A teacher's chest carved wounds

When I was a 4th grade student at Daeya Elementary School, my classmates ruled the children with 'poop paint' and 'point paint'. If I did it wrong, I shot hundreds of shit stamps, and if I did something good, I'd take a few points. I was able to clear the shoeboxes with points and buy snacks and school supplies. I looked at my sensitive daughter in shoemaking and thought it was more like 'control' than 'discipline'. But I do not want your child to plant negative thoughts about the teacher, "every teacher training scheme is different. Let's live each special experience," he showed me. The child had been slow and is not able to understand the state of mind of a teacher who painted hundreds of pieces of shit, but the rice.

When I was a kid in high school I suddenly saw a child . I can not erase the shit poison, but I left a scar on my chest that I can not erase forever.

I was a clerk for three years during my junior high school and studied well enough to receive a scholarship. It was a schoolboy to receive its own comeliness nimdeul teacher. During high school unequalization, I took the exam and entered high school. The school did an excellent half-year operating until such screening care-50. At the same time the entrance to the half ended when jakdoe unhappy.

On the first day of school, I took pride in my dreams. Teacher-like teacher appeared. A gruffy face and a shy voice, a gesture reminiscent of a thug . It was his first impression of the 27-year-old.   Baekgoldan who said, unveiled the violence from the first meeting. Over time, the violence has become even more evolved. Going to drive some friends from the blackboard to the locker beaten paetgo, mops thing everyday which was broken sack. It was a humiliating attack, a misunderstanding of my parents and an open humiliation.

It was a very different military life from the beautiful middle school days. The unconditional answer is 'I, I, me.' I replied like a soldier and obeyed. Except for those who are away from home, there are no exceptions at 6:30 pm, and the school is closed at 10:00 pm. It is the basic thing to memorize the English textbooks as a whole. I was troubled by the ruthless education policy.

Because it was coeducation, there was a lot of things to hang out with girl students naturally. At the beginning of the semester, I walked the road with the girls outside the school and met with my teacher several times. My classmate did not like me that much. I did not get out of the way and I just got along with the elementary school alumni in the same church. My school life began to get tangled as I was pointed out that I should study not to be with a girl.

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The first exam after entrance. 37 in the class, 47 in the whole school. "Do you have time to study while playing with girls? Your parents are suffering, but they are doing well." I stand in the denomination. I was stimulated and studied. In the second test, the 11th at all schools. On the day of my grades, the teacher told me to close my eyes. And "Put your hand in your hands!" I said. When I thought, "Who will hold your hand?" "Jean XX , do not you touch me?" I said. And I told him to put his hand on the last half. I started playing with a 17-year-old child. Life is not, tug's stuck a dagger.

"The boys like Zhang XX fail in the end, but the boys like J will finally succeed because they are just the atmosphere."

What was even worse was the love of the tree. I was a friend who studied hard until the time when I could not sleep all day and night. Because of J's efforts, the teacher poured encouragement and love. I was a fortune. I did not like the fact that I had sex with a girl like me.

I spent a year as a walker. I was happy to think 'I'm finally breaking up.' But something horrific happened. I gathered at school for the Samil Pond event before the assignment. She approached me and said to her ear, "Did you go past the girls yesterday?" 'I am your teacher again'. I had the worst two years of my life.

"The best teacher is the teacher who laughs with the children. The worst teacher is the teacher who makes fun of the children." I would like to share with you the words of the English educator Alexander Neil.

I remember clearly the moments that have been ignored for so long . The man who trampled his buds in vain, the man. It is something you can not imagine in the world these days. That time when I expressed my authority without the teacher 's authority with the violence of the so – called love. Of course, there were many good teachers. I was able to withstand the other class teacher, the other grade teacher.

I think I was sacrificed for prejudice. I was rated as one of the girls to hang out with. In the junior high school junior high school class, a female alumnus was put in the back of the bicycle and shook her hand to me. It was a contradictory evaluation of the same thing. In high school, the teacher did not give me any chances, and I was just treated like that.

Do not you think that the teacher is not the person who evaluates the student but who is trying to go the right way. I hope you do not trust your prejudices too much. Elementary school nephews say that they openly tell students 'naught' or 'nasty.' It is a good thing to listen to a friend. It is a desire to count children's mind a little more. So that no one gets hurt that can not be erased for life, so that students can grow dreams, not frustrations at school.


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