Self-driving, where do you use it?

Autonomous driving means that most of the time the car will run on the road and the driver will think of the driver as he / she takes his / her hand off the steering wheel and touches the smartphone or completely slides the seat back and sleeps comfortably. However, the fact that the two hands and feet are free on the road rather than just on the road means that there is much more work to be done or more content to enjoy. I imagined scenarios in various environments where autonomous vehicles could be utilized.

Amusement Park

My girlfriend and I go out in the amusement park and my legs hurt. I am hungry and thirsty. All of these problems can be solved by using autonomous vehicles that run in amusement parks. It is easy to travel to the destination where you want to ride the autonomous carriage, and it sells simple foods and beverages inside, and provides rides reservation and guide contents.


I do not have time to meet with the seller or the buyer, but I am also worried about meeting someone I do not know. At this time, if you use an autonomous vehicle with unmanned delivery service, you can safely trade cool without having to meet each other.


Children in dual-income families are always troubled. At this time, if you use an autonomous driving car, you can move home and school according to the school hours and provide various play contents that can be enjoyed by the ages.


The airport is always far away from the city center. If you use an autonomous car that travels at airports and hotels, it is much easier to move. Pick up from the airport and pick up the hotel. Above the autonomous vehicle, the name of the destination hotel and the name of the mobile customer are displayed. Inside the car, you will find comfortable seating, local tourist information, and multilingual voice support services. We also take hotel check-in and card keys in the car and head straight into the room without having to be heard at the hotel front desk.


If you go to the hospital, the waiting time is longer than the consultation time. In particular, on Saturdays morning when workers who do not have time to go to the hospital are gathered, they have to go to the hospital to prepare for a day and a half. However, connecting the hospital with an autonomous vehicle provides simple health care and hospital reception services and carries health care information in the vehicle.


If you do not have time to attend an outside meeting, you will be provided with a moving office where you can ride in an autonomous car and meet in the car. You can view the data together on the in-vehicle display and even connect to a video phone. It is also used as a commuter shuttle and eliminates rush hour traffic congestion.

These hypothetical scenarios are not so far. At the recent CES in 2018, Toyota has unveiled a future-type, open-type freestanding car platform 'e-pallet' that can be used in a variety of ways including cascading, logistics, passenger, mobile shop and delivery. The response from consumers has been so hot that it has foreseen a new era of competition not only in autonomous navigation technology but also in in-car contents. This service is scheduled to start in time for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.


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