A sharp point of junior who is not married

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After juniors and after work, I had a simple beer. The young man's wife was in her early pregnancy. I showed my desire to be a daughter. Nowadays, the story of my daughter 's idiot fathers has been tied to the tail by saying that my daughter is a big deal. Then some bittersweet words came.

"Nowadays Raising even sixth grade handaeyo do not like giving my dad a thing."

"If you're kinky, you're annoying me …"

Daddy with the daughter of the state of mind in earnest regret that I preached the "Da Maybe you own dad? I want to stay friendly even prolong dating ttalnaemi and …"

The young woman who listened to her voice suddenly said a word.

"That's right, it's all about daddy.

As soon as I listened to it, many moments struck my mind. It was not the drama or the book that I saw in the book, but my past. It was 'the fact that my sister did not like my dad' .

My biggest memory of my father who died to me is "a funny person." I am always witty and caring, and I treat my friends alive. But my dad is different from my mom and sister. I can not tell the unbelievable twists and turns of a couple who have lived for more than 30 years, but my dad was not a caring husband to her. Part of the evidence supporting this is your sister's memory. I have never told my father that I hate him. But my memories with my sister about Dad are very different. I could feel the fact that I was the father of the youngest daughter and the father of my eldest sister. Through the sharing of memories that we live together in one space and store differently.

My sister had a psychological test when she was a college student and I heard that she had a result of 'Mom Mind'. I guess I looked at my dad by projecting myself to my mom. I did not know when I was growing up, but I think I used to treat my sister in a different way from me, who smiled at me. I think I made my own shield and put some distance. I do not think it was so bad between my dad and my sister that I remember coming to see a movie except for me. It was not that romantic that I wanted to share with my daughter. Of course, there are memories that I do not know well.

I wonder if it was love for my sister who could not tell her while she was living with her tearful father returning home on her wedding day and stealing the floor with a mop. A man says he gets weaker when he gets older. My dad told me that he was worried about his health for a while and vomited at dawn. Dad could not keep his promise and suddenly left, but if he knew his dad's heart, could not he keep a piece of good memory for him?

I told my junior.

"It is so natural, it's a sharp and perfect saying I never thought of."

I stopped thinking about the scattered families, and I remembered the family that was gathering and frying now. I wondered if my kids had been reluctant to fight with my wife. I remember that the first one, especially my daughter, was embarrassed in the middle. When these fragments are gathered and assembled, the memory of my father will eventually collapse.

I dream of dating my daughter and adult with my arms. To accomplish this, I learned from my junior who did not marry that I should do well to the precious person next to me. I can feel the relationship with my dad and the atmosphere of my family even if I look at my junior smile smiling and smile while talking about my dad. Since that day, my wife has changed my mind. 'Have you been treated so easily, easily …?' I am thankful for living with my missing husband.


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