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United Kingdom (8)

Tesla is not going to be replaced by an electric car in the future

I had a strange experience while I was in England. Her daughter 's girlfriend' s boyfriend is doing Tesla business in England. It's not a sale of Tesla, it's a lease business, but I do not know what a profit model is. Anyway, he brought a car to his daughter's home, crossed the Thames to the ferry, went through London's most sophisticated city and went to the huge shopping mall "Westfield London". I drove about three and a half hours.

It was the first electric car I saw. The friend thought that the future was an electric car. There is no engine room because the electric motor drives the electric power. Not surprisingly, there is no sound other than rolling the wheel. The battarri is sure to be clean energy because it does not emit any soot. We usually get the impression that the electric car is not worth the slope. Not at all! The friend proved us while commissioning. The acceleration on the ground was incomparable to that of a gasoline engine. I was surprised at the momentary acceleration so that the body could be extended backward.

The problem is battery life, charge time, and vehicle price, and battery life is usually about 15 years. It usually takes three hours to charge once, and 40 minutes in a supercharger. It is time to have a cup of coffee. There are supermarkets scattered all over the world in developed countries (also in China!), But not in Korea yet. The price of a car is still a little higher than the same car, but the cost of charging the battery is zero (0) for life. There is little cost to maintain a car. Once charged, you can run for roughly 450 km. According to his friend, electric cars will have to boom in the near future. If there is no obstacle to the existing automobile companies, it is. As we saw in the diesel scandal, it was the view that there was no alternative but an electric car considering the environmental problems.

Tesla's innovation is not limited to non-polluting cars. The recently announced Powerwall is a revolutionary product. It has started supplying energy storage devices to homes and factories. For mass production, Tesla has decided to build a plant in Nevada, a country with a lot of sunlight. Nevada has given Tesla an incentive of 13 trillion won. Anyway, anyway, Japanese and German car companies are already producing and selling electric cars.

However, although it is the most advanced technology, Tesla is still unfinished. In particular, there is a problem that malfunction occurs in the autopilot function (autopilot). ( See here ) How will the unmanned automotive program pay off in the first place? Would not a completely unmanned passenger car come out through trial and error?

We watched several Tesla while we were crossing the city of London, and the Nissan electric car was stalking London. Hyundai Motor is investing 10 trillion won on the ground, so it seems that it is less interested in electric cars yet?


The design is similar to a regular vehicle.
I'm a little more slim.
I sat in the driver's seat and saw him.
The engine room is empty. This is the biggest feature from the outside.

Ferry ride across the Thames …
Take the ferry
Take the ferry
It is running at 32 miles per hour. In the tunnel
There are quite a few electric cars in London that are not hybrids.
Panels next to the driver's seat, where you can control everything about your car.

He came to Westfield, a huge shopping mall, through downtown London. There is a supercharger here. Connecting to charger …
Tesla Exhibition Hall in Westfield

It shows us the way to go. I wish there was another alternative …


Tesla is not a car company.

When Tesla, the maker of electric vehicles, entered the automotive industry for the first time, existing automakers assured that Tesla's future would be dangerous and that the company would soon close. The reason I was so sure was due to battery technology, which is the life of electric cars. At that time, battery technology was so bad that it took a long time to charge, and it was hard to drive 100 kilometers with a single charge, and the charging infrastructure was poor. In this situation, the driver of a car would never buy an electric car. Despite these adverse conditions, Tesla has dramatically improved battery performance and mileage through a variety of technological developments and major innovations, and hundreds of thousands of cars are on the road.

Tesla does not stay in a company that produces simple electric cars but wants to make autonomous or unmanned vehicles. In fact, to be able to run autonomously or unmanned, several conditions have to be solved, one of which is to simplify the number of parts and complex and difficult controls, frequent breakdowns and repairs as the current car engine. In this respect, electric vehicles have advantages in that the number of parts is small and the operation of the motor is very simple. One of the most important conditions for autonomous driving and unmanned driving is that the vehicle must travel safely on the road from the starting point to the destination without worrying about it. For this purpose, the movement of other cars running on the road, And analyze it using the collected data and find the optimal driving conditions. At this time, it is necessary to accurately and safely respond to unexpected emergencies occurring in other cars or roads.

To do this, the car must collect and analyze data through its numerous sensors and radars attached to it, and determine and determine the best operating conditions by itself. As a result, IOT, big data, communication network, cloud, artificial intelligence, platform, etc., must be used in these new technologies.

Tesla is developing these technologies now, and they are companies that interface with cars, cars and cars. The company is developing a business model that combines the Internet with Big Data, cloud, and artificial intelligence.

Ultimately, Tesla's ultimate vision is not an electric car company, but a platform company that utilizes IOT, Big Data, cloud, and artificial intelligence. By automobiles traveling on the road, it is collected through a large number of sensors attached to the car, analyzed by utilizing various big data transmitted to the data center, obtained statistical results, and creating new value added to generate profit.

5 secrets of Tesla that we did not know

The first secret, Elon Musk, is not the founder of Tesla Motors!

In California court in July 2009, Tesla founders co-founded five people, including Martin Eberhard, Mark Ta Penning, JB Strobe, Ian Wright and Elon Musk. It was Martin Eberhard and Mark Ta'Penning who invented Tesla's first model roadster, and Elon Musks demanded the seat and decision-making authority on the condition of funding. Elon Musk is an early investor rather than a founder if it is rigorous. It would not be easy to make a new electric car, no matter how genius it is.


