The future that Tesla Elon Musk dreams of

There is one person who is walking in the opposite direction from the reality that the verb is full of. It's Elle Musk, head of Tesla. His words are always unprecedented. But he can not hear his words with one ear and shed with one ear. As time goes by, the vain stories come to reality.

Let Elon Musk look at what he has planned for the future.

1. Boring Company

Elon Musk directly told Twitter, "Traffic jams drive me crazy. I'll have to start building a tunnel boring machine (TBM)." In 2017 TED announced the project of the future underground transportation network where the cars will be pierced through tunnels underground in the city center and the Boring Company,

The principle is simple.

1) Drill tunnel underground .

2) Enter the vehicle through the vehicle elevator installed in the traffic jam section.

3) The vehicle is transported at a speed of 200km / h through the magnetic field power of the moving platform in the tube tunnel.

4) After reaching the destination, escape through the elevator.

Source: iTech Korea

These underground tunnels can solve noise problems and traffic congestion problems, and enable safe and quick transportation to destinations.

Elon Musk, who spoke in December last year, bought a boring machine in just six months and was ready for excavation.

2. Hyper Loop

Is it possible to move between Seoul and Busan in 15 minutes? It can be a hyper loop. The HyperLoop is a means of transporting a vehicle at a speed of more than 1000 km / h from a vacuum tube. The magnetic field is used to obtain propulsive force, and air is sprayed to the bottom of the tube to reduce the frictional force to speed up the speed of sound.

Elon Musks first unveiled the project in 2013, and in 2016, it was the first test run in Nevada. In fact, the technical problems of hyper-loops have been largely solved, and if legal regulations are passed, the next generation of transportation innovation is likely to be realized.

Since the hyper loop has lower installation and operation cost than the high speed rail, it is competing intensely in many countries as well as in Korea.

Source: Chosun Beads

The first thing you can see in the Hyundai room is likely to be Dubai. Dubai announced the launch of 'Hyper Loop One', a hyper loop construction company, and 'Middle East High Speed Transportation Hub Project'. By 2020, they have signed a contract to build and test a 20 km section of the hyperloop.

As soon as Elon Musk's vision becomes reality, much will change in everyday life. The whole of the earth is formed as a living zone, and there is no need to worry about various problems (noise pollution, air pollution, traffic accidents, etc.) arising from the action of "movement". As such, Elon Musk 's propulsion and originality will surprise us in the future.


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