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[Marked as a marketer for title keywords, but it is too shameful to call himself a marketer. I just confessed to be ashamed …]

There are a couple of thoughts lately. Naver. INSTA. Youtube. And teenagers.



Is Naver still the best search platform? Well, I do not think … The best search platform is Instagram and Youtube. They are very different from each other, but they are simply hot. (Product information, service information, restaurant information, dating site, various performance culture, etc.) is an indeterminate gram . If you search well by selecting a hash tag, you can see real stories like this. Of course, people who live in real real hips are the ones who do not use hash tags in the first place, and it is important to follow those people in advance. It looks as if you are in a hurry. However, I do not think that Naver's role has been done by Naver. I guess … Inside, Naver, next Cafe, Cyworld, Facebook, and so on. I feel … I feel like I'm standing in the center of real reality and sense. Ignore it. And the functionality, role, and potential of the INSIDE # hashtags are really really ignorant.

Well, yes, until now (until about 2012 ~ 3 years?) Naver has played a role in YouTube . Even with the same information, make it even more fun with video! As the video has been going on for years, people have become proficient and accustomed to it, so all the videos that come out now are all ignorant of the editing and it is much better to acquire the information. Especially, the product reviews of the tech such as YouTube are packed!

Brunch is the best review of many services and apps. There are a lot of wonderful artists .. (If you are a writer and you are a King in the business) You can subscribe and have fun.



In fact, I have been working on a lot of Naver blogs and making a lot of content related to what I am currently working on. It's hard to find 20s in the statistics, but if the content goes to a real subject (even though it does not work on a client basis), or if the keywords are well-suited to the issue, the 20th view rate will increase.

Naver blog seems to be used for 4,50 generations. Though there are thirties, I think most of thirties who use Naver blog come in for work or … I want to exclude the strong feeling of neighbors and network management from former (power) blogger.



Nevertheless, the reason why I can not put up Naver blog is because the data of 4,50 hits and the visitors visiting the store are very very similar. If you are in the 20s, if you search 100 people, if you feel about 5 people, if you search 100 people in 4, 50s, should you say that 3 ~ 40 people are coming? It's not online commerce in the first place. transform. inflow. I can not grasp it.



If so, should we target 4, 50 content? You should not go to Old. The best thing to do when I try is that it seems to be best to unravel the emotions (images, texts) of the 2 & I have to go to the emotion of the 20s rather than the emotions of the 20s, and the lifestyle of those 20s is so diverse these days … Rather than having to carry it with '20s emotions', when you talk about each item, It seems better to grasp and go. I think I can go all the way around the 30s including emotions (though it 's not so good way). restaurant. Hip Place '. I do not think the three keywords are frankly the keywords of these 20s. There are other keywords for twenties … Those three keywords seem to have taken away since the late 20s (It 's like traveling is crazy, it' s no longer strong). Many stories have passed, and even cafes with vending machines are already in the past trends.



I do not know the teenager … I do not know the teenager … I'm following hot teenagers through style share and insta, but I have the strange sensibility, but I can not catch up. And it is probably spread in many other platforms … It will be in chokkot … One interesting thing is that the category that can be found most among teenagers is 'fashion' I think it is because fashion is the only thing teenagers can enjoy freely while holding tightly. I'm sad. But nowadays teenagers' fashion sense is too much. I was born in 1989, and I am a generation of Ban Yun-hee (…), a generation of wolves and a generation of fools and F4 generation, so the fashion trend at that time was' celebrity 'or' I do not remember. I can not remember it.) 'It was a level that I followed up on and wore on Cyworld. It seems that teenagers' fashion is really creating trends themselves. It is so cool. To be precise, of course, there are two categories. Leader and follower. Oh, again, those who lead funny trends and followers now follow their 'items'. It seems to be a characteristic of teenagers, teenage fashion-leading friends mix various items. It is not a story of splendor … It mixes various brands. Once upon a time there was almost no style to go with the AA look (as the name suggests), and it mixes a variety of brands , as well as American apparel. At this time, followers of fashion follow me by selecting the items that can be digested (pit and price).



I do not know … Brand is important nowadays … But for teenagers, rather than brand, it has a certain sensitivity. emotion. Sensation seems to be more important. For example, in my thirties, nowadays (precisely if I did last winter-spring?) Gucci was hard on me. Gucci is Gucci too. Gucci has Gucci … Irene is in trouble … While talking like this, twenties seem to talk about the space and the moment that the brand melts. I mean … the sense of the moment that comes from promotions, pop-up stores, or parties of certain brands? It seems to enjoy just this. I mean … if I accept and understand the whole brand, should I say that the 20s only accept the strongest spirits of the brand? In the same example, I have to say that … Irene Gucci blouse is so pretty. I accept it as similar to my 30s, but should I like the flow and pursue it while understanding the color and sophisticated design that I used here? Um … If you are in the thirties, Gucci is good! Gucci blouse (Irene) in their 20s! Should I say Gucci's swimsuit (Hwaseon, Stern)? The story of twenties is a little less branded, and only pursues the essence of the brand .

On the contrary, teenagers should be called "Tal" brand …. It seems to talk only about feelings, emotions and feelings that are expressed from there while riding only with the essence of brand . Should we be more human-centered and self-centered? For example, Valencia's Sachs shoes may have been popular with anyone, but personally I think the beauty of the product comes from the feeling that when the shoes are worn, the ankles are covered and the human foot changes like a symbol (just shoes I think it's the same as that of a model that suddenly runs on a runway.) I only pursue these 'feelings' and pick them out. So it seems to be talking about the sensation that brands were originally trying to talk about, really falling apart from the brand … beyond the essence.



It is true that the brand is important to us, and what is important in the future is that it is the essence itself that has been taken away, It is not 'sense' itself. For example, acupuncture. sense of touch. It's not such a one-dimensional feeling like hearing … Is there something like that? 'Ah … I'm bored today, but I have no one to contact. I feel lonely when I listen to YouTube's lo-fi hip hop with the emotion of "I want to share a story with you, sitting at a convenience store in front of the house, ? Just the feeling? I seem to be talking about these things. It is not 'talk about sorrow of parting', but 'For sale; baby shoes, never worn '? As the world develops, teenagers these days are already thinking, feelings, emotions, and insights to talk about "things" that go a step further.



It's all brain specials.


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