Tesla Motors is known as a very bizarre company, and the models it sells are the sedan 'Model S' and the SUV 'Model X', with the exception of the 2012 roadster. And recently launched model III (Model III) Elon Musk was originally intended to be Model E, which was launched in 2016. Unfortunately, Ford had the name, so we needed a different name. So the chosen number 3! If you lay it down, it is similar to the alpha 'E'. Tesla's desire for SEX was not perfect, but it was similar. It's a joke, but it's true.

The third secret, the Tesla Model s, had faster acceleration than the Lamborghini!

The Tesla model s had an acceleration capability of 3.1 seconds up to 98 km / h. However, in July, the software upgrade speeded up acceleration to 2.8 seconds. Pulling acceleration with software updates is a near-innovation. Tesla calls this mode "Rudy Claus". 2 Accelerating cars are not even among the super cars, and the Tesla Model S has more acceleration than Porsche, Ferrari and Lamborghini with their long tradition. Even more surprising is that the Model S has four doors, unlike the other super. However, the maximum speed is only 249km (?) And does not reach the supercar.

The fourth secret, the Tesla car, has no start button!

Tesla S Model Key Forb is needed to open the car door. Put the key forb in your pocket, and then the door handle pops out. And since there is no power button, move the brake to D and move the D to start the engine. Only the butt should be attached to the driver's seat. The Tesla Model S has a sensor that recognizes the driver's butt. Tesla has lost most physical buttons thanks to its 17-inch touch display. The handle has a scroll wheel and a voice controller for touch display operation. An emergency light button, and a trunk opening / closing button.

The fifth secret, Tesla also sells used cars!

Tesla opened the model S used car deal page in May. It is quite unusual for automakers to operate their second-hand transaction pages directly. Tesla directly guarantees 50,000 miles for four years. Unlike a typical automobile manufacturer, it sells directly without going through a dealer. For the 2013 model S P85, which was originally sold for $ 94,400,
It is between $ 66,950 and $ 78,300. It will include 50,000 miles for four years and about 80,000 km of certified used cars. It is 20% cheaper than the actual selling price.

Tesla will open its first Korean store in Starfield in the second half of 2016. Tesla, which has brought a new revolution in the automotive market, is attracting many Korean fans. It will be enough to get the hearts of Korean fans as well as the mileage and sports car that can make a round trip to Seoul and Busan with one charge. However, Tesla has a lot of challenges to deal with, including the current charging infrastructure.

It is a concern for many people that Tesla, with its brand philosophy of "Creating sustainable transportation with sustainable energy," will have a significant share in the Korean market. Tesla is not merely a company that makes electric cars, it is a brand with a belief in reducing carbon emissions and creating the best sedan cars.

There are still plenty of companies that simply make great electric cars, but Tesla may be the only electric car to worry about energy and the environment all over the world. Is not that why we are enthusiastic about Tesla?

(# 2 UNIV BARND – Tesla)

Self-driving car eyes, Tesla vision

Watch this video before you read this column! (Original link: https://vimeo.com/192179727 )

[Movie 1 – Self-driving car eyes, Tesla vision]

Starting with the brunch, the "Tesla dreaming of a completely self-driving" column became very popular thanks to you. As a follow-up to last week's merger of Tesla and Solar City After the shareholders' meeting, Ilon Musk shared Tesla Vision demo video with Twitter account, and I gathered up the news that spread quickly through social networks.

[Picture 1 – Ilon musk tweets]

Self-driving car eyes, where do you see it?

In order for a car to move itself, it needs eyes like a human being. This technology, which will be the eyes of fully autonomous vehicles in the future, is compatible with advanced IT technology services such as hardware such as cameras and ultra sonic sensors and computer vision software. '.

I do not know exactly what the location is in the video, but as I did last time, a Tesla employee is driving unmanned driving at Palo Alto Tesla headquarters. Auto navigation to go to destination, car light and brightness detection, people jogging next to the car (object recognition) and road conditions before parking.

More specifically, the blue color of the cameras on the right screen displays not only lanes and movements, but also road color, object recognition, and road sign detection. These boxes show people more emphatically and show how fast Tesla cars recognize what other vehicles and other potential threats to consider when people are driving, usually about three minutes faster.

I posted a video from a new front camera yesterday to a Tesla Instagram official account (@teslamotors), which is probably a lot easier to understand. (The brunch does not work with the HTML Embed Code, so I'll link it to my YouTube account and link to it.) Update this part of the original link: https://youtu.be/Nf0RugqGCgs )

[Movie 2 – autonomous driving screen viewed from the front camera]

According to Tesla claims, the next generation models will handle "40x faster computing processing" as onboard for computer vision, Sonar, and Radar sensor images when moving in the car than in previous versions. Backing up this claim can be found on the NVIDIA blog, which introduces the NVIDIA NDRIVE PX2 AI computing hardware by rowing on the water .  

[Picture 2 – Next Generation GPU Processor for NVIDIA Autonomous Vehicles]

For reference, the next-generation Tesla model provides a total of eight surround cameras with a 360 ° viewing angle up to 250 meters with three front, two side, and three rear (one rear camera and two rear camera) I will. In particular, three front cameras provide 150 meters of main camera 50, 250 meters of near range camera 35, and 150 meters of remote camera 150 meters, respectively.

