If you want to live freely, but you want to live a little more leisurely than an office worker, do freelance. If you want to earn a lot of profits for several hundred million or so, I recommend you to a private business first. But if your ambition is big and you want to make billions, tens of billions, or billions of companies, it is impossible unless you are a corporation. However, the target profit and the degree of freedom are inversely proportional.

It is a subjective recommendation to take the above four points.


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