Is the 'sole wear' that Imbly says is really for the customer?

We start based on Dongdaemun market

Bugun Efeng Co., Ltd. (Imbly, Gyungnam), which has grown to be close to 200 billion won,

In their mouths, however, they recently said, " I have thought that Dongdaemun no longer has the answer from the past." The story came out.

JoongAng Daily Articles capture

Through this recent media interview ,

"From the past, I thought that Dongdaemun no longer had an answer." Despite the fact that he was a bourgeois   Ironically using the same Main Market until recently been strengthened called "sole wear 'service.   As shown in the picture below, it is no exaggeration to say that most of the products except for the self-produced goods are 'stand alone'.

Imbly Shopping Mall Hop Page Screen

' Dongdaemun can not find the answer, ' said Dongdaemun market, even in a company that talked about the most active Dongguan enterprises using the ' stand alone ' … What is this and how good?

For this sole wear

As for the question of the customer, the shopping mall explains as follows.

Imbly website

In summary,

It will be sold exclusively through the Imbly Shopping Mall after obtaining 'exclusive sales authority' for the merchandise. This will make it easier for Imblee Shopping Mall to secure the quantity of products, which will enable faster delivery to customers ! This is why we are actively promoting it . ( It is no exaggeration to say that most of the Imbly shopping malls currently consist of 'single-wear + self-made products' . )

Advantages that consumers can gain from online shopping malls that have many 'stand-alone' items.

The 'Imbly' shopping mall, which is operated by strengthening 'stand-alone', seems to be able to deliver to customers faster than other shopping malls. This can be seen as a measure to strengthen services for customers who want to deliver fast.

So far
Imbly Shopping Mall
'Sole wear' service
I've heard the reason.
I also looked at the advantages.

The story of Imbly shopping mall is finished here, and from now on? Let's see what happens if you try to use a service called "stand-alone".

Who is the 'sole wear' for real?

This service is actually a trick to maximize the profit of the online shopping mall . Have you ever thought that the biggest victim is a system to be a consumer? Let's talk about the "alone wear" service at this inconvenient online shopping mall.

Some of the well-known shopping malls with sales are asking wholesalers to 'stand alone' so that they can sell their products exclusively to their own shopping malls in the light of their 'sales power' .

What will happen then?

Wholesaler to supply Delivery "Main Battle Shooter!"

Even if the sales of individual goods (sale) products are low, it is not possible to demand sales protection at the shopping mall. As such, it is the structure that most of the commodity inventories are forced to be taken into consideration. Therefore, in order to reduce the production cost, it is inevitable to reduce the quality of the fabric, subsidiary material and labor. As this complex situation is entangled and the reorder progresses, the quality of the product can not be guaranteed.

Shopping mall entry 'It can not be better than this!'

It is possible to save the advertising cost because the most ideal device for the price rush is provided, and as the time passes, the number of customers returning to see the stand-alone product increases. In addition, unlike in-house products, it is possible to carry inventory burdens to customers, so there is little risk from low sales. In addition, there is a method that does not have to bear almost the inventory burden because it can return to the relevant product supplier with an excuse of defective bad and other return regulations as an excuse. It is the system which can not be better than the one in the entrance of the shopping mall.

What is the final consumer? 'It's just a good day to become a nostalgia'

Even if you sell clothes for 10,000 won at the price of 40,000won in the "single-wear" shopping mall, the product will be deprived of the option to compare with the price of other shopping mall. I can not wait to live in the mall. Of course, it is not surprising that the above shopping mall and wholesaler have difficulty in expecting quality as much as the price you bought and bought.

The only beneficiary is

Not "suppliers" nor "consumers"

It is one of the 'stand-alone' shopping malls that have a 'Key' that can take a toll on both consumers and suppliers .  

Please check out how many of the 'sole wear' and 'sole sale' icons are in your shopping mall now.  

Most shopping malls that do a lot of 'stand-alone wear' are saying that they are doing 'stand-alone selling' for consumers by making a reason like this, but in the end, the shopping mall is only a means to maximize profit from consumers and customers. Ultimately, the final victim is a regular customer who likes and frequently uses the shopping mall.

If you have some shopping malls exploiting the location of 'A' now, please remember. There was a wonderful market called Dongdaemun, so now your shopping mall exists. I hope that the view of Dongdaemun Market will not change because I am a little better now.

"It will be good to be all right together. The wealth and honor of someone's tears will disappear in a moment as soon as they build a sand castle."

It is the age when the authenticity is the answer.

For additional information on the sole wear, see ' Clothing for sale '


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