More interestingly, last month, Ilron Musk introduced four solar roofs that resemble solar power power wall 2 and a general roof, and it became a hot topic for the automobile to use this solar glass as it is. I do not know exactly, but I know that the Tesla Glass group is developing it.  

In my opinion, when the camera or the ladder using light is covered with foreign objects or when the object is covered, if the detection falls, it protects like an eyebrow. Using the built-in heaters, 'Tesla Glass' I think that it will play a role to help you to detect even more severe rainfall such as rain or shower. Or an electronic head-up display (HUD) that can display holograms on glass windows. The exact details are that Ilron Musk will be revealed in the Tesla Model 3 Part 3 event next spring.

[Photo 3 – Model 3 Glass Screen to be applied to Tesla Glass]

Challenges of third-party autonomous driving

Tesla has been competing at a much faster pace than other automakers, and many automakers have declared that they will launch fully autonomous cars since 2020, but the news is sadly so bad news to date.

First of all, Apple, which has been fighting talent with Tesla, has had several hundred employees who have almost abandoned their electric car business . Also recently, BMW and Baidu have tried to revamp BMW 3 in Silicon Valley in order to create their own autonomous driving target in 2025, but they broke up in partnership and turned to Chinese electric vehicles such as BYD, Chery and BAIC .  

Faraday Futura, who was very popular at CES 2016 earlier this year, has also received significant investment from LeSee or China Capital, but warns that the capital is running low. Uber's autonomous taxis are now in service and Google is spurring on a recent gradual introduction to Hyundai Motor America to commercialize it as a self-propelled platform, but there is a conflict with existing veteran autonomous engineers I have to quit my company and I need to leave a little more.

Meanwhile, Hyundai is joining the Google Car project in Silicon Valley, although it is not well known in Korea . I know that Seoul National University, Naver, and Cacao are doing autonomous study.

Next generation autonomous driving makes it safer

Tesla, on the other hand, is not free to take responsibility for autonomous driving, however, criticizing Tesla for making himself a martyr for self-driving along with concerns about solitude alone. A recent e-paper explains more about the Tesla Autopilot accident in Florida in May .

After this incident, Tesla also broke up with Mobilair, an Israeli automotive sensor partner, and updated the safety features on the autopilot so that drivers could not take their hands off for long periods with the new Tesla Software v8.0. The video I saw above shows a demo that is being tested for the next generation of fully autonomous driving.

Tesla Model 3, which ranked fifth in the world in terms of model 3 contracts, has promised that the next-generation autonomous navigation system will be seen in this demo video. What's more , there's a week left in Hanam Starfield, the first domestic Tesla store open on November 29th? At present, Tesla Model S P90D is scheduled to be launched in Korea after completing Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Land Certification.

[Picture 4 – Hannam Starfield which is the No. 1 Tesla store in Korea]



Tesla Profile

I tried Tesla.

Saturday 11 am at the Sunnyvale store near the house.

The staff in Tesla's T-shirt is brightly welcomed.

Usually, a car dealer in the United States is nervous with people trying to cut their noses and guardians, but there is a sense of tension from the entrance, which is unrivaled from the first impression of the store.

After hearing this explanation, I will drive to the highway for a total of one hour driving. Despite the suddenly technical questions asked to the staff, it was impressive to answer without clogging. Impression that education is good. In retrospect, Tesla sells cars on their own, so they are not the only merchants who want to sell more. The attitude and depth to the customers are different.

Before you start, listen to rough instructions.

How to charge, how to open the trunk, how to open the door, and so on.

There is a common sense, and a whole new part. For example, Tesla turns the ignition off, the key has no buttons and no function. If you have a smart key (no buttons), the door opens, and when you press the brake, the car is ready to go out. Conversely, if the gear is inserted into the P, and the door is opened and closed, the power is cut off by itself. It does not need to turn the engine on and off mechanically, so it seems to be a natural design. (There is also a reset switch somewhere.) But the key is a little cheap plastic material, so I'm a bit disappointed. I tried to think that something metal + heavy combination would be good.

From now on,

– When I sat in Tesla in the store for a while, I felt that the material of the room was a little cheaper. However, it was felt that the quality of the prototype was improved, the feel and the composition were fairly good. I would recommend that you try the test again.

– Touchscreen is still overwhelming. But it is obvious that you need time to learn how to operate. The basic layering of the window with tab / popup / main information was not intuitive. This feature makes me feel stale when I look at it.

– In fact, the most impressive thing was the autopilot function.

Basically, the sensor and camera read the position of the left and right lanes and other cars (they are displayed fairly accurately on the instrument panel) and the direction of the car And it was the basic design direction to go ahead while maintaining a certain distance by calculating the distance from the front car.

I was a bit scared because it was already 70 MPH (112 KMH) when I left my hand on the steering wheel. The distance from the front car is not absolute, but I am able to control the driver. I feel very close to 1 ~ 3, and I feel a sense of stability when I put a maximum distance of 5-6.

– Once the distance from the front car has been fixed, it was possible to travel quite steadily. It will be very convenient when traveling on long distance highway.

