Why write a book without writing a book

There is a college alumnus who goes down to Jeju Island. There is a reason for this and that, but my wife's will to write a book in Jeju Island has been reflected in much.

"It's been three years since I was told to write a book and write business."

This is a complaint my friend left during the Katok conversation. Hearing these words, I've still think about what is "write a book". To write a book is the act of writing in the end , but the meaning is different. 'Write' is emotional, 'Write a book' is somewhat tremendous. Do not you think your fingers are too burdensome to speed up typing?

And three years for exports ganhaet books of three, one of the original series, the book is also worth a finished state. If I am a worker and I have written a book, the reaction of the people around me is mostly ' squeeze'.

'There will be no time,

   'How stressful is it?

'The family will be behind you?'

  While listening to a similar end often knew something surprisingly wise men bearing these thoughts. Cause sokedo means containing the word "hell, when's your break? Hide blocked. Then the art bullied my family," plenty.   But it was not difficult to breathe, hard, or difficult. I was chased by time and did not even accompany the pain of creation . I just enjoyed it.

I thought about the book and thought about the past three years as I was looking directly or indirectly at suffering people. How can a beginner who wants to write based on his experience be able to get to the book more effectively   I thought about a few things.

1. It makes me feel burdensome

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Establish short-term goals colorful motivation to write a book on the fall of happy imagine only getting larger burden and pain. Burden and greed limit free thinking and expansion of thought. When I practice alone, I do not think that the piano music that I did not mistake is similar to not being able to show my ability if someone is interested and watched. Even though the result is a result of showing it to someone, it should not be a burden to the creation process.

In 2010, I embarked on a fashion blog. I did not have any special skills or talents. A small hobby is watching movies. I watched the movie and wrote down my thoughts. Fun was had later been watching this one movie. After work alone watching movies, even movies mandatory reporting to the weekend. I changed the theme to work-related stories that I would like to call this a non-standard job. I wanted to do, who shared the story namdeuldo is a common workplace experiences, their comrades dongbyeongsangryeon We had a lot of lonely. I gained strength from them and wrote more hard. I mean, the moment you discover that mediocrity is the truth.

As recognition increased and writing time increased, requests for manuscripts came from various corporate blogs, and from then on, I read, edited, and edited a few decades ago. Hundreds of unaccountably piled articles were again melted and knocked into an extension with a good shape. I wrote more than 70 articles on a corporate blog, and I got a chance to rebuild my existing short articles . After all, the posting that was on the blog gathered and became a book. It was totally unexpected.

2. Brain helps if you like

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I once lived on a blog. Even a drink of alcohol   Write something strikes notepad, writing on the subway to the bus, when you get home, slept under the reservation issue, move the blog. Even today, this note habit remains. It's done by force is not to be absolute. Tired of writing it, and I did not know because the blog is to communicate with the fun and smiling. Regardless of completeness, it was a good idea to just write it down and share it with people. There was a blank when I was busy, but as long as my fingers and time allowed it. It was not because I wanted to write a book, but because of the pleasure of writing.

   Everyone likes and writes what they are interested in. It is important to keep it steady in order to keep happy and happy feelings for a long time. That way, you can continue to create new posts without getting tired . The brain consumes 25 percent of our body's energy. I consciously minimize energy consumption, but I am willing to spend my time doing what I like . If it is a pleasant thing to allow the brain, it will be enough to pour enough energy into it .

3. Mind of mind makes book

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If you can get rid of the hurriedness, you can write honest and caring. Lay down a nice article over the Laguna Mass splendor is freely creates even more than deongdalah read people's minds. Like overburdened people are overburdened, over-writing gives a similar feeling. I think that article contained an experienced non-professional publications candor weapons. Otherwise I may be out of the future with me in the future. Artists' past misunderstandings are coming to the forefront, as past remarks sparkle later. Honesty is a promise to yourself. Throughout this process, while the other hand is invaluable global yeokip.

When I first started my blog, I had fewer visitors, no comments, and no big motivation. However, until I wrote 100 posts myself, I read that it was not a real blog and I endured it. Now I work in brunch, but there are over 400 posts in the Tistory. When I looked at them again, I could not see them. After many years of revision and revision , I had a new series on brunch after remodeling . I wrote a few years ago that contains step by step brunch was born into a book. It was a result of the mind that I wanted to write for a long time while grinding and writing the weak writing which wrote in the past rather than the book writing.

4. The more you write , the more you write .

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The cornerstones of the three books were about 400 articles on the blog for seven to eight years. Often, we receive a manuscript request from a media company or corporate secretary . Most of the time you write a new article based on the subject of the request , but there are some existing articles that come up as soon as you hear the topic. It recollects the memories unfold the paper also some recycled.   The bud that grows out of the writing will grow again. Regardless of the publication of the book, I continue to write on the brunch. The purpose of the book is to write long, not the goal . A new book might be born when other articles are gathered. It is a motive to write, but it is not a goal .

If you write a lot, your writing skills will improve with the amount of writing. I still feel like I'm short. However, when you look at the original article, I get the "Delete" button without knowing it. I'm masturbating, 'Not at this rate now.' I take it humbly because it is an opportunity to realize that I am growing through the past. Because I was scarce in the past, I have a little less current now.

Most of the three manuscript work took about two to four months. There are not many new writings. I just finished the process of making the book like a book. Passion was overflowing and the draft of the first book was almost 500 – 600 pages masterpiece. The manuscript has been cut in half, and the rest of the book has become another book of opportunity. After that, I wrote a series of articles about daily life away from work life story. The idea of 'writing a book' was not great. Place continues to write the article I had sseujago the book, because the global work place originals written in the original did not even take a long time, I was able to start up relaxed and enjoyable.

Believe in and love your unique writing. When I heard the words "Do you write dogs or sonar books these days?" Because I wrote non-books. That's why I want to shout quietly, ' Let 's write for the long run, not for the book .'


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