My mother's cool testimony that I had a lifelong devotion

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One weekend in February 2010.

   My 25-month-old daughter is having a jubilant feast in a daycare center. My wife, who wants to attend my dad, walked out of the house without any hangover.

My daughter, who had just entered the age of three, said to her, "What does that little girl do?" I think that my parents would have this expectation when I was young.

With the exciting music, 4 ~ 5 year old children opening stage was unfolded. Parents who looked more seriously at their sick child came before their children. Parents who take pictures, shoot videos, and clap their hands. I'm looking at the happiness of my mom and daddy who do not know the sky, and the tip of the nose is nervous.

Finally, daughter stage. Aiset is walking out of his head. The audience burst into tears and the girl stood blankly. The rest of the children are working hard for two people. Suddenly the teacher calls her mother. Great mom too ! I get to the stage without taking anyone out and I digest my child's share.

The second stage. Children, except for their daughter, cry and look for their mother. My daughter is digging the stage alone with a blank expression. I feel like I have a girl group debut. When the performance is over, the dad is relieved.

As the child grows up, the greater the role of the parent, I am very fortunate to be a parent and to be able to count my parents' heart.

My mother always said. "When a child is a child, he does everything in his life.

The multi-cursors may have included the meaning of not acting out, but I knew a deeper meaning. The feelings my parents felt, the expectations I had, the love I gave them, the turn I now have to bear. There is a long way to go, but I am happy. It's my mom, my father's son, my two daughters' dad, and my precious husband.

In January 2019, I took out my mind that I had in March 2010. My 25-month-old daughter is now in fifth grade in elementary school, and the second in my abdomen is in third grade. I am aware of the flow of time without any interruption, but I still feel happy because of the children.

I promise to make a day today. I would be a father to give children a frost and a light, as the German novelist Zhang Paul says, "Mother gives frost in our hearts and father gives light."


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