A chronic ghost

<Image Source: Kyung Hyang Newspaper, Illustrated by Kim Sang Min>

I attended the wedding held at the hotel on the weekend . I got a seat on a round table . At the beginning of the ceremony, one entertainer with a familiar face came in with the manager and sat down at the same table . I looked around at the people . I laughed and said, "Hello, XXX, I am a family member at the same table." When you take a picture, you can tell your stretched friend "Smile! Smile!" Shouting that looked bright all wet. At that time, I felt energetic and good energy.

At the end of the meal, the meal started. The hole was so full that there was not enough seating, and the course menu for hundreds of people was flying in the air with no mind. It was time to eat the main menu steak. I called a female employee serving entertainers.

"Girl, are you cold here?"

"I'll check and tell you"

The woman quickly ran the food service in her hand and headed for the kitchen. After a while I came to the store without forgetting that there was no radish. At the end of the party asking "why do you ask me something like that ? " Then, after a while, I called her again.

" Miss, please bring some hot sauce here."

No one was in the middle of a mind. "Yes, please wait a moment," the woman answered kindly. As one who has ten days with a little hot sauce later. She smiled and said, "I'll bring it early, I'll come and eat it." She showed her hot sauce and threw it at the table. Of course I did not open the lid.

It was not a malicious act or speech. May be a kindness to follow the wine to the table who never met such thing computationally, Li openly show an uncomfortable look in many places people are eopeunikkayo. It was just uncomfortable that all the actions seemed so natural and familiar. Meogeum yiralkkayo is feeling the bright sunshine and dark clouds at the same time. Only female employees who seemed to be unharmed were dismissed.

Everyone has manners that must be followed according to their role, depending on the time and place. I think that the serving female employee has excellently digested her job. But his stand was fully in Chapter wedding guest roles on TV   It was inadequate digestion. It is not the restaurant that the individual visited, but it made it difficult for someone with a bit of demand.

It was a loud wedding ceremony. Many people did not see it. Does it feel like I just watched YouTube live broadcasts right in front of me?

   I was out of the hotel and was going home with my family. Suddenly my fifth grade daughter said, "Mom, do you remember my older sister?" I heard Joe say his wife interrupted before the end of the shed, "Who is not?" "Dad, remember why?" When I said, "that my sister was so sorry. That's not a restaurant've tteon   Twenty-four people   Too much … "

   It looks like her sister, who was embarrassed by her lack of consideration, stepped on her eyes. The feeling in her chest was an insensible fever that adults would not even know about.   It 's different from the way we have seen it. It is not only the act of shouting and crying out in front of you . It is a bad habit that I have repeatedly naturally repeated in my body. I do not know whether or not I have learned the wisdom that I do not know the super habit of leaving a big scar on his opponent.

It was a cold spring day when I looked at myself calmly whether or not I was doing unseen giants to a younger, a family, a friend, or a person who was a beginner.


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