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Only public institutions quit four times and quit three times, it is really the fourth public institution. I am still attending public institutions. What I have gained through this extraordinary career is direct administration of various government support projects. In this article, I want to talk about business plan. In order to be selected as a government-sponsored project, the steps that must be taken are evaluation of the documents. If they do not pass this step, they can not proceed to the next step. If the item is good or the applicant is competent, or if the business plan is not written down properly, it can be selected for government support projects. We analyzed the types of missing business plans that analyzed and experienced hundreds of business plans by themselves.

Please introduce the company (applicant) briefly, business plan in narcissism

Business plan It is the type which only self-boasts from the beginning. It is not a problem to introduce the features and advantages of business items generously. However, there are applicants who fill the contents of the company introduction from the first page. A brief introduction to the company (applicant) is presented, the company (applicant) history, the projects performed by the applicant (applicant), major achievements, major achievements, major achievements … If a page goes over and goes over two pages, you can reduce your focus before you can read any important business content. Also, you should be careful because you are not confident about the business item and you think about the introduction of the company (applicant)?

Evaluators only need to know a minimum amount of information about the applicant (sponsor). The information they really want to know is business items. The company (applicant) introduction should not exceed a maximum of one page at least in half pages. In addition, it is more effective to describe and describe only the point where the support project and company (applicant) introduction match.

Picasso business plan to abstract words abstract

It is a type that writes out business plans in a straight line. If you write your business plan to make it look more abundant, you will be using words that are in recent reports or news, and words that are very exposed to you. These prevalent words are mostly exposed to media by someone's catch-phrasing and branding. Therefore, the words themselves are very vague and often abstract. The following are typical examples.

Open type




New type

4th Industrial Revolution

Future oriented



There are a lot of words that are plausible but light glowing eyes. Of course, if you wrap those words using them, you can make your business look trendy. However, in the case of the evaluation committee, the list of words that can not be understood in detail can cause fatigue and adverse effects. You should always be aware that when you use trendy words, you can not use them as content.

Business plan that needs correction of Noonnoppi

If you receive a business plan related to technology, you may be confused whether it is a research paper or a business plan. If you look at the business plan written by a researcher, a technician, or a developer who has mainly studied technology, there is a lot of jargon and there is a tendency to make the content difficult to understand. Evaluators with expertise in the relevant field will understand. However, when evaluating committee members, they do not engage in one field only. It is composed of evaluation committees with expertise in various fields for various evaluation. Therefore , when writing a business plan, it is necessary for the middle school students to write at a level that can be understood by reading , so that the contents can be delivered to the evaluation committee without distortion.

BLE-based wireless charging system

Bluetooth-based wireless charging system

Both the former and latter are business contents of the same meaning. Which is more understandable? Writing terminology for business item names should be thoughtful. It is the most important requirement to judge the first impression of business. The jargon that the applicants know can be a way to increase the acceptance rate of the project proposal by thinking that the evaluator is unaware of the person who is evaluating and releasing it as easily as possible.

Business plan to spread with table and picture

Business plans that are filled with text only detract from readability. For this purpose, it is a very good writing method to visualize using pictures and tables appropriately. However, there are a lot of contents to fill, and there is a business plan to increase the amount by inserting a table or figure because the contents do not come out. If a table or a picture is inserted in a large size or three or more on one page, it may look rather ungainly. Also, if you use an image or table that is not related at all, you may have a blurred viewpoint. The image should be inserted as important content that you want to visualize and express the contents, and the table should insert data that can be used as a basis for explaining the contents. Also, a maximum of 2 pages per page is a reasonable amount.

Business plan to catch only floating clouds

Most of the business plan has an expectation effect at the end, and a part to prepare future plans. There are cases in which we are figuring out how to shape the business and what effect it has. Of course, the qualitative part is also important, but the quantitative part is much more effective to appeal to the reviewers. Most of the support projects are operated on an annual basis in accordance with the government fiscal year. Because of these characteristics, we always need results that can be visually confirmed on a tight schedule. Therefore, a business plan that quantitatively expresses visible results is inevitable. Public institutions' achievements are 'commercialization' and 'job creation'. It is a remarkable achievement that "job creation" is a remarkable achievement because it is a very important policy issue as to how this business is commercialized and the amount of sales and investment is generated and the recent job creation is a policy issue. If you focus on these two things when you write a business plan, you can get closer to a pass.

Please remove the guide, pamper the guide business plan

If you usually provide a paper form, you should write a guide to each part in advance to give you a slanted blue text for better understanding of the applicants. Pretty much more volunteers submit their guide without deleting it. It may be very trivial in some ways, but it should be noted that the completeness of the business plan may be deteriorated and it may seem unfair.

Business plan that neglects budget work

I want to express the budget part as the flower of the business plan. How will the government support project eventually be financed with a limited budget to complete the proposed task? Is to evaluate the part of . This is also reflected in most support project evaluation indicators. Therefore, the budget is the most precise check and evaluation of any support project. If you do not know the importance of the budget and budget roughly, it may become more problematic after it is selected in the support project. Often, I've seen fliers stigmatized as being inadequate to receive support. The budget section must pass through the documents and be carefully written from the stage of preparing the project plan because the evaluation committee can focus on the next step and be attacked.

Business plan that is ungrounded brain special

When writing a business plan, it is essential to understand market trends and demand related to business items through market research. But if you omit the source of this, any good content is just brain secret . It is a good idea to indicate the source in order to increase the credibility of the contents to be claimed by the evaluation committee members. The difference between these sources can be a trivial part, but it is an essential part of raising the accuracy and reliability of the data and improving the completeness of the business plan. All quoted materials must be sourced.

We examined eight types of business plans that fall outside the government support program. The content of the project plan is also important, but I have introduced it as tips for getting closer to acceptance as an in-charge person. The nature of government support projects often makes them obsessed with form and grounds. But if you go to Rome and follow the Roman law, the civilian business plan will be a little different, and the government business plan will get much better results if you take a little more detail.


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