Trump President and Personality Disorder

"Dad, why is that guy?"

"Well, that's a diagnosis of narcissistic personality disorder."

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It is a kind of emergency organization. Special feature of Donald Trump!

I had to do something about personality disorder and I was wondering what would be good.

What? I will not?? Miss XX! What? You do it again in a day? Why are you doing this?

Finally, luckily, President Trump enters the radar network. Last fall I saw a very interesting book titled "The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump" (a subtitled "27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President"), but I read a little and threw it … (The story of the president of the other country ..) It is a good opportunity to take out and read it out again.

There is a Goldwater rule . I also learned more in this article. American Psychological Association, APA's Code of Ethics, nicknamed "alias", a psychiatrist or counselor who confronts himself face-to-face, It is unethical. In 1964, an American magazine called Fact, which presented the results of a questionnaire survey of American psychiatrists about the mental health status of Barry Goldwater, the then presidential candidate of the Republican Party, and eventually led to lawsuits, It is said. As a result of this incident, the American Psychological Association has stipulated that 'the act of diagnosing the mental health of authorized persons (especially politicians) by showing the psychiatrists to the outside without direct medical examination and diagnosis' is unethical.

Rules are meant to be broken. Rules exist to break.

Dr. John Gartner, a psychologist and consultant, is filing a petition alleging that President Donald Trump will resign in the spring of 2017 because he is suffering from a serious mental illness in the US presidency. It broke the gold water rules. Fortunately, he was not lonely. More than 41,000 psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors and other mental health workers participated in the petition. Furthermore, Dr. Gartner is a not-for-profit organizations (with people of <Duty to Warn> sympathetic to his will you go out to continue the activities made). And the inspired crime psychologist (!) Bandy X. Lee has published 27 articles by eminent psychiatrists and psychologists in the United States ( along with Philip Zimbardo, who is famous for his <Lucifer Effect> ) < The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump > (Recently, ' Donald Trump's dangerous case' ( Jeong Eun / Lee Eunji Station, 2018. Green Forest) has been published in translation with the title, yet the translation was not available) .

Taken together with Dr. Gartner's arguments and the views of several other psychiatrists and clinical psychologists, the diagnosis of Donald Trump is roughly summarized as follows. The diagnosis most consistent with expert opinion is (1) Narcissistic Personality Disorder , NPD. (3) Antisocial Personality Disorder , also known as the Paranoid Personality Disorder , PPD and often socio-pathological or psychopathic psychopath, and the DSM-5 (American Psychological Association) diagnostic category Although it is not a formal diagnosis, there is also a diagnosis of sadism that we commonly use (4). The truth is that President Trump is a good person to walk around to study. (The 'case' in the title of the book is often better than psychological, psychological, case, or case.) I can do it. Let me see more about the diagnosis.

Dr. Craig Malkin, who is famous for narcissism studies, talks about Trump and Narcissism through "Pathological Narcissism and Politics." I emphasize that narcissism is not just a bad thing. I am special, I am better than others. Everyone has some kind of narcissism, and if this narcissism falls on the floor too much, it can become a sickness. Malkin says that healthy narcissism involves a somewhat unrealistic, slightly unrealistically positive self-image . And there are also studies that young people with such proper narcissism feel less anxious feelings, less depressed, and better with their friends. If you pass anything, it becomes a problem. This will play a positive role narcissistic nor led to the writing pathological level beyond that, the American Psychological Association (APA) DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, our words 'Diagnostic and Statistical of Mental Illness Handbook' made in referred to as the reference criterion for the diagnosis of) 'narcissistic personality disorder castle narcissistic personality disorder, or less NPD' is let down a diagnosis. The NPD diagnostic criteria of DSM-5 are as follows.

(1) Excessive grandiose images of their importance (eg, exaggerating their achievements and talents, and expecting others to acknowledge their superiority)

(2) In an illusion of infinite success and power, intelligence, beauty, ideal love

(3) I believe that only those who believe that they are special, who are special people, and who have high status, understand and go with themselves.

(4) Requires excessive worship.

(5) Has a privileged sense.

(6) Exploit others. (Use other people for their own purposes)

(7) It lacks empathy ability. (Do not try to acknowledge the feelings and desires of others)

(8) Show arrogant and cheeky behavior or attitude.

If more than five of the above criteria persist, you can make a diagnosis of NPD. And many psychiatrists and counselors in the US agree that Donald Trump is showing a serious NPD. If you think of Trump in the press and the many tweets he has left, is not he a psychiatrist or a clinical psychologist enough to accept? ( I do not think I'm the only one who comes up with an airline owner family.) Dr. Malkin describes the core of pathological narcissism as 3E.

Entitlement A sense of privilege : acting as if the whole world and others owe it to themselves and should rest on their will

Exploitation Exploitation : Using nearby people to make them feel special, regardless of their pain

Empathy-impariment : Ignore the desires and feelings of others because it is important that you are special. Even very close people around.

However, it is the consensus opinion of many experts that the case like Trump is accompanied by psychopath (antisocial personality disorder). When combined with NPD and psychopathic temperament, Dr. Malkin claims to be called "malignant narcissism ." The term 'malicious narcissism' is not a medical diagnosis but a term invented by Erich Fromm, a member of the Frankfurt school and psychoanalyst. Earlier Dr. Gartner diagnosed that President Trump had both narcissism and antisocial personality disorder, and an article in The Independent (Rachel Hosie, 30 Jan 2017. -and-families / donald … ident- psychologists-inauguration-crowd-size-paranoia-a7552661.html looking for) impairment on the ability to see also. "(President of Trump foot Marla clinical psychologist Dr. Julie) narcissism is at the reality And that's why people are not logically persuasive . "

"My Twitter is so powerful that it allows my enemies to tell the truth" (from Donald Trump's Twitter)

In fact, personality disorder is a concept of spectrum , I think it is right. It is more accurate to see that everyone has a certain degree of mental illness or personality disorder. It's hard to say confidently that anyone has a perfect personality. (Oh, if you are confident that you are "really smart, cool, and perfect as you are" in this situation … this is the nature of NPD) One of the criteria that DSM- Is there a problem in carrying out the social function that the person has to perform normally? " Even if an artist has NPD problems, he thinks that there is no danger of harming the world as long as he is pleased to say that he writes and writes in the studio all day and makes music and I am a genius and my work is genius. But the problem is that it is a different matter that a person with narcissistic personality disorder and psychopathic temperament comes to the position of President of the United States that can exercise enormous influence all over the world. "It's dangerous." That's the direct reason that American psychiatrists and clinicians are raising their voice as they break the Goldwater rules.

There is some opposition from academia, but it is very laughable. Dr. Allen Francis, who directly participated in the creation of DSM-5, claims that Trump does not meet diagnostic criteria ( ). Trump 's behavior is " crazy like a fox? Or just crazy? " There is a controversy (Trump and the title of a New York Times article fighting a day long). 'Are you pretending to be crazy like a fox? Or is it really crazy? "Dr. Francis's concern is that people with mental disabilities are socially a leader, worried about the negative impact Trump will have on him. Trump is a mirror of the soul of the American people, a symptom of a societal illness hidden deep inside us. Of course Trump might be crazy, but we picked him as president. "

Do not let bus drivers drive serious mental illness. This is because it can damage not only itself, but also others. I think the success of the North American talks to control the future of the Korean peninsula depends on the person with severe personality disorder.


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