I can not take it anymore

"I knew Daddy liked her better, but I did not even know her!"

When a child is born, the love of the wife goes to the child. My husband is happy. When the second occurs, the mother sees the second a little more. First, it's hard. Second> First> Does the total law apply to husband and love? I could keep on growing the amount of love. Love is not easy because it is quality first than sheep. Of course, I believe that only my love will remain. It's just that the heart is pointing at someone who needs a little more love and attention.

I do not have a sore finger with ten fingers, but children who are parties do not seem to feel that way. A word from Mom and Dad is joy and happiness, and it is wound and frustration. After the second was born, the first one that had to yield many things was not always worthy. The first thing I care about a little bitch is that my mom takes care of me.

That was a surprise. I wanted to go to kindergarten together, and it became 5th grade and 3rd grade in elementary school. I will do my best to make everything fair including love and interest so that the children will be happy. But the children are not 100 % satisfied. That's why you have to work hard to stay neutral in fighting, in play, in restaurants, outings. Nevertheless, it is time for someone to make a soulful tea.

The whole family gathered and decided to watch the movie on Sunday night. Set in your room until 8 o'clock. However, the son of a movie fan does not hesitate to write on his bed. Failed to identify cause, I watched a movie. After a while my son went out and looked at the movie. How many minutes have passed? My son's bomb remarks followed.

"I knew Daddy liked her better, but I did not even know it to her."

Continuing masturbation. "No, what are you talking about? Mom and Dad both love the same," I could not resist laughing.

Fight of brother and sister started before the movie. It was the beginning of the incident that the piano player bothered her sister. This fight usually ends with a hearty saying, "What do you feel if someone keeps hating you, you do not like it?" I admit that I can not eradicate the struggle between siblings. I do not wear it and wear it. But I manage violence as thoroughly as I can. On this day, my son beat my sister. At the same time, I got confused by my mom and dad. I did not remember it because it was a common thing happening instantaneously. It was because of his son's bombing and the mourning of the mourning.

I played soccer with my son throughout the morning and took a walk with the puppy. My sister was always with me, and I just had a good time with my dad. I could not seem so happy. A word that says not to bother your sister. I misunderstand it as hate.

Thank you for the child who told me his painful heart. I do not think I have said this because of work once a day. I can not take it anymore. I promised to talk more and give more love. I do not want to be in love anymore.

Usually, when puberty becomes inevitable, the heart is filled with sadness. I lived a life that I could not easily confide to my parents. I think that it is necessary to practice putting each other mutually between parent and child. If the mother and dad convey the honest heart to the child like the second, I will get used to expressing each other's heart. I hope that it will naturally become the flow of family dialogue. The process by which children and parents grow together. Of course, I will not deny that there is also a hard crying that I should be angry and angry and irritate my children.


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