A prison of emotion

<Image source: SBS drama 'God' still cut>

On a busy weekend, I was standing near the subway station and handing over the bookshelf. Suddenly a sharp eye on the people around me Oh, I heard through the tranquil atmosphere towards the. I had to listen to the earphone to hear the situation . My elder sister, who was sitting on a senior seat, was a piece of music from my cell phone. The distorted facial expression of those who turned their heads from a distance at a distance was so sad that they disdained the old man's absurdity.

But the truth was different. My grandmother clicked on the video someone sent to Katok (a common image with good writing) and the background music instantly took over the quiet train. I tried hard to stop the noise, but I did not know how to operate it. As I was standing beside me, I smiled with my gratitude and pressed the stop button at lightning speed. The grandmothers who were sitting nearby seemed to appreciate thanking you for doing such a great job. Sunday afternoon, the subway recovered enough quietness, and people's faces and facial expressions went back into place. People who have frowned upon the distant past may have noticed that my little action is not something that my grandmother is shameless.

The subway is the elderly who pushes from the hip or throws it from the bag, the grandfather who does not care about the surrounding people and the grandfather who speaks to the east, I have also met my grandfather's head and got hit by not pretending to see the book. I have been in the unpleasant action of my aunt who has come into the room, not the seat, and I have woken up. In the meantime, I have developed stereotypes of 'ignorant people in the subway.'

Then I suddenly realized when I saw my grandmother, Over time, my wife, my sister, my friends became my aunt, and my mother who always seemed to be a teenager became a grandmother. I also remember that my grandmother, who could not hear very well, was not deliberately saying loudly. I made a commitment that I should not blame someone who is new to me so easily, thinking that my loved ones might become uncomfortable to others. It is not only indiscriminate violence towards someone 's family, but it' s also useless sentiment.

Nobody knows if his joints are not good and he is looking for a seat, or hearing problems have increased his voice. I was pregnant with the second, and my colleague, who was sitting on the senior seat, said that she was crying, pointing at the ship because of her grudge. The habit of defining yourself as a personal criterion without knowing the situation of others makes your life inhospitable even worse. Like I was saddened by her grandmother 's behavior, which caused her to frown when I saw her from afar.

I wonder if every one of the unreasonable judgments and actions that seem to me to someone will begin to put themselves in a narrow emotional prison. You do not have to be sensitive to the fact that many people are so idle. There is no reason to push them out on purpose. It's a family, neighbor, and love of everyone who lives with their stories. It is a world that needs more generous understanding than consuming irritated emotions.


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