A strange potion that reduces pain

I've been missing in the promotion. It is trivial to think now, but at that time self-esteem was crashed without knowing the depth of the earth. I looked at the faces of the children who were asleep after work, and they spit out the words "I am sorry that I can not go".

The slump came to see if this small incident was a fuse. Every day, the same physical and mental fatigue builds up every day, and I hate what I am doing now, and I hate to look at work or people. I think it was the moment when I got into the worst helplessness since I joined the company. To find a way out, I went to the job site only.

It is remarkable, however, that I received ten years of service a few years ago and is still doing well in the same company. It does not mean that something special happened, or that there was no other solution. It is only careful not to back time, but to flow until now.

"I realized that living a human being is awaiting and enduring time. It is always less than expected, but anyway a living time flows and everything goes." It is a passage from Hwang Seok-young's novel <Varidhi>. Sometimes the most ordinary thing becomes the truth.

'Time heals all wounds' is a prescription vaccine for people all over the world. Time is given to everyone in the world equally free. As you can see from the experience, time has a strange power to dilute the past. Even a tired and hard moment that can not take a step is healed gradually by the potion of time.

The 28 year old summer when my father died. I was the youngest to work at home but begging for a scarce card. I cried like crazy holding my mother in the thought of "How can I live without dad?" I am home after my funeral, and my mother, my uncomfortable grandmother, and my three little sisters are still there. I often cried at the thought of being miserable at a young age.

I have calculated that over 137,000 hours have passed. My father 's face and warm memories are still clear, but the pain of leaving the family is no longer left. It is because the strange potion of time dilutes bitterness and heals the wound little by little.

I think the same is true for work life. If you concentrate too much on the pain to be blurred anyway, the time of the hard reality can not be deflected. The pain will flow a little more when we often think of moments of happiness rather than sadness and suffering, believing in the sign of time.

When I step back and look at the world, the reality of suffering comes into contact with happy memories. Just as the memories of your father's happiness were more clearly remembered than the pain of your moments of death, as your happy memory grows, your suffering is relatively reduced. The size of the pain is inversely proportional to the flow of time. The pain is slow when you hold it, and it goes away with the time when it stops. Even at this moment.


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