A world that needs to distinguish between 'discrimination' and 'difference'

I watched my 5th grade daughter and movie <Witness>. How will her daughter get to see the movie? I can understand the hidden meaning? I thought of. I watched the movie and asked.

"How was the movie?"

"it was fun."

"My dad was fun, too, and I had tears, but what do you think?"

"… I am autistic and part dog."

She said she did not know what ' autism ' was. "There are people who are uncomfortable with their minds and minds, as well as those who are uncomfortable with their bodies." After I said, I found the dictionary I want to know exactly.

   "" It tells you that you are abnormally immersed in yourself, which means you have difficulty in maintaining and maintaining relationships with others. "

I added a bit to the preceding statement. "But the trouble is that it's one we do not know where the fire not think people really easy lifting, when viewed with autism."

<Witness> is a film that has linked "autism" and "prejudice" to the murder case and has released it in a long way. There are many different kinds of people in the film who struggle to keep in touch with others and to keep them in their own world . In <witness> , "autism" does not mean only one person . It makes you look at yourself and gives you a sense of enlightenment.

I had a realistic experience with my daughter 13 years ago when I came to see the movie. It was a moment of great learning and great learning that was short but never forgotten. When I was a graduate student, I saw a recruitment notice for a teacher attached to the school bathroom accidentally. It was a special teacher for disabled children, not general teachers. 'Teacher? It's funny. " After a month of training, I became a first-grade teacher at the Seodaemun Developmental Disabilities Children's Weekend School.

In weekend schools, disability and poverty   We run an after-school program for children who have been neglected in education. This means that students gather the children have also been learning map haejugo, further community building and social skills improve every weekend. It was a busy time, but I spent a semester with my children in classes, games, sports and MT.

It was too short. However, I have gained a sense of generosity that it was unclear. Down syndrome, speech disorders, uncomfortable body, autistic children are gathered every week. These children, as well as siblings, were also part of the class. The idea was not simply to spend time with them, it was a natural " match " for children with disabilities and children with disabilities. So that they do not have the prejudice to understand 'difference' as 'discrimination'.

I had a teacher training for a month but it was not enough to know the strangest children I met. I was also an experienced teacher. Children who thought they were different from non-disabled children were plain, kind, and lovable. He was a son, a daughter, a neighbor, a brother, a friend, and a family. We shared the complex feelings of joy, sorrow and happiness with our children . It was a feeling that I could understand more deeply with the passage of time.

I was a teacher who taught children, but I learned a lot more. I was ashamed of myself that I thought was a service to help poor children. Because the children taught me a lot more than I did to the children. I am really grateful to the children and their parents who gave me a chance to see more of the world out of the narrow frame of prejudice.

The time is the same as that of the prime minister, and the children will be boys, girls, and adults. At that time, "Are these children generous enough to embrace them warmly when they become adults ? I have a question. Thirteen years passed, and the Witness was released. The cries of lawyers in movies were a cry for those who can not distinguish between discrimination and difference toward society for the times. Still, it was clear that our society has not changed so much.

The world they and their families dream of is not a paradise on earth. Open your hearts to each other as equal human beings, and share the heart, such a world that respects the presence of each other. Can you learn how to coexist with yourself and others from your childhood? I think it is adults' fault. I am always conscious of others and repeat them with my mouth. Yet I am making them seem different from the same row, forced to do that.   Is it hard to teach how to treat someone a little different from me as I teach my manners from my childhood?

In the end, the protagonist of <witness> leaves the general school and transfers to a special school. And I say. "Everyone is so strange, so good.   I do not have to practice acting like a normal person . " This ambassador gives us a heavy message.

"All I have to keep for the rest of my life is three blank words that mean there is no distinction between my opponent and me." It is the article which came out in the same lock which contains the essence of King Jeongjo Great King.

   What we can do for them is not difficult. We accept 'difference' as 'different' rather than 'discrimination' and respect their existence as they are. A word of encouragement, no sympathetic eyes are needed. 'Do not look with prejudice' This is enough.

The word 'end of the game if you put the autistic child in court' in the movie <Witness> shows our gaze about the prejudice. These children have a small disability and come out into the world, and we are not just disabled people with it. So we are not much different from them.

Is indeed unnecessary attention to all prejudices, people with disabilities,非disabilities.


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