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I heard an inconvenient radio news in a taxi. The content was that the share of foreign cars was gradually increasing. The point is that the criteria for choosing a car has changed from 'ride' to 'lower'. The sense of getting off means the gaze of others when they get off the car. It's a kind of joy you feel when your eyes are focused. In other words, the sense of getting off is fulfilled when it satisfies the satisfaction of others beyond my satisfaction.

We live by listening to being rational and do not deny that it is a reasonable life. But we have already become accustomed to the bluffing life, and we live in a reality where we choose to get off the ride.

   I bought a big bag and bought a luxury bag. Even though I decided to make a good decision and pay big money, I feel guilty about not satisfying others. The Kapur tribes, who are living in foreign cars that are more expensive than their income, have become social problems. The interview, "I do not want to be ignored by the other person" and "I am concerned about the people around me" leave a bitter.

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My mother 's friend was called' the wife of a member of parliament 'in Gangnam – mo department store. I had lived with my husband who was an office worker for a long time, and lived alone in an office building. I went to the department store from time to time to buy luxury bags, various clothes, fine fur coat, glasses over one million won, and put a luxurious marble table in a small space. Later, I sold my house, and I borrowed money from my mother to go shopping. At the alumni association, I enjoyed my friends' attention while boasting their luxury goods. My alumni mother had a sad appearance at the meeting.

   After my mother 's friend died suddenly, my mother arranged my friend' s office. New clothes, he left the dog in 10 large envelope labeled him as. I was addicted to shopping. After all this nonsense shopping was only one outcome for this is satisfaction, family satisfaction of anyone other than satisfaction.

   Could one month salary of over one hundred luxury for the happy expiry date, which is expected to deduct falls in foreign cars carrying what? Is it true happiness? If you are forced to pursue wealth that has not been burned, will not it be left empty? Do not you leave a meaningful trail in your life because you leave a bluff certificate on SNS? The question remains.

   I learned that happiness is not far away when I see a mother who has nothing materially to live happier than a friend. I have always thought that my childhood fashionable lady was my mother. I'm also conscious of the gaze of others. I want to be seen better than I am.

"Why do not you think about changing your mind and seeing yourself better than seeing others well ." I wonder if a little practice will make a life that others conscious of a life that loves me .

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