– I was told by the employee sitting next to the four-lane highway to go to the two lanes, but I found a fatal error on my way back. I ignored the advice of the dealer and activated the autopilot from the four lanes at the moment of entering the highway. After a while, the next exit (right lane disappearing due to the lane to the right) led the car to the middle of the four lanes and exit . There was a gap in front of me … The car kept running in the middle of the road …. After about three seconds, I could have an accident. Fortunately, I turned right into the four lanes and got rid of the crisis. If you leave it alone, it will be a big day. Note that the autopilot is released immediately when the driver turns the handlebar or presses the brake.

– After passing the crisis, I started to doubt about the roads that need to bring information. Because of the intense California sunshine, there were many hazy lanes and the rugged road itself was uneven. I thought all the variables would have to be taken into account, so I thought it would take a little more time until the technology was 100% safe.

– Sudden anxiety suddenly came to me as I thought this great mechanism, which could not take my life seriously, could influence my life.

– Auto Pilot is used only on a quiet highway.

– When you set the destination for navigation, it shows whether you can go to the remaining battery and where the charging station is located. There is also a setting that allows you to concentrate on setting the air conditioner / electric appliance to the minimum and running. It has a good design to avoid discharging from this place.

– It is a gentle acceleration without sound. Accelerated moment I was breathlessly stopped. Wow and Aang ~ The acceleration that makes a sound is what we already know and anticipate, but this is nothing. So it felt overwhelming.

– After the test ride, you can order your car right away. I choose the options and color that I want, so it goes over $ 1,000 per month lightly. Wow …

The model S. It is very good.
The display panel is overwhelming. Big, beautiful. I am overwhelmed by the splendor and I look for a while without words for a while.

The instrument panel consists of all LCDs. The graphics are beautiful, but I needed some time to adjust.

I was a bit scared because it was already 70 MPH (112 KMH) when I left my hand on the steering wheel.

I bought the future.

December 4 at 1 pm.

I received the Tesla Model X, which I had been waiting for and waiting at the Jiangsu Tesla Center. At TOC cafes, there were some steps, and I tried to find some problems by telling me some problems, but I could not see or hear anything in the pleasure of receiving the car. I had borrowed the Model S for three days before, so I knew most of the functions. I was very kind to explain and listen again, asking questions and delightfully driving the car. I told you about the steps at the end and decided to book in January because it is hard to schedule the center because it is at the end of the year. The battery charge is 60% when delivered.

I also tried to register the car directly. I took the camera to take a lot of pictures … but I saw the car with my eyes .. ㅠ
Jiangxi Tesla Center. There is a nickname called the Healing Center.
Cumulative mileage 20Km, autopilot in calibration.

I signed a few documents, listened to them, greeted them cheerfully and took a car. It started very smoothly, and there was a sound of rolling something in the driver 's door. So I tried to find out what was in the drawer, but there was not. And when I turned the corner, there was another 'Torre lur' sound. It looks like the screw is rolling on the door …? When I checked the owner's car, I thought that the American guys assembled the screw they had put on the door …? The center says it has some cases. If so, I'll catch it later. I decided to go to Songdo for a while until the autopilot became active.

Remove vinyl as soon as you get it.
I love it …?

I am very satisfied with the acceleration, the sense of openness, the stability, the autopilot, the automatic door, the falcon wing, the sound, the vibration, the white sheet, the front display, the UI, the wide space, the electric seat, the speaker . It feels like a huge toy, not something to buy a car. I feel so happy, good, joyful and good when I buy something. While going to Songdo, an icon indicating that autopilot can be used is displayed. The handle icon can be used when the round gauge is completed with a little giggling. It is indicated that it can be used when it is about 50-60 kilometers.

From the moment Orisa (Auto Pilot) drives, I felt that I had bought the future. It is still halfway running, but I was very satisfied. Autopilot is a combination of Traffic Aware Cruise Control (TACC) traffic-sensitive autocoupler and Autosteer automatic lane keeping. So if you take off your feet and lift your hand, you will automatically adjust the distance to the front car and drive with the speed limit of the road.

Anyway, when I arrived in Songdo, I took a photo shot in front of Celltrion headquarters (I am a shareholder). I went to Triple Street shopping mall because I wanted to experience charging experience. Tesla offers two charging methods, supercharger and testing charger. The supercharger is the fastest charging method that can cushion about one hour and the destination charger is the fast charging type. I went to the Triple Street shopping mall in Songdo because of the DECA (abbreviation of Destination Charger), but the parking space was narrow and gave up and ate it.

I got a car and I feel good …?

Then, on his way home, he was charged for 30 minutes at the Parnas Tower (COEX) super charger. It took about 30 minutes from 30 to 80 pros. I thought it was fast and enough because I could run about 300 kilometers with a battery of 80 pros.

What is the oil?
50 minutes for 100% pro-shock, 30 minutes for 80 hours
Parnas Tower Super Charger
You can use the Falcon wings in the back of your bags and clothes.
Press the red button … Shu Woong ..
I think it will soon be a black sheet.
Let's stay well ~

On the first day of delivery, it was still awkward, but it seemed that I never had to buy a product and get so excited. And I bought a big electronic product, not the feeling of buying a car, I continue to test the manual, and I am surprised and repeated. I thought that I had done a lot of studying through the community and YouTube before purchasing, but there are still more things to see and more that I have not used. And the most anticipated and best of all is software that is constantly updated. It's easy to think of a Mac OS update or an iOS update. Tesla calls the current software version V9. This version is similar to the previous iOS7 update. The whole UI has been changed, and it is the version which has been renewed the entire design linguge. The Tesla brand's greatest strength is its usability and functionality, and the old Tesla models now provide the same experience. I do not think of Tesla as an automaker. I think that automobiles are a means of one product and a company that makes many businesses through software.

