A lazy person is better at doing things.

The ant and the grasshopper fairy tale, which I have known since I was a child, contains a lesson that if you play like a grasshopper, you do what you want to do, starve to death, and if you work hard for an ant, you will be recognized and successful. But does this story apply to the same generation these days? According to a recent survey by the Korea Women's Policy Institute, only 18 percent agreed in the 20s that "Do not express yourself if there is a hard time at work," and 30 percent agreed in their 50s. As you can see from this figure, as the generation changes, the people who work like ants are disappearing, and there are more and more people expressing their opinions with pride.

When I live in a company, I do not want to get things to die for various reasons. The harshness and boredom of labor is something everyone is experiencing. Most workers always live with their mouths saying, "I want to go home," "I want to rest," and "I want to sleep well." Nevertheless, if you are forced to work, you will soon become tired. Even if you work, it is difficult to achieve satisfactory results.

There are three main types of coping.

First, it is people who only suffer from things they do not want to do. This type of people usually pays grievances and complaints, but there is no will or action to address the situation at hand. It's the kind of thing that you have to do as much as you can, because there are people around you who can easily handle things that make them scared or difficult to make.

Second, it is people who deal with pacification work in the same manner as the conventional way without big complaint. John is a brother. It is the great ones who personally practice the words 'patience is written and fruit is sweet'. I do not shake my sincerity in a style that handles the work given to me in silence as a weapon.

Third, people who are more relaxed and want to work more efficiently. This is the type I want to focus on in this article. In order to make things work easier and faster, ordinary people sometimes look for documents or manuals that are written beforehand, without knowing them like habits. However, people of this type always act after considering the efficiency and finding the best method. In other words, we invest heavily in the time to study how to efficiently handle it. And after finishing the work in minimum time, I enjoy leisure time. Those who can afford to do so will be able to review the job one more time, thus improving their completeness and accuracy. It seems like you are playing with a tangja each time you see it, but in reality their work is neat and well done, so you hear a lot of work around.

The most efficient worker does not fill the day with work
It is surrounded by comfort and relaxation.
People who do a lot of work do not work hard.
– Philosopher Henry David Thoreau –

How can I work leisurely? Simple. You need to be lazy. You can increase your break time and reduce your business hours. Instead of resting, you should think about ways to constantly raise your mind to the optimal condition to raise your concentration and efficiency in your work.

This should solve the overload wisely and improve business productivity. The way to relax will vary from person to person. Famous start-ups in Silicon Valley already know this and offer a variety of facilities including game rooms, table tennis, and bowling alleys to enhance employee focus and creativity. However, since there are not many companies that provide such welfare benefits in Korea, it is possible to use a method such as drinking a cup of tea with colleagues, taking out air, You will be able to control your condition.

The only thing to note here is that the deadline for submission is 6 pm on the same day. If you just play because you do not want to work, it is irresponsible. Before you play, you should ask yourself questions about the following checklists.

Is there anything urgent to do when considering the priority and importance of work?

What is the worst that can happen when you do not think right now?

Is there a way to solve the worst-case scenario? What if there is?

How long will it take to resolve it?

What are some of the positive things I can get by not doing my job right now?

Are you confident that you will pay for the financial, emotional, and physical costs that arise from attending work?

When is the best timing for work and rest?

Is there anything I can do in advance?

Will you work? Will you say? Is a problem faced by workers who live as slaves to capitalism. I do not like to work, but I feel uneasy and fear that the consciousness of being culled from a fiercely competing society injected from my childhood will eventually lead me to work and not to rest.

No matter how good things are, when you are obliged, you do not want to do it.

It must be a grasshopper who is lazy and enjoys leisure time than an ant suffering in mannersism.


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