(1) A company that is "fair"

I am going to university in Hong Kong. Last October, two months ago, I came to Korea during a short week of fall vacations. Since I spent half of my school days in the US, there are not many people I know in Korea. So the fourth grader at the hearty university clicked hard on the job announcement.

Last fall was when I had a long discussion about the goal of being a reporter after finishing my Google internship.

However, there was not a place where I was confident to support other places other than the media. So I started to look for the most similar business with the media. So I think the field is Public Relations (PR), a public relations company. It also produces media strategies, promotes company products, social media marketing, etc. (for example, Burson-Marsteller , where Hanbiah worked, a well known company in the industry)

As a result of searching hard, I saw an announcement that a foreign PR company in Gangnam will select a career worker.

I wrote an e – mail from the urgent mind of the student.

"If you pick a career, but if you choose a new employee later, I would appreciate it."

Surprisingly, the reply came in one day. With an interview schedule.

It was a company that supported without thought, but I was so grateful for the interview. I sincerely wanted to do my best.

Once I get an interview with the company, I go into Wikipedia and read the history of the company. How it started, the company's ideals and goals, big and small changes and problems, and so on. And go into Glassdoor to understand the culture and atmosphere of the company. Sometimes I read the interviews of the current CEOs.

I also study the work to be done by the company, but I want to know the culture of the company, the work culture, even during the interview. I felt my internship at Google, but the culture of my company is really important.

When I interned at Google, I had a friend named Ricky. I was 90 or 91 years old, and I have already worked at Cathay Pacific Airways before coming to Google.

I accidentally talked to the fan tree and asked the car where the material was depleted.

"You like Cathay and you like Google?"

"Well … it's a difficult question, but I really like the culture of Google."


"I think it's hard to explain the language of the company from the e-mails exchanged to each other's conversations. It's hard to explain it in words … but if everyone does not" Googley "since joining the company, I think."

I wanted to support a foreign company with a horizontal organizational culture as much as I know the importance of culture. Fortunately, the PR company was also established in the United States with the request for an interview.

I also canceled my appointment during the vacation and was ready to prepare for the interview.

Search for the founder, he said, "Communication is the most powerful tool for democracy" and helped President Akino and Mandela of the Philippines. The company publishes the Corporate Citizenship Report every year and emphasizes the company's five philosophies, integrity, collaboration, learning, innovation, and quality.

The company has passed , considering the increasing demands and prominence of corporate responsibility for companies and the words of the website. As I prepared for the interview, I was thrilled.

I dressed up in a dress and I sat in the company pantry for about 20 minutes. The manager who was supposed to interview me (or the chief, I do not remember) told me that he had not gone to work yet. I looked around the bookcase that reached the ceiling, and the magazine caught it. October 2011 … August 2012 issue … January 2014 issue ….

A few minutes later, I entered a meeting room with three deputies to interview me. As I walked to the conference room, I glanced sideways and the gray desks were lined up in line, and I felt like a factory. "Let's not judge the office …"

The question began.

"What company are you like?" "Please tell me about your job." "Do you speak English? "You just talked about work, do you think about other work?" "I did a reporter internship with Les Jours, and you do not want to be a reporter?" "Do you know how to do Photoshop?" "Have you ever run a Facebook page?" etc

I was a bit embarrassed because I received only questions related to my work thoroughly. In interviews with all the internships, the ratio of job to life questions was about 2: 8 (perhaps the difference between an internship and a full-time job interview …)

At the end of the question, the male deputy took a look at my lesjes and showed me his displeasure.

Delegate: "Ah … but xx's rejuvenation is so … you have a lot of sociality .."

I: "What? What do you mean?"

Delegate: "No, our company is a little … soft and friendly company."

Me: "…"

Delegate: "No, I see here.

In short twist, I am a normal college student. Never tried to march in Gwanghwamun, nor the damage to the banister of the water cannons. However, if there is a mistake, I will perform three internships in foreign country and conduct various research on the incident, such as Seowol Lake, the first anniversary of Seowol Lake, Ripper US Ambassador Attack, Korean Air Macadamia, And the only thing I have done in Les Jours is the sin I have done in the media.

The interview continued.

Me: "I can think of are right support is founded on the values of the company's first rejyu maerang!"

Delegation (Seda): "Our company's ideology? What is it? I do not know?

I: "The motto of this company is XXXXXX. As I mentioned before, I am a person who made a great contribution to the establishment of democracy in the developing countries.

Delegation (three): (silence)

At the end of the question, all three of them were busy preparing documents to get out.

"Do you have the last question?"

Usually foreign companies like applicants to do "final questions". It's an expression of interest in the company.

"I'll ask you one thing if I can find out why I do not want to pick it up.

"Ah … xx is going to have difficulty adapting to a Korean company because I go to school in a foreign country.

"Did not you say that the company culture is horizontal? ^^ ;;?"

"Ah ….. that … what …."

"I went to study abroad, but I lived in Korea quite a lot.

"Ah yes…."

I have not been contacted yet. If you fall, please let me know.

Anyway, for the first interview I was shocked. I was so disappointed with their words and prejudices contradicted even though it was a pressure interview. And he raised his voice to this school teacher and complained to his schoolmaster.

Senior: "You did it wrong."

Me: "Oh, why?"

Senior: "You've won, from beginning to end."

I: "Of course, it does not make sense, I can not even ask questions in Photoshop, just ask about it, and I do not even care about staff training or the future. How do you say it's social? "

Senior: "This is a PR company. Maybe they were curious about how you reacted to customers.

Me: "(silence)"

I do not seem to fit in with the "soft" companies.

"When choosing a job, many people are basically interested in their roles and responsibilities, as well as the company's performance, corporate image, and remuneration. […] However, if you have expertise and creativity, place the edge. […] will be the corporate culture is usually formed spontaneously, there is no one who planned separately, so this is no big deal if you miss the count is critical factor for success. […] tightly nestled corporate culture It is easily prepared unchanged. […] company that everyone has a say in collaboration with those who make decisions respecting the culture that will attract employees with the same idea. on the other hand prefer a more dictatorial and authoritarian approach It will be very difficult to find a staff that will adapt to this. "

" Therefore, it is wise to think carefully about what culture you want when you start working. The best way is to find a creative person who leads the core departments that you want, a person who believes that vision This is to make sure. "

– How does Google work? (How Google Works, 2014)


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