Scary saying that you are not like you

Sometimes the word of someone comes up with a great burden. Especially if you trust me and trust me.

"What's wrong with you?"

The first time I heard this was due to a mistake I made in the documentation. It was simple, such as spelling or numeric. I could see that I did not blame myself for being so dry in my teammaster's expression or tone of voice. Rather, I accepted it in the good sense of ' Yes, I will believe that much .'

But when it comes to the second time, the face has flourished with embarrassment. Maybe because of the disappointment of oneself that did not meet the expectation of the believer. The boss of the boss was not sure, but at that moment I was angry at myself for somehow lacking .   It's easy to shake someone's saying 'you like'   Others might be due to the drag of life in the desired direction.

Some team leaders use the term 'pro' instead of their position or name when calling an employee. I called my name 'Jean Pro' when I was new. I accepted it meaninglessly, but one day I was very burdened to think of the meaning of 'pro'. A professional means an expert and an expert means a person who has a great deal of knowledge and experience in the field of studying or engaging in an area. It is far from new. However, adding an unfounded 'pro' modifier would not have expressed the expectation of being a pro quickly .

I expect a lot from my elementary school daughter. Always right, except the back, sometimes wrong, even one or two issues "okay, what I know wrong gotta wrong, not the next," he say seemed cool, deep down are also the foolish idea that 'unlike my daughter. Why? "

Regardless of the other's will, vague hopes and hopes for someone are only greed and blindness of the individual. The same is true for bosses to members, bosses to bosses, bosses to bosses, parents to children, and children to parents. See standards that are building foundations and regulations someone will enter the shackles that limit the actions of the opponent. So, I do not think that my boss is burdened, I'm angry at him, and I am disappointed with each other. Cause everybody coming to the opponent on the basis of each one can look forward to 'what you down. "

If the number of horses than usual drinking friends will ever hanma di geonnep me.

"What's the matter? What's wrong with you?"

I says ppuninde to focus more on listening to groups not nothing, it's friends. Seureopgo usual chatter among close friends, Let's regulations because was built by people float around. So sometimes it sounds like a bitter bit of an opponent's word that seems to know me a lot. The word 'not like you' means 'I know you well'. Even I do not know a lot of mine in me, how can someone tell me how to know? In a sense, this may be a scary statement of selfishness. It is to define the limitless possibilities of a person and the world of his / her own, in the form of "you".


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