A scary habit of blackening life

I tend to listen to people around me, but sometimes I feel limited in listening. This limit is a kind of rejection of words that are not easily absorbed. The limit that I can absorb is overflowing, so I have to work with my friend and my friend . The beginning and the end of every conversation of a friend is a company and a peer. Would not anyone be an employee? I know my heart better than anyone, so I listen to it, sympathize, sympathize, comfort and hit . However, the horse bombs, which are always accompanied by heavy seriousness, are quite different from the language of beheading that we throw in a joke.

I'm getting a burr raised while listening to the thoughts of 'how tough geureolkka. I do not care about your opponent and I think that the appalling attitude is getting more and more widespread in your attitude toward excretion of your emotions. I feel like I have become a one-sided defector in the comrade Dong Byeong-ryin who was comforted by the conversation . I am tired of repeated situations.

"Uh, you ever tell inferiority XXX? Why do you do that bath."

"If the company does not like it, quit."

Swearing has come . "Do not you scold," "Do not pretend to be clean alone," Ryu said. It was an accomplice and anger that came now. I am not denied either. However, coal-black horse exchanged with colleagues is offset through mutual exchanges and understanding. I am going to the company with a bit of anger to get through this process. This is a kind of consolation that overcomes your mind. That can not be absorbed in the press group   It's definitely different from the situation where you have to endure black excretion alone. The bath is not to force people to meet hate fine print   The main language is   Stop it anyway.   Companies do not want to do the work I am struck not hear my heart complain Watch   I did.   Since then ,   However it was wet section you are.

Makmal to work life is full of objectionable one. But I'm furious and excited over the untouchable Taishan   I'll see .   Only connect stations will damage the mouth. There is a proverb that says, 'I'm cheeky in Jongno, and I'm blindfolded in the Han River.' This means that you have to pay for something else, but I think it is a necessary spirit for the worker. The company does not release the suffering it receives from the company, which means that you have to find another way out. However, it is not a solution to repeatedly excrete only the words that are full of ink. Rather, it is only a shortcut that leads to more and more hell itself.

We emphasize the importance of language in the TED lecture, in which <language forms our way of thinking> . Language and culture   Only DE is the scientific basis for recognizing objects differences, the case depicting how differences in languages and in accordance with human capabilities, the word gender (language)   The word of explanation. And at the end, I suggest asking yourself the following questions:

Why am I thinking this way?
What can I do to think differently?
What idea do I want to do?

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It tells you the importance of thinking. Thoughts are expressed in language. The language in the lecture is 'language' . Not only   This implies also means that the repetitive use of the negative end has a negative impact in an accident. People's thoughts constantly have to respond to what they say. Thinking and spitting it out have another impact. The sound from the brain goes through the ears once again to the brain. Thinking makes a horse, and a horse moves a mind. It is to engage circulation organically.

When negative thoughts are constantly exposed, brain structures gradually turn negative. William James, professor of psychology at Harvard University, said, "Even very minor thoughts change the brain structure, and each idea changes without changing the brain structure, whether it is a good idea or a bad idea. It changes to the direction of thinking, so change your mind to the direction you want, keep it in a good position and get into a new habit, and your brain structure will change accordingly. " I did. Beginning in a positive mind leads to positive outcomes, and negative thoughts can change even that personality.

A word is an expression of thought. This practice often to neutralize the blackened visage life changing negative language used is required. Positive words are seeds that sprout positive minds. That is why we should not forget that horses are a tactful sword that may hurt our lives as well as social life as well as human relationships .


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