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I hate to admit it, but when I look back at my past life, I realize that every moment was full of regret. It reminds me of the past, and I feel depressed and depressed. 'If I could go back to that time … Sometimes I fall into a fuzzy idea. If we were given the opportunity to choose again in the same situation, it would be a vague illusion that we could find a wiser answer than the past.

It would be better if you could live a life that you do not regret, but who can deny that humans are regretted animals?

I watched a mystery movie entitled "Triangle". 'Triangle' means 'Bermuda Triangle' and is a film about the time loop here. The film repeatedly shows the wretched look of a woman who struggles to change her past constantly. In the end , the obsession with the past that can not be reversed reaches its climax in the scene of killing oneself.

Devoid of precious time for unrequited regret   Article   It seemed that he was throwing a message to escape from the past-oriented delusions. It was a heavy lesson to abandon the fuss about the past and to stick to the reality.

Suddenly, we thought, 'Do not we live a desperate life that wants to change the past until we kill ourselves like the protagonist in the movie?' At the same time, I wondered if I could expect a bright future for a person who is tied up with a fuss.

Weak presence of humans struggling jeahmuri, dudeuryeodo head in shame and can not sleep picked through and you can not change the past. Foolish regret and obsession, like in the movies, make life more and more miserable.

How do you live in order not to be caught up in the past?

I realized the only way 's surprisingly liver. Right now, this is a time to take care of the situation. The moment a faithful life becomes tomorrow, it will be a meaningful past. It is important that the precious present which must be welcomed every day because it can not be avoided is more important than the past that can not be changed.

The old man recalls the happy Saschite who forgot the moment of 'present' . The young man expects happiness of tomorrow without being faithful to the present which is 'present'. I had a happy elderly sositjeok past the current time. Penetrating the Future Currently, the young are not happy now, you can be the happiest moments of regression. It is thoughtless to pour precious value of present   And now you waste your own happiness is given free Mohan, I think I did.

When I was in school, I finished my year with a diary on December 31 every year. Every time I returned. I was not satisfied with the trajectory I had left even in the military and in society. At the end of the year, I did not change as I was lining up a similar lament. I dreamed of a better tomorrow, but I always lived today.

   One day I suddenly wondered what the opposite of "regret" was. I did not mention it in the dictionary, but I thought it might mean "satisfactory". 'Regretting life' vs 'satisfying life' seems to fit a certain degree. However, I wondered if it would be a satisfying life if I did not regret it. I had another curiosity and pondered what I needed to regret . Then, what came to mind suddenly was 'lesson', 'precious today' and 'meaning giving'.

"And three lessons a lack of history in order not to regret, let's give meaning to today's important."

If I do not give meaning to a day given to me, ' this moment now ' disappears at a meaningless moment. "When I called his name he gave was the flowers come to me, 'Today is the end of my poets like Kim Chunsu   If you give meaning to the day Will not remain in 'the moment' when I saw the lush flowers flowing back and this time?

Regret is the shackles of reality that catches the ankle of the future . "Only focus on what you can do today," Newton said. If I do not forget the 'What is the most important thing for me now?' And 'Do you want to run to where I am today?' If you cherish your day carefully, you will avoid the penalties that you have been wandering in regret and regret like the heroine of <Triangle> I will be able to.


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