Anger and foolishness walk side by side

I am relieved of stress by making fun of me. Sometimes, however, there are times when deep pain, pain, and sadness are found that can not even be heard out of the mouth. Because it is an adult, you have to endure the painfulness of all around you alone. It's a lonely and hard-working worker's life.

I have received the worst greetings. I felt sorry and determination in the soft words of the team leader conveying the results. I was able to see the uncomfortable things of the future that would be derived from this, but I did not say anything because it was irreversible. Anyway, whatever it is, it is my report card regardless of excuse.

The chest was broken. I felt the unusually cold spring breeze and went home. There was no one to share this terrible, dirtiness, sadness, and shame, and his shoulders flowed to the floor more and more. It's been a long time. The cloudy sky with a bunch of fine dust was the only thing that seemed to know my mind.

There are moments when you have to accept sticky bitterness when you are at work. I have been able to enjoy those moments well, and now I can enjoy the praise. As always, if you refuse, anger gradually neutralizes time. just as expected. I was pushed out like a tsunami at the same time, and the uncomfortable feelings were pushed coolly.

This confusing feeling suggests two paths as always.

"Accepted" and "Denied"

I know that tomorrow will be different depending on whether or not you choose. If you deny it, the more you deny it, the bigger the pain and the longer the day of wander. However, the world is good even if it falls to painfulness. So experience is called master. Teacher tells us what to do.

I only chewed bitterness and dirt while I was at home. I have learned how to minimize hurt while living a long career. The wounds on your chest are not easily erased. But the wounds that remain for a while leave only a few traces, like scraps of rain in the rain. If you can not do irreversible, stop it.

"Anger and foolishness walk side by side, and regret bites their hooves." Benjamin Franklin said. I do not think it should be handled by anyone in the office.

'Do you have hurt (anger)' or 'Are you shed' is 'Your heart'. If you acknowledge the pain, you will overcome it, but if you try to keep it, it will never disappear. Therefore, it is necessary for the worker to be careless to know how to boldly discharge the black mind. Tomorrow must come and take the same day anyway. I had a sad night and I met tomorrow as if nothing had happened. This is the 'worker spirit' which is more scary than 'soldier spirit'. It is a word that I would like to convey to my junior who is having difficulty because of promotion.


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