Six infinite stones, collected by money makers making money from content

"Who did you follow your lecture?"

I used to talk about the content of my lecture and told the student that I was going to be in a difficult situation. I soon realized that it was an inappropriate guide. I thought it would have been delivered in the sense of applying it to their own business, because there were things that lectured and lectured as if they were their own. Of course, you would not have seen good results.

It was not because he only had a gauntlet that Tanos could threaten the universe with a finger snap . It's been a long time to collect the stone to get into the gauntlet, and in the process it has the body and spirit to withstand the power. Even if you steal only the gauntlet, it is not a threat to anyone.

Steal it if you steal it.

The first book is the best, and it sells 200 million won of travel goods, the music score rises to melon chart without advertisement cost, receives 56 million won as the first business plan, and surpasses 10 million won per month as a side business I'm talking about how to design high margin businesses and run ten public relations channels at once.

To summarize, this is what you can say in an hour or two. (There are times when I talk about 9 hours in a little concrete. )

The way to use a gauntlet is simple (finger snaps) but the process of gathering the stones into it is not simple. And if you ignore the importance of the process, you will be fatal if you use a gauntlet.

How to make money, Shin Saimdang

I want to share with you the capitalist manual I have experienced. Former PD) SBS Media Net Business Team Korea Economic TV Securities Team

There are times when digital nods who boast tremendous empathy are envy by seeing the monetization of the contents of money and profit making. It seems to be a simple finger jill (?) But I think it is possible because it is the people who have gathered the stone for the time and installed their own gauntlet .

In order for the content created with Finger Quality (?) To be turned into full money, we will look at how to collect the stones.

  1. Reality Stone

You need a reality stone that can break the illusion that you can be a great person if you study hard, fantasy that you can make a lot of money, and news and media credibility.

Surprisingly, such fantasies are inherently naturally inherited through my family and school days. Those fantasies that seem to work well without misinterpretation ignore me at the moment I need them. It is only after I have had many times that I have been shredded several times that I can barely think that this may not be the case .

Nevertheless, when I forced myself into a fantasy, my actual appearance was misguided. You can get a reality stone when you realize that you are getting tired of me as you settle down in the fantasy you created.

No one is prepared to handle reality. Therefore, it is necessary to take a chance to get out of the illusion quickly and feel the limits of yourself and to discover the potential at the same time .

Those who discover the reality stone will have the confidence to discard the fearful fantasy created by the weaknesses determined by world standards, maximize their potential and make the content money.

2. Soulstone

It is said that it is money to put the authenticity in content. Customers feel they have authenticity in sales. So what does it mean to hold authenticity?

I thought it was natural to spend more time trying to be authentic . So I spent a lot of money and training to learn those methods. There were also acting classes and vocal classes.

In order to make it more authentic, I took a gesture that did not fit my body and I was happy to wear uncomfortable clothes. Originally, my appearance was lacking in authenticity, so I mistakenly thought that decorating more and hiding me was good for delivering Soul.

But I realized that in such a way, I could not stack content for a long time. It is because we have to use too much energy to decorate.

When I kill an erotic ego that I thought I was mistaken for real, I realize that the real soul that I was trying to hide reveals.

Surprisingly, I was able to communicate with my son while I was acting like a grumpy son, shouting, rolling around on the floor, and knowing how much I had been living in the past.

I was able to get lighter again through the project of peeling off the outer shell . I feel that when I do not decorate and I am honest, I get more authenticity.

3. Space Stone

I agree, "I must help the hardest people", "I should care for the weak", "I am blessed if I do good". But if only the definition of the hard person or the weak can be made wisely.

Everyone has to get help, but I often meet someone who will help others first. These people are heroes and honorable people.

However, there are many people who mistake themselves as heroes . It is the people who can not grasp objectively which is the position to be helped, help to fall into heroic play, and choose the way of destruction together.

Distressed heroes who appear to be helping others, being sponsored to help animals, and backing their own self-interest are emerging all over the world.

The first thing I know objectively is where I am located . When we figure out whether I'm going to help first, or if I need to learn and grow, we can get Space Stone.

When I have the courage to cheer me up, to get comfortable in the space with positive people, and to be willing to show weaknesses, I can exercise my strength in the space that I can help.

Self-development, marketing, happiness Do you often see that the instructors do not care about self-development, marketing and happiness? It is because I can find the space where I can help myself and become a hero, and I can not find the space to help myself .

