Pandora box opened in 22 years

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Every time I see the dust deulchwo kyeokyeoyi stacked old diary or write me and I never heard the pop pop pop that will surprise surprised. My mother gave me a diary and a few blank sheets of A4 paper that I could not pick up when I got married. Twenty-one-year-old stranger who was twinkling glittering, a tattered paper that contained me. On that piece of paper I was struggling between 'young' and 'grown-up'.

December 1997, snowy morning story.

There will be no children who dislike eyes, a symbol of romance and concentricity. In the dictionary sense, children's standards refer to children from 4 to 5 years old to elementary school children. But I still have not seen the bitterness of society, with all the uncompromising purity of the world 'little' La   I want to call it. I always want to live in a world called 'young.'

   I hate to belong to a world that I am afraid of knowing deeply about life and think of it as a contradictory mass. But as time progresses and gradually grows, it feels me slowly changing. Pure thoughts in my own "young" world are disappearing beyond memory with meaninglessness. It is a feeling of belonging to a place where one foot two foot gray world puts on foot, and is naturally afraid and reluctant .

This morning, when I saw my ever-romantic eyes, I realized that my feelings were severely distorted. Until last winter, snow was the medium that connects me with pleasure and innocence . I want to touch it, and I want to get together. But the eyes I met this morning were like demons. Joe saw a demon with a heart can be achieved without the rough talk. The eyes that made the world shattered have no longer captured my eyes and heart.

Naebaetgo's been saying, "Oh! When the Sweep! I'd rather not rain. Also a couple of days muddy streets getgu far …" Iran.

I had a tired day in my eyes and suddenly I felt like I had lost 'young'. I wanted to throw it away instead of touching it, and I felt my anger on my eyes when my sweat ran through the back of my stomach. The snow piled it was an accumulation ln this date increased and complaints mind.

'Oh, how did I get rid of this?'

I was saddened by the idea that I was deprived of even the smallest amount of space to gaze up to the sky for a moment . Suddenly the world, I felt like I was too shabby like an adult . Surrounding me, pushed me, I've heard this idea somehow want to get away from the rim of the world does not fit.

I have been in military service for 7 months. "I think it is not harder than I thought," but I am constantly trying to comfort myself, always seem to be chased, the breath of everywhere is inevitable fear. I do not even feel a little room, and I may be mentally ambitious with only a black heart. In the meantime, time is flowing well . Maybe the world is a process that I'm turning into.

   I know I can not help it in my power. It's all about growing up. "The one who is born must break a world." Hermann Hesse novel <Damien> Verse. Just as a bird comes out of an egg and creates a new world, it can be listed and developed because a person breaks the shell that leads to another world. I decided to consider the "young" world, which seemed to be eternal, to be in the army . Narrow-toed look me in the know look a little further Mudgee   Not less than oil prices as once again looking at the white snow smile   I will .

In December 1997,

It was pure that I was worried about 22 years ago when I was going to lose my "young" heart. Now, however, I am living in a more meaningful place than 'losing' while adapting to a changing world. That way I can get through the rough world without a hitch.

But one thing is certain that 22 years ago or now, life needs 'rest.' 21-year-old flower is a difficult moment, avoid the painful mind   I can not, and now I am fighting against another difficulty. I will think about the two generations by separating the same one while crossing the past and the present.

I do not need money for the modern man who always looks ahead and enjoys the pouring eyes . I wonder if I can afford to be able to lay down for a while and count the stars in the sky .


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