Finally, a message was sent yesterday to update the software. You can update by pressing the button with the app.

I would like to thank all of you for helping TOC cafe and owner. 🙂 Thank you very much for the car delivery.


Korea Tesla Honors Club (TOC): Naver Cafe

Tesla Headquarters Official Certification Community Tesla Owners South Korea For owners, prospective owners and fans.



Meaning in the vision of Tesla and Soban

Every company has a vision. And we are devoting ourselves to streamlining our production and operations to build and sell our products, and to sell and build more on this vision. Let's see how Tesla and Softbank are strategically different and similar to each other.

3-line summary

– Tesla is a leader in the electric car industry. Their vision is to make luxury cars for every level of the population, make cheap cars with the money they sell to rich people, and make the cheapest cars with the money for the middle class and sell them to the ordinary people to become the strongest electric car company.

– Softbank dreams of making a jersey discipline of heroes who are not the first. Therefore, it attracts the fastest and most globally growing companies in each industry, and makes a huge sum of money.

– In the end, there is no definite answer in Vision. The important thing is to set your vision well and follow it well ..!

Tesla, luxury popularization strategy

Tesla is a pioneer in the electric car industry. Initially, to defend the press attack of Tesla as a car for the rich, the founder and CEO Elon Musk released the following press release to prove Tesla's growth (aka Master Plan!). It was written on the official website 13 years ago (2006) and is the same as Tesla's skeleton.

1) Build a sports car Build sports car

2) Make a cheap sports car with this money. Use that money to build an affordable car

3) Build a more affordable sports car with this money.  

4) At the same time, we introduce eco-friendly electricity technology that does not emit carbon.

1), a luxury sports car Roadster (about 250 million won) was made and sold to celebrities.


2), a sedan sports car Model S and SUV Model X   100 million won).

Model S
Model X (domestic release X)

3) is developing a low-cost Model 3 (about 3-4 million won).

Model 3

4) to build the world's largest lithium battery production plant, Gigafactory , and to establish and acquire Solar City , a solar power generation facility. (For reference, electric vehicles require a battery, so Gigafactory will be completed in 2020 to supply enough at reasonable prices.) Solar City installs a solar panel on the roof of a home or business. This is possible.)

Tesla production plant located in Nevada, USA Gigafactory
Solar City develops solar panels and power generation facilities

1 household 1 For the Tesla supply period, Musk is willing to continue to develop Tesla as his vision. I was able to cover my investment costs with PayPal funding at the beginning of the project, but I had no choice but to make whatever I needed without economies of scale. But in Hollywood, there are plenty of young and curious young people who want to buy their first Tesla first. Of course, thanks to Tesla's brand power, it's possible, and no matter how innovative the Honda or Ford comes in, no one will buy at this price.

Tesla 's master plan is a sustainable growth model that can go beyond the first dominoes . He even created a huge battery called the Power Wall to accelerate the plan, making the Giga Factory's automation technology more efficient for everyone to buy Tesla, increasing the lineup of products such as pickup trucks, semi-trucks and buses, We are planning to expand our business to a sharing service like Uber. Musk is pursuing projects in various industries simultaneously such as SpaceX, Hyperloop, Neuralink, etc. Apart from business, his vision is future and innovation itself .

Softbank, the union strategy of the best

In 2017, Sobin launched the largest one-trillion-dollar ($ 1,200 trillion) vision fund in history. Currently, the portfolio of Vision funds reaches about 60 companies including GPU maker NVIDIA, enterprise communication tool slack, maximum vehicle sharing service uver, and educational game VR provider ProBABLE. And, as you know, last November, Kupang was invested 2.3 trillion won. (0.2% of total funds)

We want to create a coalition of entrepreneurs with the same goals.
We want to form a coalition of like-minded comrade entrepreneurs.
– Son Jeong-in, Softbank –

Sohn's vision is not to make Sobang the next generation of Google, Apple, and Microsoft. He believes that it is not possible for a single brand to surrender singularities arbitrarily. Simply put, a revolution can not be achieved only by the power of the individual. Go out together and support each other outstanding companies to create a coalition of industry-leading producing a greater value than the sum of the value of each company, created in partnership with a wide range of business opportunities to create additional value between sobaeng family.

For reference, the investment strategy of Vision Fund is scale. Investment targets are already well received, with a market share of 50-80% and sufficient for rapid and global growth. So, Sobang pushes the huge amount of money to make the first prize and realizes the way of winner .

Investors and US companies do not think globally. But Softbank is everywhere in the world.
When you think about investment, when you look at most of the American firms, they do not do global, very few of them do true global stuff. SoftBank, however, is everywhere.
– David Thevenon, Softbank –

Sohn Jung, who is holding a conference for entrepreneurs in 2017


What does Tesla and Soban have in common? The vision is different, but they are both fighting at the forefront with a strategy that is right for them. Apple, Google and Amazon will be struggling to find food after 10 years by expanding their reach with a new lineup of their own strategies

No matter how good a product or service does not fit the vision, it is used once it is done. (New businesses that were quickly made up for unprofitable short-term profits ..?) In the end, what is important is to set up the vision well and leave the place where it operates well.


