(2) Memories of Powder

It happened during an internship last summer at Channel News Asia in Singapore .

I was in the English Current Affairs team for what I was looking for as a news intern. It is a production team that produces documentaries, in which teams are divided into programs. I should have gone to the Transmedia team who originally made the online video, but I had too many interns and I was placed in a program called " Days of Disaster ". Days of Disaster (DoD) is a documentary re-illuminating the worst natural disasters and incidents in Singapore over the past 50 years. It was a documentary commemorating the 50th anniversary of Singapore's founding, so I was given the most budget and the expectation at the time of production. (I was in Singapore for 49 years when I was in 2014)

On the first day, I was assigned to the DoD team in the early morning. Fortunately, 'Lengan', an assistant, told me to introduce me to the Phidias. Only one man in his early thirties, tired of seeing him, was typing on his shoulders.

Lengen: Hey, you're an intern. I came from Korea. Say hello.

Humming (Phi): oh, hey. Hi, I'm humming. Well … Welcome.

Me: oh, hi! I …

Before my introduction was over, he turned around and started typing. Something started to be cheap ~. And my premonition was not wrong.

Unlike the other teams that let the interns leave the coverage and do the research , I was an invisible person on our team.

Me: Oh … what am I supposed to do?

Humming (PD): Ah … um … I do not.

Zenith (Pedi): Ah! I did not have lunch! Two tomatoes, three cabbages, three oden (only cheese!), Five bok choys, two eggs and a hotpot (shabu shabu)!

Tom (Pedi): Uh … huh? Oh … I'm on my way out now! Let's talk later!

One day when I was begging for work all day, Yu – ming called me for some reason.

Humming: I have a very important mission for you. Follow me tomorrow when you're shooting

Me: Yes!

Both Humming and I, and the two cameramen, are a public apartment on the outskirts of Singapore (also called HDB, where most of Singapore's residents live in government-sponsored public apartments). When I entered the house, there was a grandfather who had an old age.

Humming: Oh, this is Mr. Wong. I am the one who experienced the worst fire in Singapore in 1960!

Me: Ah … Yep! Hi!

You: What you do


Humming: Mr. Wang 's face should not look greasy on the camera. So I wiped my face with oil paper and powdered it.

Me: Oh …. Yes …? Yep.

I took out my personal pouch and pressed Mr. Kang's face oil with oil paper and then powdered it with my powder.

Thanks to my make-up service, which has continued unintentionally since then, until the end of the internship, some photographers have known me as a "makeup artist" who has come from Korea.

However, Koreans are willing to take money out of foreign broadcasting stations and transfer them to Singapore. As an inn, I could not spend three months in vacation. (For reference, the price of the house is too expensive in Singapore, and the place where the monthly rent is livable is about 80 ~ 1 million won, so I went out to study English and I was dying for 12 hours a week)

I started to look for work while snooping around other teams.

"Hey, Amelia! Oh, what is it?" "Oh, K. That's my specialty." "Ah, Waiping, so why not write a two-hour video as a script?" "Oh, Do you want to try ramadan experience? Yeah? You should not be fasting all day and drinking a drink of water.Oh, but do you want to do the shooting together? Oh ….. Yes … Yes! " " Oh, do I have to get the 24 hour hotline by myself? Oh … the phone is coming from all over Singapore and Malaysia, so I have to get it at dawn … Oh … ah … yes … yes! "

Fortunately, the number of pedias who believe in me and work has increased, and naturally I have been forced to work and have not been able to go on shooting (makeup service) as often as before.

One day, a long time ago, he called me.

Humming: Tomorrow is a really important interview. But, do you have any brown powder ?

Me: Ah … Brown? no …

Humming: Oh, one by one and tomorrow morning. exactly!

Me: Yes!

I was buried in that day and I was doing research without knowing the time. Suddenly I looked at the clock at 8 o'clock at night. I have to go to buy powder … ah, I will sell it to Mustafa because it is brown powder. Is not there 24 hours? ( Mustafa : a huge supermarket mainly used by Indians, rumors that there is nothing missing …)

The streets were crowded with people arriving at Little India with Mustafa at about 9 pm.

Only a handful of cigarette smugglers from India have been around for a long time. I went to Mustafa with a quick step.

Why … Why are you doing this to me?

That day Mustapha was closed. I still do not know why. It was almost 10 o'clock when I looked at the clock.

"People have to go to many tourist attractions … There will be …."

We headed to Marina Bay (for reference, Marina Bay was built by Ssangyong !!!!)

I went to Marina Bay and closed all doors to all shopping malls, not to the cosmetics shop. Tourist spot right …?

I started to have a tempo. But I wanted to be as perfect as what I did because I saw that I was working with another team and that Yu-ming was not comfortable with planting because I was uncomfortable to plant.

Suddenly, I rushed into the hotel, which is a luxury name in the surrounding area.

And go to the front desk …

Me: Good morning. I am a famous makeup artist from Korea. I have to meet my client tomorrow and I forgot to bring my brown powder! If I am here in India or Malaysia, can I afford to pay and buy his powder? "

The front desk sisters were banging.

Sister 1: What should I do? I do not think I have it now …

Sister 2: Did you visit Mustafa?

I: Yes … ㅠ

Eventually I returned home empty-handed . Arrived at home, it was almost 12 o'clock and we had to leave for the shoot after 7 o'clock. There was no way.

Is there anything I can use

My pouch

I opened it ….

I opened it ….

I opened it ….!

My bronzer came into my eyes. Men do not know, but like this (see the picture below – Source: The Very News) is a cosmetic that gives a shade to the face to look three-dimensional and thin.

"Oh, the color is dark … but it is not completely brown … It is almost dark orange level … Will it be … If it is a white person, it will be really tea tomorrow …?"

There was no way. I prayed. "Please … Interview is not white only ….."

The next day, unusual, Yu-Wing was wearing a suit. The cameraman was a little bit nervous. Oh, I am glad to be wearing a skirt.

I arrived at a huge building near Marina Bay where I went yesterday. It was a building full of law firms and financial companies.

The receptionist guided us to the meeting room, And soon my grandfather walked as if he had a good figure.

The familiar face was former Singapore Minister Shunmugam Jayakumar, who often appeared in my research!

And he was an Indian.

Before taking the picture, I pulled out my bronzer from the pouch without any casualties and rubbed my face in the face. Fortunately, the bronzer's yellow color was assimilated without leaving a trace on his face. And he watched it with a proud face and said a word. "Oh, it's my internship from Korea. I'll take care of the make-up."

After shooting, he smiled at me with a satisfied face.

Humming: Thank you for the powder

Me: (each) You are welcome


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