A magic sentence that makes ordinary people special

Since the children are elementary students, they can still study math or English. There are more and more cases that can not be answered immediately because they are in the upper grades. Especially mathematics. At first I could not say I did not know. But now, I will shout "Wait a second!" It is not hard to summon memories when you are a student. If you explain slowly, my 5th grade daughter likes it.

"How does Dad know everything?"

It is like a drug that can not be broken. When I'm home, my daughter looks for me before my mother. It solves the problem you do not know and makes it as easy as possible. "Daddy is not a genius" is a strange lie about the change in these days is something to look forward to asking something. I do not know how much time is left to give these praise to children.

The same is true of companies. I was often praised for small things when I was new. There were many seniors to praise. Jobs are getting older and older, and fewer things get complimented. So it's easy to respond to the little praise of the children. Everyone will be similar, but when I met a teacher who was very good at praising my childhood, I studied hard. Somebody felt me when I was young.

My wife once did a lot of praise. I noticed that she was a husband who liked little praise very much. Even though time is weak, sometimes it is poison. The praise has been passed on to the children, and the children are given little by little.

I started to read the child-raising book because I wanted to help the child care before the size of the children was small. On the other hand, it included the will to help his wife. One day, as I read in the book, I told my wife how to deal with angry son behavior. I felt a sense of gratitude for some reason.

"Oh, that's good," he said.

It's a surprise. Even praise at home is just futile expectations. My daughter found an English sentence on Naver and played a game that I interpreted. It was elementary and middle school level sentence. Daughter said, "I think English is better than Dad thinks." When I played soccer with my son, I feel a little weaker when I say "Dad has a weak dribble." I played very hard. "Daddy shoots really good shot today!" I feel so good on my mom boasting.

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All these emotions shaking in your mind. I think it is the usual feeling that ordinary person feels rather than the feeling of father. Praise Dwell in the drought and live in praise for children. As an adult, I am glad to be able to praise children's small compliments. I usually try to give a lot of praise. I ponder over whether excessive compliments have made me nervous about the excessive worry that children can become spoiled. I was sorry for that. I remember when it was time for the children to respond to the slightest refusal to know that they wanted to be praised.

"Compliments are magic sentences that make ordinary people special."

Russian writer Maxim Goriki. It is the task given to parents to cover the poisonous praise. True praise does not simply mean that you did well with some results. It exerts even greater power when it recognizes motivation and process itself. Ultimately, it's a process that helps the child to respect himself. My dad, who was praised late, realized a lot. Praise has more power than thought. Because my daughter praised me again when I was 3, my dad was a spore.


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