Only those who know where I can stand independently and who can stand alone, who knows where I can win and help in any space is eligible to use SpaceStone.

4. Power Stone

No matter how well you create and keep your content, it will not be converted to money unless it is delivered to your audience. Of course, if you create good content on a regular basis over a very long period of time, it may be known through word of mouth, but you must set up a strategy to grow your own channel from the time you start creating your content.

So planning is important when creating content. For example, if you plan a series , your audience will have more chances to subscribe to your channel .

It is also a good strategy to transform and upload content in a custom format to the channels that I need to grow.

The best thing is to get on a channel with waves. Three years ago, I told people who are going to start business without permission to fill YouTube content unconditionally.

If you create good content, you have the effect of getting on the waves because YouTube gives you recommendations, educates creators, and also controls water quality.

For those who are trying to make money by sidelining even if they do not necessarily start, I have been recommending Tong Ying for a long time. This is because they will advertise retargeting. (Some people like to have their favorite commercials on the facebook or in the news.) I am quietly saying that I was exposed to the site after I entered the page.)

The channels that I regularly upload content to, and the channels that I want to upload, have attracted a large amount of investment, and the more news I get, the more opportunities I can get in this way. You can use that force to increase the rate at which your channel grows. (It is a situation that I recommend a lot of study pie these days.)

Study Pie, the definitive way to study online!

The most authentic way to study online to the end!

It is essential that those who want to make money from content (mostly lazy) improve their sexuality, have a channel that they can control and a channel with power.

I do not want to do more than do things I want to do. They get this power stone.

5. Mindstone

I often buy stuff that I do not want to buy or buy. Conversely, when it haeteotneundeyo why I often think back to see whether such a choice.

When I actually started working in sales, I began to study this process with much deeper curiosity. At first, I started to study the problem of my mind and to learn the mechanism of my behavior, but I gradually developed into studying how to persuade my opponent .

So I went to find hypnosis classes and listen to them, analyze famous overseas sales pages, and continue to study the purchase journey by purchasing all of the digital products that induce upselling continuously.

This study has brought me amazing results. It's just that you have arrogant confidence that you can predict and manipulate your behavior .

I learned that there are many people who are willing to pass on this incomplete study at an expensive price. However, in the absence of basic training to control his emotions, I was able to observe many times that I had to have some intention to control others .

When I can look at my mind first and know how to sympathize with my opponent's problems, I can analyze my unconscious patterns of behavior that they can not express in their language, I could move their minds and then I could get Mindstone.

It is a stone that can be obtained by those who are ready to do all in content production only.

6. Time Stone

"I can not buy a second for money." Interpretation that time is important is not enough. I understand that if you can save time, it's worth spending all your resources.

There are two types of people who work hard in the company and choose a way to start their business.

This is the first type that does not study how to spend money because you have been wasting money in the past. They spend their time concentrating on saving money, but they waste a lot of time and exhaust the present. That's why the future they welcome is a time that is no time, no money.

The second type is to use the remaining resources to save time because of the time spent in the past . I hope there is no misunderstanding. It's not too much money, not a lot of money, but it's the best time to make that choice.

So if you can learn from a teacher who has gone ahead of time, you have a choice of learning all the resources. I do not spend time preparing a great piece of content. If you keep making content that is scarce, and you are exposed to it for a long time, you know that you have a great one-handed party, and only that person holds the time stone.

When these 6 stone collectors are using finger snap, it seems to be easy to make money, to easily market, and to make it easy. Nevertheless, they do not use finger snaps because they can break the body when used with care.

You only need to combine 6 or more difficult stones when you need them. Finger Snap It is a story that I want to tell people why not to be able to earn bigger in one room, people who are not greedy now, and people who do not pay money.

I have collected six stones hard, but I have a bad gauntlet and a poor finger stamina because of my fingers snapping, my throat flying and my arm flying.

The infinity war and the end game are not both attractive to me personally. Although the end is fixed, I will also participate in the process of collecting the stones in order to play the game for which I set an end, and I should not fingernap.

Tanos until the use of the gauntlet is the greatest crisis in the universe, but it is not glazed after using it. It was a story that I wanted to share with people gathering stone hardly to make money with contents.

I would like to have more people who make money by using a balance, without spoiling the finger snaps that have collected the stones. The end game is not a happy ending.

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It's not a startup. It's a startup. It's a brunch.

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