People mistaking rights for power

Second day of trip to Cebu Philippines . Today is the highlight of the trip , island tour day.     After we finished our preparations, we went to the hotel lobby, full of sullem . Pick up time is 8:00 am. But after 20 minutes, the car that welcomed us did not show up.

" So I told you to check it out yesterday."

   I made a reservation to my wife. My wife, who is always positive early on, has said, " Do not you have to check once more where you reserved?" Unexpected moments I did not want to imagine that I could not figure out a fraction of the smallest chance came in and revived our mental.

   Emergency contact information engraved on the booking site has only repeated mechanical responses that can not receive, because the early hours of the office a call is not possible, real-time consultation KakaoTalk is available emitter 10:00. The children's mood was dimmed by the uncomfortable expression of their parents, and the uneasy wife was in the middle of his heart and the dying father was getting tired of his irritation. That level has been increasing at the same time as our family members are staying in the hotel lobby.

   "Let's call the emergency contact and save Boy Stock" said I alerted the staff to the situation as KakaoTalk message after saving, the phone number to tell his wife.   The phone has been 9:00. I apologized that I could not confirm the pickup reservation and sent the pickup right away.

    " I have to pick up three of them, but we have been mistakenly missing them.

   My wife told me that a Korean representative asked me. There was also an answer to my Katok. 'I am really sorry that I felt responsible for making mistakes as a representative and I was waiting for a long time in the lobby.'   I did not want to be angry , but I was uncomfortable with the word of the person in charge. Unexpected pleasant apple virtuous kind of my outlet. In fact, to the representatives excuses beating heart of what excuse one place Takara will feel good aura because it was doing at rubbing thought.

   "I did not have much trouble with my itinerary, so I was a little bit more careful to have an island tour fun . "

     Since many people have paid for it, I live with the idea that it is natural to seek rights . If you do not meet your satisfaction standards, you can compensate for the shortage by complaining. This is not the first time a business has made such a mistake. I've been touched by a fiery angry customer, and I've asked him to be angry a few times.

   "I really appreciate your understanding and I am more interested in making your trip so enjoyable." The personal trainer arrived at the marina very easily with pickup . We have already started a boat chase that has already started on a jet ski without a schedule . The screaming of the wife and the cheers of the children filled the vast ocean. Friendly and happy all day was gained additional billion and the Philippines delightful local guide.

   Explain the situation and pick up missing despite an apology enough and we left the staff saying the heart to ask my wife and do not upset me. We often witness situations where rights are power. If you want to say a pleasant apology , you want to solve things with a bad feeling.   It is unfamiliar scenery. If neomgiryeo his well-filled with excuses and excuses even bujigisu, but it does not accept the apology and illusion that makes the right to express anger is also a rampant era mouth.

   An apple does not carry the result of a well-drilled one . It is a process of forming a consensus by finding peaceful contacts in parallel with each other . Because it must also sincerely this rigid mind maekeopyi even small apple shout feel loosened. In a hard world   We stricken at rubbing. Free mind that can bring a small apple, when you need a simple mind knows how to get deopsseok other's heart.


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