1. Tesla's Secret Master Plan – The Secret Tesla Motors Master Plan (just between you and me)


2. How SoftBank picked up the world – How SoftBank ate the world


How Tesla prevents car theft

Recently a Tesla Model S vehicle was stolen in the UK. It seemed that he would have ran away from the driver 's window and steal the Udangtangtang car, but when he saw the image of Buan camera installed near the actual vehicle, he steals the car very easily and gives surprise. How did the Tesla Model S with state-of-the-art technology get stolen?

Image Source: YouTube 'Antony Kennedy'

In the video, two thieves approach the Tesla vehicle. It seems to have been a lot of practice, and it is obvious that they are decorating something in their respective locations. Thieves approaching from behind the vehicle is under navigate around the house carrying a signal amplifying device to amplify the signal of the smart key in your house. When the signal is amplified, it is recognized that there is a smart key in the car,   Thieves are waiting by the door is quickly board the car. This video shows how simple a signal amplification attack can steal a vehicle.

In fact, with or without a key, a car accident can happen to almost every car. Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz, as well as most automobile manufacturers, have been in invisible competition with thieves and hackers exploiting security loopholes for years. It would be absurd if a car parked in front of the house was lost overnight, even if it was not a state-of-the-art car. Anyway, Tesla would not give the thieves a fine car. So, I've looked at how Tesla is safeguarding the vehicle and how it can help with vehicle safety.

Use PIN number

Image Source: YouTube 'Steven Peeters'

Tesla applied Tesla Model F and Model X early on earlier this year to PIN numbers that are often used on smartphones. The driver must enter the 4-digit code on the vehicle's central computer to start the vehicle when boarding the Tesla vehicle. It is a bit regretful that it can be predicted to some extent because it is 4 digits. Also, thieves are uneasy because they have great persistence in guessing fingerprints and smudges and guessing PIN numbers. So the driver needs a habit of wiping the touch screen from place to place. If you are worried about wiping the screen, you can also wear gloves and leave no traces. Anyway, since it is the driver's choice to use the PIN number, entering the 4-digit code is a security risk for the nuisance driver.

Disable keyless entry

Image Source: Teslarati.com

A keyless entry is a system in which the door is unlocked when the vehicle approaches the vehicle without the smart key operation, and the door is automatically locked when the vehicle is moved away from the vehicle. For Tesla, you can disable the keyless entry feature on the Security tab. It is relatively minor, but it acts like an obstacle to a thief who is standing around the car and waiting for the driver to come. This is because when the car door opens, it suddenly rushes to prevent threats to the driver.

Storing the Faraday cage key

In the video, the thief hits the amplifier around the house to intercept the signal used by the smart key. When the smart key signal is stolen and the amplification switch is pressed, the signal is transmitted far to the outside of the house. At this time, the car recognizes that there is a key in the car and opens the door to the cold. In fact, it's a security issue that has been a concern since the introduction of smart keys. A simple way to solve these security loopholes is to store the smart key in a metal container, a so-called Faraday cage, that blocks transmission and reception. This will prevent someone from intercepting the signal. A simple Faraday cage can be made by wrapping and sealing the smart key with the aluminum foil used to bake meat.

Add secondary GPS

Image Source: Amazon

Tesla vehicles have remote GPS tracking so law enforcement can track cars. It's like an easy couple tracking app. The problem is that as soon as a couple location tracking application can be made useless, thieves disable tracing once they start a car. So if you purchase an auxiliary GPS location tracker and hide it somewhere in the car, you can track the location of the vehicle without knowing the thief at any time during theft.

According to Tesla, the thief can turn it back on at Tesla headquarters, even if tracking is disabled. The Tesla Super Charger also allows you to track the location of the vehicle when charging the battery.

The charger's been open.

In fact, I did not even need this state-of-the-art security feature. The moment when the thieves showed their most passive appearance was to separate the charger from the vehicle. In the video, he spends more time tearing Tesla out of the house than ever before while stealing. It seems to take three or four times more than other security devices.

Representative image Source: northernnatalcourier.co.za

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China's auto industry in crisis

Yesterday, a commotion broke out at a Mercedes store in Xian, China.

This is the nature of work. A few days ago, a young woman was presented with a red Mercedes CLS as a gift. How happy are you, a 31-year-old woman, to present a car of 660,000 yuan, worth about 100 million Korean won? But when the woman went to the store, picked up the car, made a contract, and finally tried to drive the car, she found oil leaking from the engine. Naturally, she was frightened and asked for another car. The Mercedes store, however, responded that you could replace it with another car because you had already registered it, and that it would replace the electric motor that caused the oil leak. The woman who could not accept it was sitting on the car bonnet and protesting. It was an event that was broadcast on CCTV news after receiving the attention of netizens by substituting on the car for about a few days.

It happened in Henan province. A woman bought the Mercedes C260 for 400,000 yuan last March. This woman found a strange phenomenon when she bought a car. Often the handle is not broken during travel. The dangerous moment that the rotation could not be continued when it had to turn. After all, this woman made a claim.

These events are expensive, but they have become a big issue for Mercedes' reputation for being the best in the world. The issue is why there is no problem in overseas countries causing trouble in China. Mercedes-Benz, which claims to be the most popular in China, is an E-class long-bodied vehicle sold exclusively in China around the world. The model is a model that localized China in 2017. In this model, a part of the frame ruptured, and many drivers suffered a sinking of the car during driving. There is a view that quality problems have arisen as luxury cars such as Mercedes have been produced in China.

