Two faces of juniors seen at lunch time

We warmly greeted the company in the spring. Cherry Blossom Day is a so- called " Cherry Blossom Day " that takes two hours of lunch time per team and leaves a certified shot . We had a lunch time at Han River, Myeon, Yeouido of cherry blossom feast, enjoying fantastic spring sunshine as much as cherry blossoms. It was a generous lunch time to taste for the first time under a good cause provided by the company. It was a special day with a clear and happy expression without the teens' generosity more than the spare time of two hours.

   The first time in my life, I was excited by the abundant lunch time, and the vivid youthful faces of my juniors became more and more bright and voices clearer than usual. Report shaking like a fuss of the girls met the actor in the river walk, when taking group shots I did kkeunyijil certified laughter is. I was blessed with cherry blossoms like snow flakes, and I was looking at the shadowless face of my juniors who were so happy for a while.

It took 120 minutes to breathe in the warm spring sun. But as soon as I got into the office, something amazing happened.

It is the face that the young people who laughed and laughed smile openly as if promised.

I feel like I have been discharged for a while because I could not find the reason that the battery that was buffered by the two hours spare time, the warm sunshine and the abundant rest spread to the office.


"I felt a lot of twisted feelings about the employees of the large corporations who carry on employee trafficking, but I also felt a lot when I was a senior. I feel like I'm just out and feeling good. "

This is an article I once wandered online. At first I thought it was a sensible article, but it was a bitter smile as I chewed on the idea of snatching the reality of all the workers as well as juniors.

'How could a company be a deserted place that even a moment's smile could not be tolerated?'

Shin-myeong To create a workplace culture, the company has a two-hour lunch break, a one-hour delay in office hours, and a policy of forcing a team leader out at work time. However, the temperature at which many workers feel is still cold. Escaping out for lunch is like a good time to go home. Workers are just uncomfortable with the frustrating world of being a company.

While mankind is on the way to work and the company does not suddenly get better, sometimes I do not want to forget that there is a good moment in the company.

It is a good day without any explanation, such as a payday, a bonus, a promotion, a holiday, a red day, the day before a holiday, Friday, a team captain, Of course, the happiest time and lunch time everyday can not be overlooked. Moreover, a lunch with a good person makes the rest of the day even more pleasant. As the fox waits for the little prince, sometimes the appointment with the precious person makes you special.

When I live, I feel my joy and happiness are pounding my head. I just do not find myself looking at the bottom of my shoulders and looking at the bottom.

   I chose sensibility nagii artist who breathes life into the post as full of illustrations also thank you very much.


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