Back to a friend who is obsessed with unhappiness

For what do we live like this? The ultimate goal of many is happiness based on economic leisure. But happiness is like a mirage that can never be found in life that lives like a chase. When you can afford it, you will see a three leaf clover symbolizing happiness.

I have friends who have high school days like vitamins that always smile. I have been busy with laughing and talking with my friends, and now I am 19 years professional worker. It's a wonderful working mum to marry and raise two kids. As we were preparing our own families, we became natural. Then, one day, my late-born friend, Daejangchi, reunited in a few years and contacted me again. I talked with my old friends about how they lived together by making a room. It was a long time, but it was friends I met when I was young. All of them have the same atmosphere and my own scent. However, only the poisonous friend changed into a different color. It was like a multivitamin.

"How much is the debt?"

"How much is the house?

"How much did you collect?"

"Everyone went abroad and envy every day."

"There is a tree that can not stand even if I try."

It was a question that was asked to friends who met in a long time. My friends have been in my memory of my youth, but I was realizing the weight of reality that poisonous friends can not avoid.

"Now that my husband is XX years old, I have to collect a lot of money to graduate from my university,

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I felt uncomfortable and unhappy with my friend who was anxious about the future that did not happen and spilled energy. It seemed as though I was searching for unhappiness. It's not too bad, but it looks good with the abundance of others. I am irritated by the interest I have borrowed from investing in redevelopment apartments, and I feel relieved and worried that house prices have risen. I was tired of the misery that greed makes.

"An unhappy person desires what he does not have, and a happy person loves what he has."

Psychologist Howard Gardner. A tight social life Where is the person who is not hard? It is comforting to get comfort with friends in the middle of hard time. Such a friend who can not even enjoy such a honey like spare time, such a reality was bitter. Of course, conversation with friends, recalling memories does not bring us the happiness we want. However, it is necessary to shout that it is difficult to look at the shadow of the person who is confronted with the reality opposite to the given reality. To create a shadow, you need the bright sun of the back. We are forgetting that fact. If there is an uphill, there is a downhill.

I want to tell my friends. I can not comfort myself with words I can hear. I'm sorry. And I want to add another word. You do not have to work that hard. I still live hard enough. I put down the nervousness and laughed at the former smile.


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