Template of someone's trivial regulation

A young junior gave me a swipe at one of my favorite hapjongdong pub. I used it as an azit that takes only good people to the atmosphere bully and quiet.

I had a good evening at a junior and hapjeong-dong, and I found the pub to have a meal and have a beer. It is an unusual place that operates in a way that opens it in when you push the doorbell outside. Opening time is 7 pm. I waited a moment outside because it was a little early. Junior has looked around all over the place like this. Then suddenly I shouted.

"My brother, I forbid 40 or more here?

I was laughing and laughing at my junior thirties. I did not drink, but suddenly my face ran up. I've been to a lot of places, and I have never seen such a phrase. It was only then that I could see that old and worn letters were watching me from a long time ago.

I suddenly remember that I was kicked out of my home in Hope on my birthday more than 20 years ago. It was because there was a minor who had not been on his birthday since I was there for my twenty-first birthday party. I humbly accepted it because I was not an adult legally.

Ironically, however, the years have passed since the years passed, and there has now been a place where we can not go back again. I was saddened by the idea that "the golden age of life is only 20 years?" The pub, which was easy to get in, felt suddenly uncomfortable. I did not say, "Check out your ID card or go out for 40s or older," but it's a nuisance about the reality that shrinks someone's freedom on the basis of numbers.

When I was a child, the story I heard a lot of adults suddenly stirred my mind and confused my mind. 'I am still in my heart,' and 'I am still in my twenties!' I realized that the words of the crying adults were genuinely sincere. Now my heart is really sincere. Even if I grow older, I am learning through my indifferent years that my memories and romance are not dim. That is why adults are so chewing and chewing memories. Even if your heart is youthful, you will not be able to go to a club where young people are dressed up in their 20s, or you can not walk around Hongdae streets with young people.

People naturally join in the flow of time. I wear clothes for my age, I live a life that meets my age, I live by thinking and acting accordingly. Why is someone trying to remind us of the age by making uncomfortable rules that are not legitimate as 'numbers'?

In the early 2000s, advertisements for communications companies that had a copy of "Age is just a number" have hit South Korea. It was not a big deal because it was so old, but now I would like to consider it beyond truth to be truth. I wrote 'Life begins at forty' on my Kakao Talk profile. I am sincere. I think I do not have to remind my mother of my age. Maybe my mother is shedding the trick of numbers and shedding the youth I can still enjoy.

The ancient Greek philosopher Democritus said, "Only the idiots are old enough to die of death," and Swedish film director Ingmar Berimann says, "Getting older is like riding a giant mountain. More free, more spacious, and more calm. " I think that getting older without fear is a process of becoming wise as you learn the world.

100 years old. Do you think you need to hit the wall in advance of what you want to do and what you want to do next? It may be that the reality that breaks down from the bud of hope is defined by the number, and it is deprived of opportunity of challenge of someone. Like the case where the grades differ from one point to five points by age in the screening of new applicants for parent company.

Forgetting your age is an energetic attitude to live the world more positively, a little joy, happiness and expectation. You do not have to worry about bad numbers and you do not have to stay locked in a frame other than someone's rules.

The age of fifteen years of age (30 years of age), the age of self-reliance, and the age of 40 years of age (50 years of age) It is the age to know the meaning of the sky and the age to judge the right and wrong when listening to the word, 70 years old (心心 從 心).

Book of Confucius' Statement of Conduct This is the content of Confucius's definition of age in the "Analects" and the "Buddhism". There is a profound role hidden from age to age . Is not it the most wise way to live a life that is not bound to numbers, but live like a stream of water? 'Age is just a number'.


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