The harsh father's gut reflected in the child's eyes

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5th grade daughter digging father ah straight arms. Sometimes I sit down with my dad and I lie down. Doran Doran is having a conversation like this.

"I think it's hard to work part-time at dad Baskin Robbins."

  I do not want to say anything . So insignificant was replied that this "is not it? We'll be hard going to unwrap ice cream? Dad I've done." "No, it is not," said the guest, "I'm angry and I'm afraid ."

   I asked why, and I told my experience a few days ago. After church service, I went to eat ice cream with friends and dad.

   "I'm eating ice cream,   The kid came in. Does the child eat all the ice cream and model ORRES, Dad said laughing. I laughed pretty sister also work part-time life. "

   Warm scenes were drawn in my head. But this is what has been going on as long as the US bittersweet Simple collapsed. A little bit of ice cream was picked up by a part-time student. But the child had suddenly hate eating ice cream, Dad asked the packaging. The part-time student said that the cone could not be wrapped. It was a plot that dad suddenly screamed and screamed.

   "The kid was crying, and the sister who was a part-time sister seemed to be afraid."

   Cone container is exhausted and the sound separately I can not continue on the packaging saying why not inconceivable, it gave part-time life is packed it in a cup of coffee gungyeojichaek. I say scary Ido daughter watched his appearance.

   I witnessed an unnecessary gag of an adult as it was .   Hand's not a right, it says the unsightly appearance just hit a weak lead. I was bitter. My daughter, who does not yet know what it is, has felt empathy with her part-time sister, and she has felt fear and sadness.

   In an old resort lobby, Dad screamed, " Why are you trying to get away from your kids ? " The child burst into tears, but Dad was more enthusiastic about his anger than the child.   Could it have been the children ' s eyes and the staff mistakes? Maybe 'hard working man like me misty daughter is slow   I do not think it would be scary . "

   Adults know, being an adult age does not create, document and marriage, I realized be a parent. I can not feel that I'm still a true adult myself. I feel like I have to grow until I die.

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   I have fought with my wife in front of the children. It was a one-sided, rather than a fight. I can not forget the eyes of my daughter who was in the third grade of elementary school. It was the moment I felt desperately that the eye was the window of the heart. I feel like I've hurt children's hearts . Be careful not to make loud noises in front of the children .

   When in the company, when you set an example for your junior in your life, when you do not show strange guts in front of your child, when you can control the intensity of anger when you are involved in a child, when the child is relieved to follow your own (parent) behavior . I mean, when I am so proud of myself that I am able to succeed in every emotion regulation, I can throw a stone at someone .

   Parents do not mean to be a child's mirror, just to be careful of their actions. I do not want to be more careful because I have transparency in my personality . When parents are able to control their emotions, they can expect the same for their children. As a child grows up, parents grow together. That's why I have to peek at it so much that I have not seen it so easily in front of my child.  


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