I need to practice quietly.

"Modern people have a feeling of compulsion.

Over the last two years, I have produced two books with no coincidence. I am writing to the brunch as I prepare for the serialization on the mobile contents platform. I am living in splits and splitting the obvious time after work that is given to the worker. But in the midst of busy, I want to be faithful to my family. Because of that, time that is not enough is flowing under thorough planning.

If you do not have an evening schedule on weekdays, you can go home immediately and spend time with your children. When everyone is asleep around 9 o'clock, I can not stop thinking about it for an hour a day. On Saturdays, I spend my time with my children completely with a pen. Instead, I only concentrate on writing on Saturday nights and Sunday days.

I have repeated this similar life for over two years. Someone told me how to live like that, and somebody said it was awful. But while I was preparing the book, I was not bored or tired. Because I thought I was happy, I enjoyed it without a break. Rather, I stopped smoking, which was hard to break down while writing a book.

<Line emoticons that I released, nobody uses>

When the book was published and there was room to spare, I immersed myself in drawing emoticons. I went on a routine of a pattern similar to writing a book. When the children fell asleep, they painted, and on the weekends they went back to the church and went back to painting. I was not able to release it on KakaoTalk because of my lack of skills, but I have released six kinds of emoticons in Naver Line. Of course, drawing emoticons is a fun hobby for me.

Then one day I got a terrible flu. I did not even get to enjoy the holiday of stepping bridge. I thought it would be me soon, but I could not do anything for more than two weeks. I alternated between the year and the year, and I went to the hospital three times.

I was waiting for the money I was waiting for, and I could not attend a small party or a company meeting. I was sick of being sick because I was lying on my own like a dead body on a golden holiday and could not do anything. I feel nervous and helpless.

I had a chat with my friend. I got up early and wrote, wrote emoticons, drank, and danced. My friend responded as if I had waited.

"If you do not do what you do, it's just that you're lagging behind."

This short horse is put on the chest at the moment. If you do not do anything someday, I will tell you something about your anxiety. "I do not live alone, I live moderately." At the moment, my wife 's words came up in a chain. "Do not do anything today and just roll around with the kids?"

I recalled the advice of the nearest people and I thought to myself.

I want to be happier, so I want to live hard to change my feelings of anxiety because I am suffering happiness obsession?

Is not it important to miss something important while living in the lighthouse?


Is it not making my family uncomfortable?

Your friend's words, your sister's words, your wife's words are all right. I'm going to practice practicing breathing in the footsteps of my life. Do not live too far away and you will have to take the breath to take the next step through the practice of resting.

Living fiercely is the fate of modern man, but looking for a moment to look up the sky is your choice. I do not think that a hard-working worker can not get out of burnout syndrome and that modern people are suffering from happiness obsessive thoughts. To avoid breathing difficulties called obsessive, modern people need to take a rest. That way I will be able to breathe for a long time.

The most common 'rest' that modern people need in everyday life is the breath that puts all the shackles including the smart phone for a while in the hand, the spare time to return the whole day sometimes without doing anything, and the courage that does not nervous while watching the back of others. I wonder if this trivial decision is the beginning of finding a gap called 'rest' to live a little better.


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