It's not a luxury car like the Mercedes, but it's a popular car with Honda's CR-V. It is one of the best selling bestseller in the United States. However, after producing in Dongfeng Honsen, a joint venture of China, lubricating oil leaked from the engine. In addition, the more you travel, the more lubricating oil you have in your car.

A scene from Taiwan TV program explaining how to protest against CR-V

In the end, consumers had to hit stores and protest. It is not only CR-V that Honda has suffered. There was a similar situation in CIVIC, synonymous with compact cars. One of the most important parts of the frame in the evaluation of the 2018 China Insurance Automobile Safety Index was the rupture of B stock.

However, these same phenomena did not appear in the same models imported from abroad. However, this quality problem is occurring in automobiles manufactured by a Chinese company or automobile companies that have cooperated with China. In the end, China's manufacturing technology, production quality can not help but doubt. Some consumers are paying even more expensive money to buy imported cars of the same model.

The Chinese government 's strategy to advance advanced countries through Huawei' s 5G in telecommunications is represented by electric cars in cars. That is to say, China has focused on the automobile industry in the next generation by concentrating technology development of the electric car which is still in its early stage. However, subsidies, which have enabled the Chinese electric car market, will be greatly reduced from 2020. After the subsidy cuts, it is doubtful whether Chinese automakers can compete in electric cars.

Below is the 2018 New Energy Vehicle Grant Standard. (Red is 19 year revision contents)

Distance (R = net electric mileage) mileage-based grant standard

Cancellation of subsidies from 100km to less than 150km

150km or more 200km or less 15,000 yuan per unit ( subsidy canceled )

200km or more 250km or less 24,000 yuan per unit ( subsidy canceled )

250km or more 300km or less per month 34,000 yuan ( 47% reduction )

300km to less than 400km 45,000 yuan per unit ( 60% reduction )

50,000 yuan per 400km or more ( 50% reduction )

Electric insertion power of 40km or more (including distance extension) 200,000 yuan per unit ( 65% reduction )

The Chinese government cut subsidies from June this year to 66,500 yuan, down from 66,000 yuan. This policy was originally due to the fact that the production and sales of electric cars were too high to finance the project. In many cases, automobile makers used car rental companies to buy electric cars with excessive prices, and car makers recovered their electric cars in return. So, cutting down on subsidies for electric cars is in some ways too obvious.

However, the provision stipulates that all carmakers must produce 20% of their production as new energy vehicles by 2025, which is concurrent with the subsidy. It is extremely questionable whether Chinese automakers will be able to sell in this scale without subsidies.

However, unlike our country, China is a place where people see the crisis as an opportunity. Lee Chu-hoo (Lee Seo Bok, Lee Shibufu), president of Gilley Motor Co., took over half of Germany's smart stakes, considering the current situation as an opportunity.

Chairman Jirin Rishufu, who acquired half of the German company Daimler's smart stake

Smart is an electric vehicle, and its price is low because it is a light vehicle. Therefore, low-cost cars are advantageous in systems where subsidies are given in absolute terms. Smart is a high-quality European production system, so if the introduction of a production system that maintains quality, it is calculated that the car will win in the era of subsidy reduction.

Smart, intelligent electric light

In fact, Smart is a popular vehicle for Chinese people. It is different from the tendency of Chinese people who prefer large cars, but it has a pretty design and its function is well-designed.

Tesla is at the crossroads of this smart. Tesla is a big, fast and beautiful electric car. In Beijing, etc., the number of cars is controlled for the purpose of pollution control. As a result, Beijing residents who have not been issued a car number for a considerable period of time are increasingly buying Tesla. It is a means to show that you are a global person because you have money but you can not get numbers and study abroad.

Ellen Musk, who was confident in the competitiveness of its products as well as the Chinese market, decided to produce Chinese products last year, long before the US-China trade war. It can be seen that the judgment that its products will not be affected greatly before the US-China trade.

Here, the US-China trade war is coming to an end. Already the customs duties on US automobiles and the granting of subsidies to their own companies have also been withdrawn. The Chinese government is talking about subsidies at the WTO level, and foreign automobiles produced in China will receive equal subsidies. If Tesla is allowed to establish a wholly-foreign-owned foreign corporation in the United States, then Tesla will have his wings.

(Including subsidies) for foreign companies, and the joint venture corporation of Chinese and foreign companies that have been experiencing the Chinese consumers for years. Considering the quality problems that have been shown, the future of China's domestic automakers will be a thorny field. In addition, car demand has already peaked, and sales volume is beginning to decline for the first time since 2018.

In the end, the shrinking of the mainland auto companies will be inevitable and will affect the many parts companies that are supplying them. The wind-down of Internet companies starting with Huawei is surely going to become a car company. However, the size of the automobile industry will be much larger than the size of Internet companies. Especially, the city where the finished car factory was located will not be hit.

But what if there is a way to find our company 's life? I think it is inevitable to be a consumer goods, daily necessities, and inland market. The market that our enterprises have to break through is not in places like Beijing or Shanghai, but inland and populous provinces like Henan province, Shaanxi province, Hubei province and Hunan province which are populous and relatively weak. Already Chinese companies have been running for two or three years and developing distribution networks and connections. Our business should not be delayed.

Electric car brand Tesla's surprise electric battery technology

The most important part of the Tesla brand, which comes first when it comes to electric cars, is the battery.

