A town-wise man who surpasses his father

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The man is competitive. Elementary school My father who is exercising or playing games with his children is trying to win the battle and is trying to die to win his son. My 10-year-old son also has a different desire to win . There is a lot of turmoil when playing board games, playing games, playing sports, playing concerts, kicking or playing yoga. If you give it away, why are you doing it? Roughly. Especially when I play my favorite soccer in the world, I am very competitive. It is always his son to ruin the playful atmosphere that he was in love with . The same nagging follows each time.

"I'm not one of you winning and losing it.   If you enjoy unites supposed eoulryeoseo. I have fun no, you're angry, even down other people feel good. "

Of course, sometimes I talk like a man like this. But most 'do not do anything again ! I do not like 'friends' or 'friends'. Nobody's prone to an ugly word, and you can not play ah. " Still, I try harder to be a man for my child education . It is taught emotional value adjustment yinikkayo parenthood. However , the rage of the son's defeat did not stop even in the nagging of the repeating mother's fearsome father's man . I was worried.

Then one day, something amazing happened. Play together   It throws it to my sister that annoyed my father was a man like nagging.  

"Games are gonna like that, you hate to jindago other person's bad mood. If you're being entertained."  

Suddenly they all asked, iron much.- son. "Who told you that? It's all grown up! Our son." Of course I thought, 'Daddy did it.' But the word returned was "Son Seung Yeon."


   It turns out that his older brother was a good neighbor who was a football favorite after his son Sohn Heung-min. My son, who is a football player, runs to the football field at 5 pm. I naturally played football with my neighbors and fell in love with my brother who called himself Lionel Messi. 8: 2 While playing soccer, my opponent team friend does not get annoyed, so Son Seung-yeon is giving advice to my friend. My son was a nice man who could not compare with my father's nagging. Thanks to my brother, my son does not get angry anymore when he comes out of other games, including football games.

I went to the soccer field with my son on the weekend and met his brother. I was glad to see my son playing soccer with my brother in good aura. It was a nice fifth grade with soccer skills, leadership and personality. The child is a mirror of his parents. Imagine the faces and know Son Seung-yeon student's parent figure, it was a monologue called 'Son key woosyeotda good job. "   I also said, 'I've been a little lacking in my father'. Thanks to my son who likes soccer,   I met my brother, and thanks to him, the rich man and father became enlightened.

   The most important thing is that even if you do not try hard, children will live a life that surpasses their parents' worries. So I do not have to be so nervous. Watching from side to side, sometimes it is not enough to raise your thumb.


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