Planning and creating your own website for just one month!

December 1, 2016.

Planners and developers have planned to build a site for a month, and today they opened the 2017 bucket list service after 28 days. This service makes it easy for you to plan your new year's goals and on Facebook   This is a service that helps you share .

This post is a summary of the service production process for a month. I would be very grateful if you read the text well and use the service passionately.

Site link: >>> changed to .

I expected to be sparkling only in 2017, so I used the domain 2017things, and I have changed the domain to wishub because of the steady site users. But I have to change the domain so that all Google SEOs are initialized and all the top rankings are gone.

#. Project start motive

Due to the deterioration of the management of the company that we have already been in, we have retired from the company on condition that we will be working until December this year. I was at the time of the end of November, but I had a month or so of time to decide what to do. I decided to study Swift, the iPhone development language. So I bought two online courses and just tried to get started.

Then one day I drank coffee with a developer and a friend who worked together at my previous job, but the developer likes to leave at the end of December. This is one of the best developers I've ever experienced, so I decided to create a simple site in December for a month. I was in charge of planning and design, and I decided to take charge of the whole development. I will refer to this brother as Choi Hyung.

This day was November 30, 2016. I decided to create a site in December, but I did not have the right item. So I decided to worry about my idea on my way home. I'm a planner ^^

The service item was determined this way.

1. Service concept confirmation and front UI design (1st day)

The service items were determined, but they needed specific plans for what services to create. So the next morning I planned and shared a Front design document that contained the entire Flow.

The reason why we shared design documents quickly was that we needed concrete communication and consultation on the services we wanted to create, and to understand the scope of development within a month.

Fortunately, Choi was cool and I was able to move on to the next step.

The above design document was created with the prototyping tool Axure. We will share the link so you can check the design documents yourself.

– Link to Front Plan: (Please check on PC)

2. Admin design (2nd day)

Now that you have decided which service to create, you have started to work on Admin design. The reason is that the Front service requires Admin to run and DB design is required to develop Admin.

The first thing I care about when designing an Admin is the process of creating a goal and integrating an external API to complete a single piece of content . We designed the core logic first and completed the entire sitemap.

Admin plan is difficult to open, so I will put up a screenshot.

I decided to design the admin core process and discuss the implementation of the function. If I develop it with the logic suggested by me, I will decide the direction after reviewing the API because the working period may increase and the speed may be slowed down. The result is Choi 's well – made.

3. Review and consult plan

In the meantime, we talked only by messenger, and Admin / Front plan was completed to some extent and it was meeting in cafe. I have been talking about the reviews and drinking lightly while drinking coffee. Choi Hyung suggested many better ideas than the direction I designed and decided to reflect them in the plan. I feel like a great developer again.

I decided to create a service based on a technology based on either native app or mobile web. I decided to build it on mobile web because it is important to share it lightly with all devices such as PC and mobile.

Worry about service name and domain name

– Tentative: 2017 Bucket List

– Domain:

4. Building and Testing Admin (Day 8)

Choi has worked on the weekend to make Admin. This is the best. In just 2 days, we have completed server setting, DB setting, publishing, and implementation of core functions! I created a test sheet with Google Sheets for functional review.

5. Content List Up and Registration

Our service depends on the success of the service. As a result, it is important to accumulate enough content that people are interested in, so I gathered about 200 goals for <online search, bucket list book, and bucket list app>. Next, we need to register the API content that matches the target, and it took a lot of time to collect the content because there were many promotional articles.

I had a limited time to register myself, so I hit SOS on my pregnant wife. If you make a profit with Google AdSense, give it to everyone! If you see this article, please click on your favorite advertisement once! Hehe

6. Final plan completed

Admin core functionality has also been implemented. My wife will also register for content. Now that I have no schedule in my schedule, I enjoy leisure time. I completed the planning work by adding missing UI design and description.

7. Designing with the sketch tool

I lived to live I could not think of a dream to design. I decided that I did not have a sense of design, so I had no intention of designing it. I have not used Sketch tool for the first time.

I tried using several apps, and I completed the design by browsing the dribble and sketch resource sites. And I realized. I … I do not have a sense of design! (Please compare with the screen design written above!)

I did not disclose the whole design, but finished the design of 20pages in total.

8. Share your style guide with Zeppelin

Now that you have completed your design work, you should now communicate your style guide to Choi, who is responsible for coding and development. Sketch plug-in After installing and exporting Zeppelin, the following style guides are created! Oh ~ ~ New World!

9. Creating a logo

When I finished the design, the logo I put in the text was too plain. So I tried to design a logo and I did not know how to start.

So, I tried searching with the idea of searching for a nice font, and after seeing free Korean font postings without worry about copyrights, I applied one of the introduced fonts one by one. I did not have a favorite font even though I continued to apply it, but when I applied the Timonmon sound, I got the impression that it was going well. Yes you have decided!

Next, I wanted to share it externally or create a symbol to use when creating a native app. I thought for a moment which symbol to use, but I thought it was appropriate for the movie ad called "up" which was funny. So I searched for the favorite adveron in the icon sharing site, the icon sharing site, and painted it with a pen tool in the sketch.

Yeah ~ The logo is done like this. I am proud!

Apart from the logo, the service default font is Spokane Han Sans font .

10. Applying Google Analytics and Google AdSense

The site is almost complete, so I inserted Google Analytics script for log analysis, asked for Google AdSense for monetization, and got ready to open the project. (Open and add meta tag work for search engine optimization)


I have been working on an agency, a midsize company, a start-up entrepreneur (2 times), a freelancer, etc., and have made numerous sites, but this is the first time I have created my own site.

It is not such a great service, but it was time to verify that only a senior-level designer (designer) and two developers can make a reasonable service in a month. In fact, I spent 10 days on planning / design, and 10 days on developer development.

In addition, the planner was able to break through the boundary that only planning should be done through this experience. Designers can now design enough. I think that the positions of planners and designers in the future will be integrated as one in the overseas market, and that only the strategic planning positions will fall apart.

Finally, this project was completely free from space constraints. My house was in Incheon, Choi was in Seolleung, I talked briefly with Katok, I shared plan, QA sheet and design artifacts online, but there was no difficulty in communication. It's all I talked to twice in the café and talked briefly. That's not true.

I missed the most important story.

The 2017 bucket list makes it easy to select and share your new year goals. I would like to hear a lot of word of mouth around you. Our service requires your participation! ^^ If you leave any comments about the service, please let me accept it.

It is also possible to advertise partnership such as fortune-telling service! Ahhhhhh !!

– Site Shortcut: 2017 Bucket List

YouTube video

I uploaded it to YouTube.

I am Cho Young Soo, a 10-year web planner.

– Co-author of 'Guide to learning web programming again from the beginning '

AXURE prototype design course for web designers and UX designers.

– We have a web / mobile planner group on Facebook.



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