Tesla has a lot of batteries in many of its parts and is trying to get patents and technology that other brands do not have.

In early September 2017, the Florida state of Florida was ordered to evacuate because of the hurricane, and about 6 million residents had to prepare for evacuation.

At that time, Tesla had remotely upgraded the battery capacity to customers in the evacuation command area.

Another brand electric car battery is charging a limited amount of capacity, which is how Tesla upgraded its battery capacity.

This is possible because the Tesla vehicle has limited the physical capacity of the battery to less than its physical capacity in software. For example, the model S battery capacity is 60 kWh in software, but the capacity of the physical battery is 75 kWh.

Tesla says that when buying a car, there is an option to lower the price of the vehicle by choosing a small battery capacity. In order to upgrade the battery capacity in the future, the capacity can be increased at an additional cost of between 5,000,000 won and 10 million won.

The upgrade is a limited-time upgrade service until September 16, 10 days after the hurricane hit, rather than a lifetime offer. It was a temporary battery upgrade for the safety of Tesla customers, but the customer satisfaction seems to go on forever.

The second news is that Tesla CEO Ellen Muskke has applied for a patent for a machine that will allow all mechanics to replace the EV battery pack in less than 15 minutes, stepping away from allowing battery replacement within 90 seconds, as promised.

In 2013, Tesla proved that it is possible to demonstrate the ability to quickly replace an automotive battery pack.

However, before the Tesla AS network became a national territory, replacing the battery in 90 seconds was a real challenge. So, any AS center developed a machine and technology that could be replaced within 15 minutes and applied for a patent.

The reason for the development of the patent was developed to allow customers to replace batteries in any AS center in 15 minutes if the Tesla Super Charger is not available.

The battery replacement method allows the engineer to easily access the entire vehicle by lifting the vehicle in the workbench and replacing the battery easily. It was developed as a device for servicing model S and model X, but it seems to be applicable to all models.

All of these technologies are unique to COEX, Seoul, Korea.

'EV TREND KOREA', which was the second time this year, was started to contribute to the expansion of private consumption of eco-friendly EVs and to introduce EV culture familiar to citizens. This year, from May 2 (Thursday) Will be held in COEX, Seoul for four days.

Tesla will showcase Tesla Model 3, Model S, Model X, and other things about Tesla battery technology at EV TREND KOREA 2019.

In addition, the Mission E concept car and the Cayenne E-Hybrid, which can see the future of Porsche's electric car, Panamera 4E hybrid, Panamera's most popular four-wheel drive hybrid model in Korea, Nissan 2nd generation Leaf, Hyundai Motor Kona- , Nexso, △ Kia Soul Booster EV, NILO EV △ Korea GM Volt EV, △ Beijing Car EU5, EX5, △ Master MASTA-MINI, MASTA-VAN I expect more.

There will also be forums and seminars throughout the event to provide useful information to consumers interested in electric cars.

'EV Trend Seminar', which provides information on technology trends and developments related to electric cars, hydrogen cars, batteries, and charging technologies, 'Electric Vehicle Supply Promotion Forum' Various other events such as talk concert, book concert and automobile design seminar to learn future design of electric car are prepared by user.

From Porsche's first electric car concept car to the best electric car in China, we gather at COEX in Seoul. 'EV Trend Korea (EV TREND KOREA 2019)'

EV Trend Korea 2019 (EV TREND KOREA 201 ..), which is Korea's representative eco-friendly automobile exhibition, which shows the close interest of environment-friendly automobile at Seoul Motor Show,


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Cathaying, Korail and integrated booking services are available to enhance public transport links.

The car sharing brand, Green Car, has partnered with KORAIL to build a public transport link service and launched an integrated reservation service for trains and car sharing. Train / Green Car integrated booking service is a one-stop platform for train and green car sharing.


Why do not I buy or live in my 20s when I can not afford a new car?

With the long-term recession, the proportion of 2030 households buying cars is shrinking dramatically. The purchase of cars for younger generation is shrinking each year, and the proportion of those who are in their 50s or older purchase new cars is increasing. Just 7 years ..


[Column] Limitations on LPG use It is necessary to go beyond the abolishment of all LPG policies.

In August last year, the government enacted the "Special Act on Fine Dust Reduction and Management" in order to reduce the emission of fine dust and protect the public health. In November, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism The main cause of …


The new Cayenne Coupe, the first of its kind in the world

Porsche AG (Dr. Ing. Hc F. Porsche AG) unveils the world's first Cayenne Coupe with sportier performance and design, further expanding the lineup of the third generation of the new Cayenne. Oliver Blue Chairman of Porsche AG Board of Directors ..


The first diesel engine used biofuel instead of diesel?

The yellow dust and fine dust which worried only in the spring are disturbing the atmosphere of the Republic regardless of the time. For this reason, a special law on fine dust reduction and management (hereinafter referred to as "fine dust special law") was enacted on the 15th of last year.


Electric Vehicle Charging Restriction Act, Charged Electric Vehicle Charge or leave empty.

With increasing interest in environmentally friendly consumption and the development of electric car performance, we often find electric cars around us these days. However, compared to the interest in environment-friendly transportation,


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A woman who is regarded as a beautiful woman who will come out once every 1,000 years in Japan ~!

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Group EXID LE, colorful bikini body release

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Koko Toy Story Car Accessories Woody Buzz Car



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